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Hi, blogs!

Back to my blog! Still on my holiday's story and this one is the day 2 to play as the tourist! Yasss!! 

What do you do if you are a tourist and do the local people's things, guys? Cook? Playing? Listening to the local music? Get in touch with the local? Or... Maybe cut the hair? Like me? Yeah, I've just decided to cut my hair before I go back to the office. New looks, new fresh start, and a new spirit to make me work harder (sorry, it's just an excuse). Lol. 

Anyway... Cut the chit-chat... After got my hair done, I had an appointment with my college friends. Yes, long time no see! Such a long time not been in Jakarta, I put everything about culinary to my friend's hands. I didn't know a lot about the food trending and new best restaurant or coffee shop in Jakarta. Then... After a short research, my friend recommended this place to us, Warbiku. What's that?

Warbiku is a new restaurant which serves Indomie (famous instant noodle in Indonesia) with pork. What? Pork? How it will taste? Remembered there's no one like this before so this one is a must to try! Located on Muara Karang in North Jakarta, this restaurant is easy to find because of it's on the culinary area. 

Industrial Concept

Pork? Yes, It means the foods are not halal (just FYI), guys! There are 2 main courses at Warbiku that attracted us to order and try it. The first one is Salted Egg Yolk Pork Rice and the second is Pork Indomie with Sambal Matah. Nomsssss...

Egg Salted Yolk Pork Rice (45k)
" The sauce is so damn so good. It's so fine!
The porks are so tender 
and it's a perfect combination with the fried egg."

Pork Indomie (45k)
"Who doesn't know the tastiness of Indomie? 
For me, Indomie is always savory! Don't you agree?
In this one, the porks are so tender too! And the Sambal Matah is so right.
Everything is in the perfect combination! 45 k for me is affordable for this dishes."

Soda Cap Badak (15k)
"The flavor is same as Sarsi (the other soda that famous when I was on my JHS) for me.
But, they said this soda is more before than that. Is it? 
Yaaa... This is good as the other soda. "

That's it, guys! My very quick review for Warbiku. Overall, it's good! And, I'll come back again in the next chance, just because the pork is so tender and so good in the mouth. And... I'll come back to if I'm too lazy to cook Indomie. Lol. How I would rate this Warbiku? 4/5 for the savory, 3.5/5 for the price and 3.5/5 for the service.

Thank you, guys! For reading this quick review of Warbiku. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful holiday as me! Lol! There are still 12 days more ahead! More exciting activity is waiting! 

See you in the next post, guys! 
Where I'll go in Day 3?

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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