My Mom and I have a tea time in The Old Shanghai Tea House and Museum - Day 1 in Yu Garden Area, Shanghai

by - January 08, 2019

"Ye Shanghai, ye Shanghai ni shigi buyecheng. Huadeng qi che shengxiang gewu shengping." 

"Night in Shanghai, night in Shanghai, you are the city that never sleeps. Bright lights, the sounds of car, singing and dancing."

Old Organ

The Entrance

Old Shanghai Tea House and Museum, hidden place that I wanted to visit but not sure where the exact location was before. The  location was pointed out in Yu Garden area by google maps. But, no signage, no hint, or the other things which show us if we were in the right place. Until we stood on the GPS point, we heard a Chinese classic song was played, that Shanghai classic song above which was played. Not sure if we were right because this place was too dark, old, and located on the 2nd floor. We just trusted the music that pulled out us to go up. 

The Interior

"Huanying guanglin!", shouted the middle-aged men to us. 

"Is it Shanghai Old Tea Museum?" asked me.

"Dui bu qi, ni shuo shi me?" "Tea?" reply me. "

"Shi. Huanying guanlin!" shouted again.

Huaaaa. So old! The floor was wood planks which sounded a little "krek" when I walked to my seat. Ah, the windows had the old motif trellis which were looked alike as my grandmother's house. The decorations too, I thought she had kinda like that too! The music... I think I've already heard before too in my grandmother's house and I think she loved to sing that song too, the songs sounded familiar. And... The ambience  has reminisced my childhood memories successfully. :)) 

Obviously, the decorations and the things which was displayed here had the historical value. When we just sat down on our seats, the owner told us some historical stories which we didn't understand it, because he spoke Mandarin! :')) (I accepted the kind of you, uncle! :') ) Thanks to the sister who sat behind us, she could speak English and wanted to translate from the owner to us. :') 

So... This place is one of the witness of the civilization over the years as like Yu Garden. Even it's not like the other museum which has many historical goods, it has some interesting old historical goods which still was kept by the owner by the generations! Over the years and over the generations, this place is still a tea-salon! Even it's not like nowadays tea-salon to have a tea-time, I should reconsider it due its tea, its ambience, and its price. :)

Jasmine Tea and Almond 

My Mom and I drank Jasmine which was recommended by the owner. Firstly, the owner gave us the closed Jasmine.Then, he poured the hot water into the glass. We just should wait for 2-3 minutes until the Jasmine flower has bloomed! I could refill the hot water for 3 times until the flavor of Jasmine tea finished. Lol. The flavor was smooth and light. Maybe because of the suggestion, after I drank this I felt healthier. The thought and the suggestion of Chinese herbal has influenced me as like the Influencer. Lol. The price of 1 glass of Jasmine tea is 85 Yuan and 25 Yuan for the almonds. 

Great time, great tea, and great accompany in the afternoon! Would you like to visit here? See the location to get there easily! 

Remember, the 2nd floor!

My mom and I captured the moment with the 
Old Shanghai Tea House's owner who dressed alike IP Man, Didn't he? 

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