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Hi, Blogs!

Back to my post! Glad to write this post on my weekend! 

Hmmm... I want to ask you something, "Do you have any coffee shop or tea salon or any other place that you love to stay (Of course, exclude your bedroom!) or spend the time for a long time? Could you recommend me your favorite one? In exchange, I'd like to share my favorite one! One of my favorite cafe in Jakarta is Semasa Cafe! Have you ever been there before?

 Yeah... The first time Semasa Cafe was at Gedung Olveh. But, I've just heard that Semasa Cafe has moved to Kerta Niaga Building at Kota Tua about a month ago. I hope, in their new place Semasa Cafe can still give the best moment of the place and time that we can remember as their former place before. As what I got at their cafe in Gedung Olveh. Fighting! :))

I remembered, that day... The sun shined so brightly. I could say it was a good sunny day and great to have a picnic! The road was dense, but there was no traffic. So as the people, there were so many people who were passing over the street and enjoying their weekend too. It has shown on their faces. And... Me too... :))

After having a breakfast with my friend, Anindia, We rode Bajaj to there. Admittedly, Kota Tua area is my favorite one! I can spend a whole day just to be there. Hmmm... Actually, I've already been at Gedung Olveh before (read my previous article, Enjoy Kota Tua Jakarta). But, space and moment have changed! 

Walking through the old wood door, I was feeling so vintage! A room was colored with a white color and has the colonial style windows in its side. The exposed red brick was showed intentionally to preserved a colonial vintage style as like colonization time back then. Actually, Gedung Olveh is a building which has an art gallery and creative market as their main program. Semasa cafe was just an injection program that supports the main programs of this building which located on the third floor. Along the path and stairs to the Semasa Cafe, there were many beautiful paintings that I could adore.

Step by steps entering Semasa Cafe on the third floor, a sweet-sounding of music was accompanying and led us to the room. To the room where the source was. Ah! Obviously, Semasa Cafe was the one who played the songs. Loving the indie songs made me more excited to be here!  Luckily, my favorite window seat was still vacant so I could see Beos Station and its environment through the window. Everything feels so vintage suddenly! I felt like I was at the old movie and I was watching it... 

My view at that time

The sun radiated me well through the window. The sunlight was showing the beauty of the shadow at that time. Back then, The space was filled with the poetic romantic atmosphere that I couldn't resist to receive that moment. Feeling inspired enough, I bought some postcards which I would send and give to someone special. :)) 

Thank you Semasa Cafe di Kota Tua
I enjoyed

Were hungry after spent many hours at Semasa Cafe, We decided to move and visit Pantjoran Tea House. I've never been there before! Of course, I want to visit and try their tea too at the preserved building. Nearby Gedung Olveh, we just should take a walk to there. It was the afternoon to the evening at that time. The heat of the sun has decreased and the breeze was blowing through my hair. Indeed, A nice walk! 

After crossing the street, Heading to Pantjoran Tea House, I was surrounded by the preserved and old buildings which have a traditional Chinese style. Besides the buildings, there have painters too along the pathways. Those painters are famous for their caricature drawing. Despite they draw in the pathways, you couldn't underestimate the price of their drawing. The drawing is so nice so the price is pretty too blogs!  

Pantjoran Tea House...

Pantjoran is the area's name. The area is famous in Chinese's things trading such as herbal medicine, tea, tools, and also the culinary foods. And... Pantjoran Tea House is the only place which provides a place to have the tea time in the style of an oriental. Classic and interesting!   

Patekoan Tradition
"Drink for Togetherness"
"Tea for People"

Walking through the Chinese ornament main door, I could see the history of this area back then on the upper wall. Yeah... This building is also one of the witnesses in the colonization time. Old but never too old to know. And... The accent of the lampions has brought the classic time to this time. 

Gan bei! The way how we cheer on. The way how we start the talk. The way how we express and hope that we will always happy, healthy, and have a long life. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a nice weekend and blessing day! And maybe you can visit this place too at...

Pantjoran Tea House's Location

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  1. Love the old siprited photos you added ��

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    1. Kabar baik. Iya nih, udah keburu expired sebelum diperpanjang lagi. Lagi mikir dan cari untuk domain baru nih. hehehe

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