10 Things You Must Do in Seoul, South Korea!

by - July 14, 2019

Hi, Blogs!

How are you, guys? I hope all of you are healthy and will have a nice summer holiday! 

Talking about that, I've already had that nice holiday 3 weeks ago! And... Today, I'm ready to share something nice about it! Yes, My friends and I just traveled to South Korea and spent about 2 weeks there. We traveled to 4 cities which were Sokcho, Busan, Seoul, Gapyeong, and also Yongin. I'd like to count it 4 cities since we just played at Everland not strolled around the city. 


In this article I'm just going to share 10 things must do while in Seoul! I really really really (like Winner song LOL) recommend these! These activities were simple things to do but had a special space in my heart. Try them and I hope you can have a great time too while you visit Seoul!  And... Here we are my 10 recommended things... 

1. Drink Iced Americano

When I strolled around Seoul, I've found many coffee shops on the streets. Like a common coffee shop that we usually meet, they have Americano, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, and etc. So, why must Iced Americano?  I've watched many scenes on K-Drama which the people love to order Iced Americano than anything else in the coffee shop. I thought it just like a strong coffee that they needed to drink to boost up their energy in office life and in K-Drama. I wronged! In real life, they really really really like to drink a cup of Americano. Even in Starbucks where many variants of coffee were served, I saw there are many who ordered Iced Americano instead. Fyi, I ordered the Caramel Macchiato. Lol. After saw that, I was so curious to try their Iced Americano! I feel tempted! Lol. Then, I tried that! Simple cold water with ice and fresh coffee brew were mixed together. Don't forget the vanilla syrup! Life is already bitter, guys! Surprisingly, this Iced Americano was sooooo good! Moreover, if you drink this while you stroll around Seoul in the daylight! The day seems perfect! You MUST try this!  

2. Ride Roller Coaster (Thunder Falls) in Everland

Like as its name, Thunder Falls was really made everything on me falls, the brain, the heart, and the soul. Before rode this, I heard they said it's going for 3-4 minutes. The longest ride time of roller coaster in Asia. I was okay with the time but the track wouldn't make that 3 minutes easy. Up and down rapidly, up and down rapidly, not only once but many times, guys! I couldn't resist my scream, yes I screamed loudly, and continually that was because I kept opening my eyes along the track. That's what made the ride so fun and thrilling at the same time! You must try this ride! Because after rode that roller coaster I felt new! Now, are you tempted?

3. Take a Photo at Street Photo Box

Beside of the coffee shops, I could find a lot of photo boxes too in the street. Most of them were the 1+1 photo box. What's 1+1? The photo box just will be fit for 2 persons inside, yes actually is for the couple! Lol. Don't mind it! My friend and I tried it and it was so fun! We had about 4 shots and had 2 sets of the photo prints. Then we divided into 1 for me and 1 for my friend. It was 4.000 won. So, 2.000 won by me and 2.000 won by my friend. Couple? Let your partner pay it for you! 

4. Bicycling and Have a Picnic at Han River

I really really really love to recommend this activity! Moreover, if you do it in the afternoon-evening! Rent the bike near the entrance of Han River and bicycling around for an hour! After bicycling, try to have a picnic on the grass, eat the chickens, and waiting for the sunset... Waaaa. Those were the best moment that I've ever had in Seoul! I didn't have any chance to have the picnic time but I'd still recommend it! 

5. Watch Sunset at Sky Seoul Lotte Tower

Another sunset? Why not? On the days that I spent in Seoul, I could see the sun has set beautifully. Perfect round orange sun, that's what I saw almost on the days that I spent in Seoul. The left thing we should do was just chose the perfect spot to see it perfectly. And Sky Seoul was the best spot to enjoy the sunset. Watch it from the 117th floor where you can see everything in Seoul on above. 

6.Wearing Hanbok and Strolling in the historical area

Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing worn in the Joseon Dynasty and was wearing as formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. In South Korea, they give you a chance to go back and have their ancient times experiences. You can rent the Hanbok and wear it in their historical areas such as Bukchon Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, or Changdeokgung Palace. It's quite a momentous time for me when I did this activity. It's like I was in the Joseon era and was strolling my neighborhood. Lol. It's fun and great, guys! You should try this! Do you love to watch the Korean Joseon period drama? It's 11 12 to be like that! :)

7. Eat their Chickens!

In Indonesia, I would say the best Chickens I've ever eaten were my mom's cook, KFC, and MCD. But... In South Korea, I will recommend their chickens rather than KFC or MCD. Their chickens are the best! The flavor was great and so crispy! Where? Wherever I went. at Sokcho, Busan, or either at Seoul, their chickens are great! :)

8. Chill at the rooftop cafe at Ihwadong Mural Village

Yes, I admit that. I'm a K-Drama lover so I wished I would visit the beautiful places where they had a shoot and I think this neighborhood is one of them. If you love to experience some quiet and peaceful neighborhood like you watched in K-Drama, I'll recommend you Ihwadong Mural Village. The village is so beautiful and peaceful where it is great to chill out and have a small talk with friends! Find this cafe, have some tea or coffee, and let the breeze touches your face. So great afternoon!

9. Enjoying Busking

Busking is an activity of playing music in the street or another public space for voluntary donations (Wikipedia). I could meet this activity in several areas in South Korea such as at Han River Park, Bukchon street, and park around Hongdae. Actually, I don't know if a busking is a legal activity or not since I had seen the polices told them to go and stop busking in Han River Park. But... If you have a chance and meet them, stop your steps a while, sit, and enjoy their music! I'm saying this because they are so talented! Their music and voice are great! And I think what they need is just the audience. Audiences to see and appreciate their talents and skills. Don't they? Even their kinds of music could boost my mood up. Happy happy day! 

10. Says Gamsahamnida

Says 'Gamsahamnida' (kamsahamnida). Gamsahamnida is a word to express gratitude. When I said this word, I feel happy and the one whom I talked to was happy too. Isn't it great to start a great travel day? Try to say this, maybe the world will be better and smiling at you after you say that. :D


Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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