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Hi, blogs! 

Where are you going to on your holiday? Island? Mountain? City? Where ever it is, I hope you will have a nice holiday!

Me on my holiday? Hmmm... I'm going home, guys! I Mudik (going home, where you've been born or grown up) to Jakarta. I really miss my home so much! But... Not as usual when I was at home, I'll play as the tourist in Jakarta. Trying the culinary, doing the activities, and visit the great places like the tourist who've never been in Jakarta. I think, it gonna be fun! Yasss!!

For Mudik from Lampung to Jakarta, I had the road trip with my relatives. It took about 2 hours from Bandar Lampung to Bakauheni Port by the car. I was so surprised in the way! The street was better than my last trip, the road was fine therefore our trip was so smooth! Moreover, the toll's infrastructure almost done and some ways of it we can access it already. Unfortunately, because of the unknown of this information, we couldn't try the new toll. :(( But, I could give the two thumbs up to our government for this fast working to our infrastructure in Indonesia! :)) 

After about 2 hours on the way, we arrived at the port! Not waiting too long (about 15 minutes), we're ready to enter the ferry ship. Not like my trip 10 years ago when we should wait for about 1-3 hours to enter the ship and a direct enter if you're lucky enough! :') So, I can say now is much much much better! 

We were so happy when we saw the big ferry ship in front of us. We were wondering what's inside and what it would be... 

Taaa-daaaa!! Athaya Jakarta!

Spacious Parking Area


All of the passengers are prohibited to stay in the vehicles, smoking, and turn on the engine! Remembered, there was an incident on the ferry ship. In the parking area, there had an explosion because of turning on the engine. I deplored that incident. That's why... We should be in the passenger room now... 

What the...? What is this?

At the first, I couldn't trust this. I thought it just a misspelled or just a word to impress passenger. Oh maiii...! That's true! There's an escalator inside! :') I was so impressed just because of the escalator. No wonder. I thought it's only the cruise ship which has the escalator inside. But, I'm wrong! Now, from Bakauheni Port to Merak Port or the otherwise, they have this! Hahaha SO YASSSS!!

The Escalator!
Am I the only one who thinks this scene is like in the Titanic scene? 
I mean, the settings...

The Lobby

Yes, this ship is the old ship. I think this ship was made in 1994 in Japan because there's the painting on above which has a mark 'Japan, 1994' on it. Old ferry ship, antique interior, and antique feeling. Even it's 14 years old ship (If I'm right), It still has a good condition and has an interesting spot inside. And of course, It's cleaner than the ferry ships that I've already taken before. Yay or Nay?

The Corridor to Passenger's Waiting Room

Passenger's Waiting Room

It's so clean, guys! Yasss... This is the VIP Passenger's waiting room where we should pay if we want to stay in this room, 10k rupiahs for the adult and 5k rupiahs for the child. What do you think? For me, It's so affordable to get this facility! Or... You can stay free in the others rooms (Lesehan room). And... All of the rooms have the TV and air conditioner inside where we could watch together (Nobar) comfortably. Moreover, the movie of that day is Resident Evil 6, guys! Don't you think it's quite up to date too? :))

Now, Let's look the outside...

Good Voyage!

Yayyy! That's the end of this ship's quick tour! What do you think? It's good, isn't it? I think it's one of the forward steps of our government in the transportation field. I'm quite satisfied with this 'luxury' ferry ship and feel appreciated by the government who want us to have a good Mudik experience! May you can take and try this experience on this ferry ship too, guys! It's fun to explore! 

It took about 2 hours too from Bakauheni Port to Merak Port. After strolled around and watch the ending part of Resident Evil, we went back to our car and continued the trip. And... I took about A half and an hour to arrive at BSD, our road trip done then!

Thank you, guys! For reading this article! Hope you enjoy it and can share your holiday experience too with me in the comment box below! Happy holiday, guys! 

See you in the next post!!
I'll share my Day 2 as the tourist too!!

"This is not in the Business Class in the Airplane but in the Ferry."

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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