Shanghai Starbucks Roastery - Day 2 in Shanghai

by - January 17, 2019

"The bean coffee sounded turururururururu while going up and down through the copper pipes above my head. From raw to fresh brew coffee has served. Hmm... Already have your coffee today?"

I am the one who enjoys drinking coffee in many ways, from the manual coffee brew, macchiato, cappuccino, cafe latte, and so on. Since I've fallen to architecture, a cup of coffee was a part of my life. Procaffeinating is the daily habit that I'd love to do every morning. Or... Maybe the Procaffeinating is trending right now! Hang out while drinking coffee is a common activity that people do, that's why there are so many coffee shops right now especially in Jakarta. Starbucks is one of the biggest brands which dominate many areas. I love Starbucks. Their coffee is good and affordable enough to hang out with my friends. I used to say "Bucks yuk" to my friends when I wanted to have a chit-chat with them. Besides that, the near and reachable location made Starbucks is my best option to hang out! How many Starbucks's outlets in your area? Me? Many...

Heard that Starbucks would open the biggest Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the world at Shanghai, made this place as my top bucket list while exploring Shanghai. Honestly, it's hard to find this place. Remembered, mostly China has translated western brands spelling into Mandarin and almost all local people only know the Mandarin one. Like... Mcdonald in Mandarin is Maidanglao, KFC is Kendenji, Starbucks is Xingbake, and so on. And... I couldn't just say Xingbake to get here because there were many Starbucks outlets too in Shanghai! What should I say then? 

I've searched the news and its location before, it's been written that Starbucks Reserve Roastery located inside of the Shopping mall. I even didn't know the name of the shopping mall. There were a few shopping malls in Nanjing area and a few of that have a Starbucks too, so which one? I've got lost in one of the shopping malls and thought that Starbucks was the right one, but I'm wrong! :') And... I couldn't just search it too on google maps, too many! Which one? It didn't spell any Reserve Roastery, only Starbucks.

Finally, I decided to ask Starbucks's staff in one of their outlets. Fortunately, they could understand English and speak English! Thanks, God! After getting in conversation in English, I got the right address! Here we go, Shimen Er Lu! Yes, the address is Shimen Er Lu! 

Yeay, finally My mom and I found it!

Wondering why it's the biggest Starbucks in the world (for now). Yeah, it's big of course! Big enough to put the big sophisticated coffee roasting machine and make the attraction from processing and preparation of the fresh a cup of coffee to the customers. Big enough to have its own kitchen that shows a fresh bake their bread and cakes. Big enough to display its original merchandises from the drinkware, t-shirt, notes, and etc.. Teavana in here has many variants not like as the other Starbuck's outlets and the serving is different as usual too! 

In here, they showed us how the fresh raw bean coffees were being processed from raw, roasting, grinding until it's been serving to our table. The fresh concept that approached us. The process was not A to A or Apple to Apple, they made it interesting and become the attraction for us while visiting here. New way and experience for enjoying the cup of coffee!

Remembered if they wanted to roast new coffee beans ex. like from Costa Rica, the staffs would come out, do some little moves, and applause. Then, the superb cool board names would start changing and showing us the coffee's information. You know what, it's like coding the alphabets and it's so cool! After that, the raw beans would enter the pipe and be processed. I thought that my eyes wouldn't be wrong, something interesting! I just saw the raw beans which had pale color has changed into the brown one after entering the pipe. Was that a super quick roasting machine? Or my eyes were wrong? After that, the beans were going to the big roasting machine through the copper pipes on plafond above us and made some sounds "turururururuuru", showing how fast the beans were going. Somehow it's so exciting! Lol! After roasting, the fresh beans were going to the transparent storages which were near the baristas. Then the baristas readied to grinding and brew freshly to us. No wonder the aroma of coffee was so strong back then, love it!

When I kept checking my eyes, those were the brown coffee, right?

The superb cool board name machine

The copper pipes

New menu! Or... I could say I just could enjoy it here! I ordered Smoked Butterscotch Latte for 52 Yuan. The taste was so different from the other coffee that I've been tried. That was my second favorite coffee after Caramel Macchiato! So unique! That beef mozzarella pizza had a common taste for me. Good but that's it! It's quite pricey, I've bought it for around 75 Yuan. Yeah, the food and beverages' price in here quite pricy than the other outlets maybe because they served those special menus. Pricey but worthy for me, new experience that you should try too! Even my mom loves it too! 

My mom tried Peach Tea from Teavana but served with the nitrogen! Wuuuu!
It looked like a beer and the flavor was similar too like a  Peach beer!
Peach tea for 49 Yuan
Bonus: It's quite interesting to see how they served this! Lol!

It's around here, guys!

Okay, guys! Thanks for reading this article! Make sure to not get lost while finding Starbucks Reserve Roastery like me. Lol! In the next article, I will write about the Shanghai History Museum where I visited. The location is nearby Shanghai Starbucks Roastery! 

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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