The Magnificent Huangshan! Mountain in Heaven! - Day 5 in Huangshan

by - May 22, 2019

"Took all of those sweet moment with us, saved them on our hearts, 
and open it once again when we need the smile."

Hiking in winter, why not? We are the winter soldier! LOL

Sounds crazy if we're hiking in winter season. I've read some article guide to Yellow Mountain which says Yellow Mountain is one of the mountain in China that you can hike in the winter. Moreover, Yellow Mountain offers 'The Sea of Clouds' scenery that we can only see while in Winter. Mostly, sea of clouds on hilltops would appear after rain and snow. The clouds and fogs would surround us with their cotton looks at the same time! That's what I was looking for back then! Actually, Yellow Mountain offers 4 scenery that we can enjoy in 4 different seasons! In Summer, it will offer the clear Yellow Mountain that we can see all of the mountain structure clearly and the green trees. In Fall, it will offer the cool breeze, the mountain structure with fogs and the orange trees. In Spring, it will still offer the cool breeze from the winter but the bloomed springs flowers will make the scenery more beautiful. What's your choice? :)) And... How's about the winter? Take a look on my journey! :)) 

The Chinese elders says hike in the winter is good for our health. Besides that activity keep making our body warm and accelerate our blood's circulate, we can upgrade the stamina too! No wonder I had met a lot of  Chinese elders (around on their 50's and 60's) were hiking with us at that time. Even my stamina is not better than those elders. LOL

Is it cold?

I remembered, that day was 3 Celsius degree. Even in the morning, it was 1 Celsius degree. BUT! Interestingly... My mom and I could take a shower in the morning, guys! LOL. It's cold but it's warm enough if you wear heat-tech long sleeve cloth, sweater, heat-tech outwear, scarf, heat-tech socks, shoes, beanie, and mask. Why beanie? For covering the ears if you don't bring any earmuff. We must keep our ears warm to keep our balance temperature in the cold. And... The last but not least, The bottles of mineral water! Keep our body hydrated!! Yasss!!

Sunrise in the morning

You know how much the chance to see sunrise in the winter? Thomas said the chance was only 10% that day. And... The chance to see the clear Yellow Mountain was only 20% and it just would happen only at eight to ten o'clock in the morning. Hope? Hopeless. Remembered on the day before, Mom and I got nothing of the 'should' of Yellow Mountain even it was a nice hiking. Even i knew that fact, I didn't want miss any chance to see what I want. Even yesterday was nice but that's not what I want. I woke up at 4.30 and hiked up to the other peak, the best spot to see the sunrise. It's convenient and my privilege to book the hotel room on the top of mountain. I had flexible access time to see the sunset or sunrise. 5.00 a.m. in the morning, the cable car is still unavailable. So, Sunrise is a privilege to the guest on the top of mountain, guys!

It's still dark here! The steps were steep.Need more attention rather than on the daylight. That's why I disallow my mother to hike up. Even Thomas said that too. Too dark and too steep! Even I need the flashlight to guide my steps into the peak. 

Sunrise? What's sunrise? LOL. 

It meant my last chance only at that eight o'clock before I went back to Shanghai. I couldn't extend my day here since I've already booked train and didn't want to ruin my next schedule. Remembered, the sea of clouds's chance is also 30%. I would just think maybe today was not the day. Maybe next trip would be better. Yes, I'll be back to Yellow Mountain for the other peaks in the other seasons. :))

If I think positive maybe I can turn out the tables. The forest wasn't bad, guys! The forest in the dawn was so beautiful! The light attempted to going through the tree leaves. What a beautiful! Have you watched music video of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift? I thought I was in that Music Video! LOL It even became better when I sang that song (as if I was Taylor. I'm sorry!)

Back to the hotel, had a breakfast, were ready to check out at 8.00 a.m., in case we could see something while were going back. For your information, to go back we need to go back to the first point. It means... Keep hiking, guys! You weren't finished yet! Need to hike to go home! LOL I was so proud of my mom back then. I was sooooo tired! So I could feel how would she feel. The double extra of me! That's why I was so proud. Even until know, I'm still so proud. Such as precious memories! For those big effort, my mom and I kept praying and still hoping on this last chance...  The last minutes...

A little hope of that 30% approached us in front of our hotel

 Be Patient!

Our patience has met an end

I didn't write and express this story dramatically. That really happened in the last minutes! 

 First look, the fogs were fading following the wind

Those different scenery happened just for 10 minutes, guys! Then, the fogs came again and surrounded us and it looked like as the yesterday scenery. LOL. Imagine how we took the photo plus enjoy those magical phenomenon just for 10 minutes! Wow! 

 We did it mom!

 The Sea of Clouds (?)

Eyes never lie. The scenery was more beautiful 
when I saw through my eyes than on the pictures 

That Big Smile

I just could Thank God for the chance! We felt so lucky and felt special back then because we were becoming the part of 30% who could see the sea of clouds in winter. Beautiful scenery! Do you know what I more thank? Beautiful scenery + Beautiful mom's big smile. I still can remember that picture right now. Hehehe. Hopeless? Yes. Give up? No.

My mom kept saying, "Wow, this was like heaven like what I see (on Television)." "I was so grateful that I could still hike and see this beautiful scenery." "Every one who still has their stamina should see  this." "I would never forget this beautiful experience." "This was so great! *big smile. Tell me! Who won't be happy if hear those statement as a daughter? 

"I won't forget that moment too, mom!"

Anyway... How long we hiked + walked? So, from the cable car we should hike around 2 Kms, then from the hotel to the bright peaks was 4 Kms, the bright peaks to hotel 4 Kms, hotel to sunset peak round trip was 2 Kms, hotel to sunrise peak round trip was 2 Kms, Hotel to the other clear spot round trip was 2 Kms, That spot to cable car was 1 Kms, so the total we hiked and walked was 17 Kms for 2 days! Congratulation! LOL! Don't worry! The steps were safe and have many Bordes to take a fresh breath. Yes, the air were so fresh. I love it! It's like I cleaned my lungs! :))

Took all of those sweet moment with us, saved them on our hearts, and open it once again when we need the smile. And now we're ready to back to Shanghai. Thank you Huangshan, Thank you Yellow Mountain, It was a nice trip like what I want! :))

Do you have any question about this trip? Ask me on the comment's box below! Nice to help you for having a wonderful time with your beloved!

Love from author,

Cindy Tjahjadi 


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