How to Book China Bullet Train Ticket to Huangshan - Day 3 in Huangshan

by - January 27, 2019

Hi, blogs! Continuing my previous article about my trip with my mom, in this article I'd like to share our experiences in Huangshan where was the next destination to travel around after Shanghai. Actually, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) was our main destination while and Shanghai was just the transit city to get there (Shanghai was nice too! Check my previous post in Shanghai to know about it). It happened because my mom and I kept wondering the real of Yellow Mountain while we just admired a good painting of it on the wall.  That's why we decided to go there! 

We can enjoy Yellow Mountain in various ways in all of the seasons. The local people say, the Yellow Mountain has different looks, experiences, and feeling when we go there at different times. It always offers something different every time we go back there. Spring will offer clear skies and fog at the same time. Summer will offer clear skies, the green trees, and the vivid yellow mountain. Fall will offer the red-orange trees which bringing the warmness. Winter will offer the snow, trees are filled with the snowflakes, and sea of the clouds! Wuuuu! Get interested in the words "sea of clouds" which only happen in the winter season, made me no doubt to go on last January! Yesss!!

Wait... There's snow on there?? 

As the tropical person which always lives underneath the heat of the sun, travel to the subtropical country in the winter season is uneasy, guys! We should prepare many things, from clothes, outwears, shoes, our belongings, and everything we need to adapt! Moreover, I traveled with my mom who is the elder here! Different cities, different temperatures! In Shanghai, it was 11 degrees Celcius and in Huangshan district, it was 3 degrees Celcius! Could you imagine how's the temperature on the top of Yellow Mountain?? That's no joke!

Okay, cut the introduction! So, how to get to Yellow Mountain from Shanghai?

Shanghai is one of the biggest city which has good development of transportation that become the main transit city in China.
- We can take the high-speed train (bullet train) for 3-4 hours, 190-250 CNY 
- We can take the economy train for 5 hours, 135-150 CNY
- We can take the bus for 6 hours, 135- 50 CNY
- We can take the flight for 1,5 hours, 250-750 CNY

As a foreigner, I'd like to recommend the bullet train. Besides we can get the new experience for taking the China speed train, the location of the station is nearby the Shanghai tourism area which eases us to get there and arrange our tight schedule in China. It's better to stay at Tunxi District before going to the Yellow Mountain, the trip takes time.

The best time to visit Huangshan?

When your heart is ready! Lol! I'm just kidding! As I mentioned above, it depends on what would you like to see and feel? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? What I can make sure is don't visit the Yellow Mountain on Friday and Saturday, guys! Because the hotels were located on the top of the mountain are so pricey at the weekend! The price could be double! Yes, of course, you should stay at the top of the mountain! It's so amazing!

What we should bring as a foreigner?

You just can carry one backpack because the cable car won't allow any heavy carrier or big luggage. What you should bring? The passport, money, one set of clothes ( in condition, we already wear the clothes and the outerwear), drinking bottle (this is so important, you will know why...), hat, gloves, snacks. I will explain why those things are important to bring in the next article while I go to Yellow Mountain. :))

Should we ask the local guide? 

As a foreigner, yes you should! The area is so big! Moreover, I traveled with my mom, I need more information about this area and the most important is safety! I booked the service of a local guide on who works under the Yellow Mountain management. My local guide's name is Thomas, he speaks English, kind, on-time, gives an affordable price, and has a high spirit to take us to see the beauty of the Yellow Mountain! 

How to book the high-speed train ticket?

You can buy it on , a trusted website! I didn't have any endorsement here, I just share and give the good testimony who is deserving! Click on that website, buy the tickets by your itinerary. I suggest buying the morning speed train so you can stroll around the Tunxi District first before going to the Yellow Mountain. Tunxi District has the old street which has the architecture of the Song Dynasty. 

Okay, already know what you need? Let's go!

Shanghai Hongqiao Station

After entering the station and showing up our passport, we went upstairs to the information desk and exchanged our booking number from into the real tickets to get on the speed train. The process was easy, just enclosed the passport and done! It's easy too if we want to change the time schedule, just said the time we want to change, then it will be processed. And... Due to the tight itinerary in Yellow Mountain then I change my returning ticket's time from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m... There's no need for any additional fee if the price is still the same. (Yeah, it was still the same as when I bought it in Jakarta.) So convenient for the foreigner! 

It means Coach 2 and Seats 06 B, the words on the right of the ticket.

See the gate number on the board so we wouldn't get lost! Lol!

Have our Bachang before departed.
This is so delicious, especially the egg yolk! Nom!

The Train!

In the bullet train!

The bullet train arrives on time so it won't wait for the passenger who arrives lately. The system for entering the speed train is already facilitated with good and fast device machines. To enter, we must scan the ticket then the door would open. Then we went down to the train by the fast escalator and we arrived! The fast system so there are no reasons to be late. Late then bye! As what I have seen, the train just stopped for around 5-10 minutes. Fast guys fast! :)) 

It allows to bring big luggage and many belongings because the seat is so spacious, moreover there's a cabin too! But be careful for your belonging especially on the cabin, many passengers was getting down and getting to the train in a quick time. There's a possibility for the confused luggage, lost the thing, or maybe lost the luggage. So, be careful!

It allows to eat and drink in the train. Even it provided the hot water to make some instant noodle or maybe a cup of coffee. But, don't forget to keep the area clean! It has the electric socket for charging our devices. And... Yes, it was facilitated with the air conditioner too! 

That's why I think, take the bullet train is the best choice to go to Huangshan. Besides of the affordable price, we had a great new experiences trips by train. My mom and I enjoyed the trip, even we didn't feel it was a long long long journey! 

Hmmm.... Where would the train arrived? 

My mom and I would arrive at Huangshan North Station and our tour driver would pick up us from the station to our hotel in Tunxi District! Then, on the next day we would go to the Yellow Mountain!! 

Thank you for reading, guys! Have a hard time to choose the best way or confused about China or want to ask something about this trip? Just leave the comment on the comment's box below or it will be okay too if you just say 'Hi!" :)) 

See ya in the next article, in Tunxi District! Wuuuuuu! 

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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