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Back to my post! Still on my holiday post in Jakarta. In this holiday chance, I had my quality time with my mom through by making Nastar Cookies. Yasss!! And... Today, I want to share the recipe with you, guys! Don't underestimate, guys! My mom's recipe is not an ordinary recipe, but the legend one! Lol. Why??? Because in my surrounding, around my family, my relatives, or my mom's friends, my mom's Nastar Cookies is the best one! The best one that I could proud of! Kyaaaa...  I'm not lying, guys! There's no reason for me to lie too! Hahaha!

Before I jump to the recipe and how to make it, do you know Nastar Cookies? In Indonesia, Nastar Cookies is one of the famous cookies or snack which usually be provided in any celebration and tradition, such as in Chinese new year, Idul Fitri, or maybe Christmas. Nastar Cookies is the crunchy cookie which has pineapple jam inside. Because of delicious, simple to make, and has a small size so Nastar Cookies suits for the daily snack too! (But, Don't forget to consider your fat level too, guys!) And... Because I'm so craving to this since I've worked in another city. Therefore, I asked my mom to make it with me and satisfied my mouth! 

Yes... As I wrote before, guys! Nastar Cookies is simple to make. Maybe you can follow this recipe and try it in your home! Let's make it!

These are what you need, guys... Follow the images and the captions, okay?

The Ingredients

400 grams Butter
"We used 2 sachets of Blue Band (Brand) butter."

150 grams Wisman Butter
"We used Wisman Butter to make the cookies have the more good scent.
Even, It's enough if we just use Blue Band Butter.
400 grams Butter + 150 grams Wisman Butter = We need 550 grams Butter.

100 grams Fine Granulated Sugar
"It depends on your taste how much you'll input it. 
This recipe is not too sweet to suit and fuse with the pineapple jam (sour and sweet)."

5 Egg Yolks
"5 Egg Yolks and there are more! I forgot to capture the pics because of a sudden activity. We still need 700 grams Flour, 25 grams Milk Powder, 
and a couple drops of yellow food coloring."

Okay, guys! I'll resume and make it into a simple format! :))

The Ingredients for The Cookies:
1. 550 Butter (400 grams Blue Band Butter + 150 grams Wisman Butter)
2. 100 grams Fine Granulated Sugar
3. 5 Egg Yolks
4. 700 grams Flour
5. 25 grams Milk Powder
6. A couple drops of yellow food coloring

Now... How to make it? 

1. Put the butter
"First thing that we always do before we make it is washing our both hands.
Then, put the butter into the container."

2. Put the fine granulated sugar

3. Mix up the butter and the fine granulated sugar

4. Dropping a couple of drops of yellow food coloring. 
Just a couple of drops!

5. Put the egg yolks

6. Put the flours
"Put the flours into the container. 
If you think the dough is too wet, 
put the flours again little by little until you get the fine dough. 
The fine dough is not too wet nor dry."

7. Put the milk powder
"The scent is better, It's mild flavor!"

8. Mix it!
"We've got the fine dough! Done!"

Our Pineapple Jam
"My mom made it by herself. 
Make the pineapple juice, put the sugar, and cook! 
That's it... Homemade pineapple jam!"

"After the jam had been cool, my mom put it into the fridge to make it tighter. 
After that, She made it into a ball of pineapple jam."

9. Wrap the pineapple jam with the dough
"It helps somehow. 
She already made the ball of pineapple jam so we just wrap it with the dough."

"Remember! Don't too slow when you wrap it, It'll be hard to wrap if the jam is melted. The dough will be mushy and easily crack."

That's it, guys! How to make Nastar Cookies! Before we baked it with oven, we should polish the Nastar with the egg yolk and the melted butter to make a beautiful color of Nastar. More beautiful it is, more it tempted me too. Kyaaa. And... This is how you make the polish! 

1. Put a full spoon butter into the container

2. Melt it!

3. Mix the melted butter with the 4 egg yolks 
(depends on the quantity that you should polish)

4. The polish is ready!

After the polish is ready, It's my main job to paint the Nastar beautifully. This is a challenge actually! Lol! After we polish it, we baked the Nastar in the oven. Don't bake it in the high temperature, It may cause the Nastar won't be baked. Just a fine temperature, around 150-celsius degree. Baked around 15 minutes, until the color of the polish out beautifully and the below side of Nastar is dry enough but not burnt. Remember, the Nastar should be dry! If there's still a dough in the tray, It's still not baked! After you make sure the Nastar is cooked well, you're done! :)) Oops! I think you still should put the cookies into the jar! Lol.

Tadaaaaa... This is our result!

The Nastar Cookies are so good, Aren't they?
Yes! It's so delicious that could make me drolling enough. Lol.

For one recipe, It could produce around 4 common round jars. Or... If I calculated it, It could produce around 160 cookies. Yes, that's a lot! I'm so satisfied with this! Besides my craving and the taste of the cookies, I'm so happy that I could have a quality time with my mom too! Talking about daily life stories, sing the songs along, and wash the dishes together. Thought, making the Nastar Cookies is a fun activity which we could do to spend the quality time and have the daily snack too!  So, Why not?

Okay, guys...That's it... My mom's legend recipe of Nastar Cookies! I hope this article will help you to make the delicious Nastar Cookies! Hope you enjoy it! Don't feel doubt to ask me anything about this recipe. I'm glad to help. And... I will be gladder if you can share the result of this recipe with me too! You can leave a comment on the comment box below, guys. 

Pardon me, If the quality of pictures is not too good due to the rush acts that I should do to help my mom. My mom wants to do everything quickly. Even, I barely get this recipe too. Lol. And... Pardon me too, if my kitchen's look is not as good as the others in media social (Yes, I know it). But, I'm on my way... :') I'm on my way to make a good kitchen for my mom! I hope I hope I hope! Please help me with your prayers too! Lol! 

Anyway... Thank you for reading, guys!  

See you in the next post,
I'll share a new cinema looks in Jakarta! Stay tuned!

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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