Shanghai History Museum - Day 2 in Shanghai

by - January 20, 2019

"They save their history carefully and show their history beautifully to us.
They know how to appreciate their history which nothing else themselves.
They know how to appreciate their life 
by understanding the past and move forward to the future."

Traveling to somewhere new that I've never been and never known before becomes my interest and pleasure! A pleasure to know their history, culture, food, architecture, and themselves which means new experiences. Must visit their museum is my obsession and habit while I travel to the new place, region, or country. After knowing that, I felt my trip was more meaningful and suddenly I knew what I should do, Hmm... like writing the article about that like this! Hihihi. So, what's inside of Shanghai History Museum? Let's go!

As we were entering the museum, we were welcomed by the documentary film of Shanghai, from the old to the modern Shanghai on that big screen. Mesmerized and speechless for a while after watched it. The first thought that came into my mind was, "Wow. China! Such as big population since the ancient age, I wondered maybe my ancestor was from there. Maybe." 

On the first floor, there has gallery which exhibits the historical things in accordance with the particular events. When my mom and I visited there, the gallery theme was commemorated Soong QingLing, a woman who had a significant role in China revolution. Honestly, I didn't know her but I learned to get to know about her from here, who is her.

Soong QingLing with our former president, Soekarno.

There had many photos which were a trace of her activities as an activist in China but unfortunately for me, the description was in Hanyu so I couldn't understand it well. I just could guess it from the photos and use my little skill of Mandarin to translate the 'well-known' words, such as wo, ni, Shanghai, yue, ri. :') I guess I should learn Mandarin!

On the second floor, there is an Ancient Shanghai gallery which exhibits cultural things such as relic from the ancient civilization in Shanghai. The exhibition is so interesting! How they display it from the century to century is wonderful and the information of those things could be understandable to us. Yes, everything on this floor is described with Mandarin and English, hehe!

To be honest, I'm so in love with those ancient jade, especially Jade Yun Axe. It's so beautiful and wonderful, isn't it? Wondering how they found the rock and made it to something like this. So thrilling!  

Even we were in ancient Shanghai exhibition but this place was not ancient at all. Even those were the ancient relics but they displayed it with modernity. They injected a sophisticated technology to support and provide the information that we need. They provided standing tablets to find information easily in a digital way, cool! Yeah, this is how we use the technology for and how the modern museum should. 

These words made me remind...
Don't be stuck with the current problems. Be creative and solve the problems 
So we can live happily and peacefully

Move to the third floor where the civilization also moves forward.

My mom was listening to the old music by Chinese composer
It's quite addicting actually!

Shanghai Memo Walls
We could write anything on the memo and stick it to the wall. 
It's like a message or wishes from us to this city.

Moves to the fourth floor where the activist moved forward to the revolution. Was born in 1993, I've never experienced how the revolution was even it happened in my country too, Indonesia in 1998. It was a world crisis back then but I was too young to feel and remember that event. The elder said it's tense and terrifying but it's a revolution. The revolution that we couldn't avoid. Hungry but couldn't go out. Wanted to cry loudly but couldn't make noise inside. Tired but must keep awake. Those feelings... Those feelings, I felt it while I was entering this floor. The news, arts, and other forms of revolutionary acts have been expressed and was exhibited here right now. It made me had goosebumps!  

Many questions approached inside my mind after visiting this floor, 
"Should a change happen?" They said we change for the better. "What is better then?" "When will 'the better' be enough to say it's better now?" 


Wuahhhh. My mom and I had a good time here! We knew 'some' things and learned new things. To explore and have some knowledge about civilization in this part of worlds you can visit here and it's free, guys! It's near Nanjing area and easy to get here. Take the city sightseeing bus because this museum is on the red and green route or you can have some walks from Starbucks Reserve to here, it just took about 10-15 minutes! Make your choice and see the location below!

Thanks for reading this article! After here, I will visit Yellow Mountain in the Huangshan area! I always dream to visit there with my mom! In the next article, I will share how to get Huangshan from Shanghai by bullet train as the foreigner and the preparation to hike Yellow Mountain, especially with the elder! See ya!  

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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