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Hi, blogs!!

I'm still on my holiday mode! Woooottt! I'm on fire! Yas!

Today is my day 3 to play as the tourist in Jakarta. After met my college friends last night, I met my friend from my college again, Diana. Diana is a kind smart friend and a good companion for me! We arranged an appointment after didn't meet for about a year (Yeah, I was at Lampung) and I was so impatient to meet her! She always has and brings the good stories and news (I'd like to say that was a gossip. Lol). And also... I always enthusiast to hear her story and wonder like what she's going to bring up today. Hahaha. 

Diana and I made an appointment at Hario Cafe, new Japanese coffee shop at Jakarta. Coincidentally before we ended up to make an appointment there, I'd love to stalk this coffee shop before, feel attracted to try their foods and beverages, and already made a list to the place that I want to visit when I'm at Jakarta. And what makes it more coincidence is... The fact is the owner of this coffee shop is her friend. Then, she asked me if I would like to visit and have a lunch at Hario Cafe because she says they have an interesting delicious menu (This is true! You can see my review of their food and beverages on below, you know I'm not lying. I don't like lying! :))). Of course! I'd love to! Why not???

The Interior

Hario Cafe has a minimalist concept as its interior. Fewer ornaments and play with marble and wood, and also wire mesh as the accent of the interior. I felt the modern, cold, and minimalist space at the same time. Hot coffee to make it warmer? :)) 

Experience Bar

Hario cafe has an experience bar inside where (maybe) the visitor can see and experience how to make a coffee with the v60 method, nitro method, manual brew, or the else. But, I didn't experience this because at that time was no activity in that bar area. Maybe in the next chance? :)) OH! You can buy the tools and coffee machine here too, coffee maker lovers!

 Modern Japanese Coffee Shop
" I love how they play the interior with the bricks 
which look vintage and modern at the same time."

Open from 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Hario cafe has breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus on their menu. So, there are an appetizer, finger bites, main course, beverages, croissant, and etc. A lot menu to try! Because of 2 stomachs couldn't be enough for all their menus. We would have a proper lunch. :))

Her Menu, Marinated Pulled Pork Burger (85k)
"This is so good! I'm so full and satisfied! 
The egg yolk is perfect and the seasoned french fries is so savory!

My Choice, Bao with Chicken Katsu (58k)
"I love the chicken katsu taste. It's so savory! 
The outer skin of bao is not too soft, kinda dry.
But, the dough of bao is sweet enough and so good with the chicken katsu.

"To eat this is kinda difficult for me. 
I don't know if I should eat with my hands and put it to my mouth (not fit) or I should cut this into a pieces then eat it (the whole taste between bao, chicken katsu, and katsuobushi have not come together."

Her Choice, Cold Brewed Tea (35k)
"The taste of tea is so unique and fresh! For me, this is so recommended!
The flavor is light and sweet!"

My Choice, Iced Caramel Latte (40k)
"As usual, Caramel Latte is never made me disappointed. :)"

Summer holiday is not completed without an ice cream, Isn't it? Don't you agree? 

OH! That time was so hot and what we need was just an ice cream in this summer vibes. Hario cafe has a soft serve ice cream which is for me is kinda affordable and worthy because of the flavor and the great taste! Moreover, the flavor of the ice cream is different periodically which makes me curious and want to try it personally. It's like... "Ahh... What I'm gonna have today? What's that.... and What I will have in the next time?"

Then we asked the waitress with the bouncing heart. Lol. "What we gonna have today?" "It's pistachio miss." Wow. Okay! I love that! "We ordered two, please!"

Pistachio Soft Serve Ice Cream (18k)
"OH Mai! Who doesn't love ice cream? This is so good. 
Sweet and the flavor of pistachio is so sweet!"

"The feeling of eating ice cream in the summer holiday is so good, guys! :') 
Everything feels sweet and so fine! Lol. Love it love it love it!"

Hmmm... How would I rate Hario Cafe? 

I will give 3/5 for the food and beverages. The foods and beverages are so far so good (just good) but it based on the menus that we chose. I don't know about the other menus.

I will give 4.5/5 for the service. The waitresses are good and friendly. Quick respond to what I asked for. Thank you!

I will give 3.8/5 for the price. It's worthy somehow for me. You should visit and try it, guys!

Hario Cafe's Location

Okay, guys! That's it... My quick review and my quick day 3 to play as the tourist at the Hario Cafe! The soul is so on fire for this holiday but the body needs to rest due to the road trip last 2 days. :') That's why... I ended up my day 3 quickly. But the other activities will be up tomorrow and the other next days. And... The more important is today is a good day! Hope your soul is still on fire too at this summer holiday, guys!

And... Thank you guys for reading! Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned on How I play as the tourist at Jakarta. I will bring up many reviews and share my holiday experiences visiting the cafes and interesting places in Jakarta!

See you in My day 4 play as the tourist!!

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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