My Mom and I Visit The Bund - Day 2 in Shanghai

by - January 13, 2019

" The silent witnesses of the Shanghai's civilization. From the changing times, the journeys, until the RED flag with the five stars arisen in those Classical European buildings. The new history was born."

It's raining outside when I'm writing this post today.

Raining... It always makes me remember everything in Shanghai. In January, the rain kept pouring lightly from the first time when I arrived in China until I went back to Jakarta. My mom and I kept opening our blue and orange umbrellas, holding hands while facing out the cold wind, and feeling cold of course! Lol! Despite that, the rain was pouring so beautifully. It was like snow but it was water when we touched. 

Every day in Shanghai, my mom and I just kept checking the current weather in the phone, checking how much cold was, and what place we should visit while face out the wind and rain. Lol! And... Today destination is... The Bund!

The picture above was the old picture of Shanghai which I've seen similarly at Old Shanghai Tea House. History says there had trading activities through the Huangpu river back then. China lost the first Opium War and the Western powers demanded trading rights and they were granted settlements or concessions. Soon wharves and trading houses were set up along the river. A triumph for the British who came to dominate the area. That's why... The architecture style was dominated by the neo-classical buildings.  

After sawing the old picture of Shanghai it reminded me to Sunda Kelapa in Jakarta. The looks and the history were similar from what I've read and learnt from the school (I wasn't born yet), from Western, Japanese, World War II, to Independence. The colonization, everything was impacted. And, I just could say and smirk 'Woah, how?' 

Okay... Back to the bund. :)) The Bund revitalization began in 1986 with a new promenade by the Dutch Architect Paulus Snoeren. The bund is the result of thawing economic policy of People's Republic of China in 1970s and 1980s. Besides of closing the trading activities in this area, the promenade wall is also for restrain the water from the river and to prevent the water flood the city cause by typhoon. Moreover, this area is good to take some photos and selfie with the riverscape, streetscape, cityscape, and the landmark of Shanghai! Wuuuuu! Good idea!     

I couldn't... I couldn't... They Could... 
They could run in this cold wind and light raining! :') 

My mom and Shanghai's Landmark, Oriental Pearl Tower
and the fog weren't embarrassed enough to join the picture :') 

The Bund is one of the famous attractions while visit Shanghai. Maybe I can say, the Bund is a must place to visit while in Shanghai! To get here it's quite easy because the government already provide many nice facilities and transportation. From taxi, Shanghai Metro, and City sightseeing bus. Take Shanghai Metro line 2 to get here directly and the subway station is located exactly in the Bund area. Take the red line or blue line of city sightseeing bus for 100 yuan. Take the taxi to prevent mind and heart confuse where is it. Actually, it's easy to get here. Just say Zhongshan road or Zhongshan Lu with the right accent of course, guys! :)

I found something interesting here that maybe can be implemented in Indonesia zebra crossing. Similar to the others zebra crossing but it has a sign to cross (green) for seconds and not cross (red) with camera in front of us. At least we know, we just couldn't disobey this because what we did would be recorded by that thing. It's already be a controller for good! Good idea to prevent the car accident and as a proof for any traffic cases. Also, the form is slim, waterproof, and nice to see along the street.  

There's a famous road where is located near the Bund, Nanjing road. The road is famous as a shopping street which sells anything that we need from fashion, home appliances, food and beverages, and etc. Also, from high-branded things to no-branded things or market things. Besides of shopping, along with street or we could still the neo-classical, post-modernism, and modern buildings which forming Shanghai cityscape. Moreover, there are many interesting tourism place and attractions near here too! Such as Jing' an temple, Shanghai museum, Shanghai history museum, Starbucks reserve roastery, and many so on. I can say, Nanjing road is a strategic meeting point to visit many tourism place in Shanghai and also it has 2 subway station in this area which connected to there. So convenient! My mom and I got here from the Bund by walk just for 5 minutes and from there it's all up to our legs where we wanted to go. 

The Bund Location, click the image for further information.

The next destination where My mom and I went after Nanjing road is... Starbucks Roastery (the biggest Starbucks Roastery in the world for now) and Shanghai History Museum (the 4.5 star rates museum by tourists). It's near from here, guys! 

I'll write about Starbucks Roastery, how to get there, what's inside, and what's the difference with the others Starbucks outlet! See ya in the next article! Before of all, Thanks for reading my article and I'd be appreciate and happy if we can connect by your comments, or maybe you just can say Hi to me! :)) 

See ya in the next article, still in Shanghai! 
A cup of coffee at Shanghai Starbucks Roastery would warm the day!

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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