The Day before Hike to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) - Day 3 in Huangshan

by - March 24, 2019

Sessssh... Sessshhh... Sessshhh... How the engine sounded. That's not sounded Tut Tut Tut anymore. Indeed, the bullet train is different! The skies was clear and good enough to  enjoy the scenery through the window which the scenes changed quickly from the big city to suburban. That's also made us not felt the time went pass by too. And... After almost 4 hours on the train finally we arrived at Huangshan North Station, Anhui Province! 

The bullet train just stopped for a few minutes in this station so we should bring out all of our belongings fast and make sure didn't left anything behind. Don't throw away the ticket too! Because, we need it to get out through the exit gate machine without any problems and waste the time. Don't forget to hold hands your mom too, there were many people too who got off in this station too! :))

Welcome to Huangshan!

Yes! Finally my mom and I arrived at Huangshan, not yet at Huang (Mountain) Shan (Yellow) or Yellow Mountain. We just arrived at Huangshan North and would move to the Tunxi District which the location is suitable to stroll around and rest before hike to the Yellow Mountain. Tunxi District is a district which located before the Yellow Mountain, from that district we just would take an hour to the Yellow Mountain by the car. I got this suggestion from my local tour guide in Huangshan, Thomas. He said it would be better for us to stay at Tunxi District before we hike up. 


If you take the bullet train from Shanghai, the most earlier speed train is at around 7 a.m.. If we take that early bullet train, we will arrive at 11 a.m. right? From Huangshan North Station to Yellow Mountain will take 2 hours. From the Yellow Mountain enter gate to the cable car will take around 30 minutes, if we take the provided bus directly. From cable car to the site, it will take 10 minutes. And... The most important thing is from the site to the hotel or the Yellow Mountain, it will take around 40 minutes to an hour to arrive at the hotel. We will arrive at the real Yellow Mountain at 3 p.m.! We don't hike up yet! To reach the first summit we need more 2 hours. I think that's not ideal if we go to the Yellow Mountain directly. 

First, we already tired before we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yellow Mountain. Second, we would be in hurry due the sunset and back before the night. Especially, I would hike up with my mom so it's impossible to hike down on the night. The safety, guys! Third, we won't know if at that hour we can see the clear scenery yet. That means we just depend on that chance at that only hour. Forth, spend the night just for sleep and do nothing on tomorrow just waste the money for the expensive hotel on the top of mountain! It's better do 3 days 2 night in Huangshan, guys! I will share it why on my next article, because it's worth it! And... Thanks to this suggestion, my mom and I had a nice trip and Huangshan that we will always remember. 

Cut the story of the Yellow Mountain because I will share it on the next article. Back to Tunxi District! :)) It took us around an hour from the station to our hotel, Tiandu International Hotel. Along the way to there, looking on the view through the car's window. I was so amazed! What could I tell you... This city is so big. The road is large which has 4 routes for a one way, guys! There's a lot of building development too, especially the housing. It's like they are getting ready to solve the population issue and moving forward to the modernism. But... You know what... In this big city, I just could see a slight of cars and people in the street. Too quite here! 

We didn't want to waste the time, took the taxi that we got barely (it's too quiet here!) after managed to check in on 3 p.m.. Directly, we went to the Tunxi Old Street (Tunxi Laojie)! If we search the tourism attraction place in Huangshan on the website, mostly Tunxi Old Street and Hongchun Village will be on the top search. It's like the most and a must visit place while in Huangshan. It's impossible to us to visit Hongchun Village due the far location, it's near the Yellow Mountain, guys! So, we decided to not go there, visit the Tunxi Old Street instead. 

Where's Tunxi Old Street?

It's near with our hotel, it took around 10 minutes by taxi. The fare was affordable too, I just pay the first fare (14 Yuan).

What's Tunxi Old Street?

It's an old street which has the heritage buildings from Song and Ming Dynasty and is used for commercial function, the traditional market now. For me, the architecture is unique and beautiful as it is. It has a different style if I compared to the heritage buildings in Yu Garden, Shanghai. Interesting, isn't it? Yes, the other knowledge and experiences here, guys! Hihihi

Tunxi Old Street is a traditional market which sells 'Huangshan' goods from food, snacks, unique arts, flower, and the others with affordable price. As my mom and I strolled around this market, we could conclude that this area was famous by its chrysanthemum dried flowers to make a tea. It has many species of this chrysanthemum too! It has the yellow one, the white one, the big one, and etc. Many shops sell this flower tea! Of course, it made us interested to buy it. Lol! We bought it and drink it! The flavor is so unique and like as the function, it's calming, guys! 

Not enough just bought the souvenirs, we tried their culinary foods and beverages too! It had Mantou, Bubble milk tea, Sugarcane juice, stink tofu, and so on. You know what... Those were so delicious! Those suited well with my tongue, hihihi!


As I predicted, this city was quite guys! As the sun went down and the clock's needle was almost at the center, the passing vehicles has decreased. Even it just a slight of the private cars which passed the road. Taxi? It's like looking for a needle in the straw back then! Lol! 30 minutes passed when we walked and looked for the taxi. Finally, we got it and went back to the hotel.

However, this old street was so fascinating! It's so worthy that we could spend our time to visit here. Besides of the beautiful heritage buildings and the 'Huangshan' goods, the ambience was so calming  and so China... For me, Tunxi Old Street is a must place to visit while you in Huangshan but don't forget how to go back to hotel! Lol!

The Location

Anyway... Thank you guys for reading this article. This article is H-1 before I hiked up to the Yellow Mountain. To hike the Yellow Mountain, we need much preparation especially if you go there with your mom too! I will share those preparation and our experiences in Yellow Mountain on the next article so see ya, guys!

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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