Travel to Busan - Busan, I'm in Love! Our Day 3

by - May 27, 2020

June 9th, 2019.

The sun has set.

Seoraksan's cool breeze blew our fatigue away for a while.

Ready to leave Sokcho and moved to Busan.

Not by train. Not because We were afraid of Train to Busan idea. Just... 

There's no train head to there.

Bus at night? Sounded good for our schedule.

Jelly drink 1+1? It sounded good too! 

The bright light was caught by my eyes while I reached the bus terminal. Not only four of us but there were many people who would take this bus too at 23.00 p.m... The bus was scheduled to arrive at Busan Bus Terminal around 6 a.m... Yes, it's an overnight trip on the bus for 7 hours. Not even a single fear came to my mind back then. I felt safe even we had a night bus trip and had a good sleep time (even my back couldn't be compromised). LOL.

"Dogjakhamnida", shouted the uncle.

A quiet morning! Such a quiet morning!

Only the mart that already opened. 

Even the subway didn't operate yet. 

We're still in the early morning. Or... 

Maybe, their time was different with us.

It's not recommended! It's absolutely that we shouldn't we do as the tourist! Since we were a group without using any tour service and want to take an adventurous trip, we really didn't know if that's okay to bring the luggage in public transportation here. But, I recommend to not do that based on what I experienced. Even, they didn't say anything about that, I felt burdensome and guilty. Fortunately, we took the earliest subway to our destination so there were just a few people there. :)

It's still early in the morning! Jinjja ya! We still couldn't check in to our rental apartment so we decided to stay, sleep, and experience a sauna near our apartment at Busan. How's the sauna at Busan? I'll write the separate post of Sauna at Busan because there are a lot of interesting things in there where has a totally different culture with us, Indonesian!

And now... Let's enjoy Busan! 

You know what. Actually, we really didn't plan this trip in detail. We just planned the big picture then let the rest filled our trip. We just planned that we should hike Seoraksan so we went to Sokcho. And... We went to Busan because its city was near the ocean and heard it was the second of big cities in South Korea after Seoul. Just that. We really didn't know what we should do and visit while in Busan. Totally unplanned. But, that's what makes it interesting, right? 

Gukje Market

After we had a long trip from Sokcho, we wanted to fulfill our stomach and tongue with something good indeed. Gukje Market is one of the most top searches on Google for its various Korean foods and beverages. Not like the usual market which I visited in Jakarta, Gukje Market is the buildings complex which sells many various things besides of foods, such as clothes, fashion accessory, make-up, art objects, etc. On the center of the pedestrian, the snack stalls were in a row along the road too. And... Most of them sold fried food. Nom! 

We walked on the intersection over the intersection at Gukje Market, this market was a big area indeed! One of the restaurants has caught our attention, that was Hong Kong Ban Jeom. Not because we wanted to eat Hong Kong or Chinese food but because of the Chef Bok! Have you ever heard Chef Bok? He's quite famous in culinary in South Korea! Of course, we should try this! 

In this Chinese restaurant, we ordered the famous dishes which we usually watch on K-Shows, Jjajangmyeon, Tangsuyuk, Gumandu! I still could remember how it tasted and I'd love to describe it. 

First, Jjajangmyeon is a noodle with black bean paste which onion is the essential thing too in this dish. The noodle was so soft but not soggy. The black bean paste tasted so good, it's not bland or had a little bitter like what I had tried in Jakarta. Moreover, the noodle blended well with its ingredients! Nom!

Second, Tangsuyuk is crispy pork with sweet-sour sauce. Tangsuyuk is a controversial dish in South Korea because of the way how to eat it. If it's better to dip the crispy pork in sauce or the sauce was poured to the crispy pork directly. It's complicated indeed! It depends on your own appetite actually. Lol. It's like you will more enjoy the chewy or crispy pork texture. I love both of them! I love both ways! Because the sauce was already good!

Third, Gumandu is a deep-fried pork dumpling. It's crispy outside but soft inside. After tasting the crispy one first, the soft pork melted a whole mouth.  I love this dish too of course!

Yes, We really enjoyed the foods from Hong Kong Ban Jeom, we definitely will come back here if we have the chance. I'd like to give 9 out of 10 points for the foods, services, Ban Chan (Korean side dishes), and an affordable price. ❤

The sun has set at 8 p.m. here.

The night was not like a usual night.

The night was not faded.

The night was like the evening. 

The night word was too earlier to be said.

But, not the bus.

Time to rest, Good night! 

 June 10th, 2019.

After the night, the morning was not like usual too.

The sun has arisen at 8 a.m. here.

The soft blanket still enveloped us.

The peaceful environment accompanied our morning.

It's like they let us sleep more.

Good morning! Good ambiance from Busan!

Gamcheon Cultural Village

This morning we wanted to let the rainbow fulfilled our colorful day with the colorful village at Gamcheon Cultural Village. Gamcheon Cultural Village is a village where the citizens have the artful colorful houses which become the cultural village. It's a common village but their colorful houses and culture have attracted tourism. The citizens let the tourist to explore their beautiful neighborhood and even open the business and inject the activity to support and make the area more alive and attractive. It's a great and successful idea actually! 

In the entrance, there's a playful post office where sells the playful village maps to make the exploration more exciting. This playful village map has a stamps mission in which we should find the stamps inside of the public buildings or its area. Interesting, right? Me too!  Moreover, along the street we could see the beautiful murals and sea mountain landscape which make our trip beautiful and fun until we forgot the time and our schedule. ❤


Swing swing swing

For lunch, we had Donkatsu and Bibimyeon. 
For your information, Korean foods always have a big portion for us. 
So, on this trip we just ordered 2 main courses for 4 persons or we would waste the foods 

After our stomachs, eyes, hearts were filled, Where we should go after this? 

Love from Busan,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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