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Still on my last vacation in Bali! In this article, I'm going to share my experience when I had my first day of 2018 in Bali Temple. My friends and I had planned to start the first day of the year with a pray. We thought that it would be good if we were starting something new with the grateful and joyful feeling, remembered how great was our God who let us had this new year! :))

In our first plan, We planned to visit Lempuyang Temple which is located at Karangasem area, East Bali. But, due to the volcanic issue at Mount Agung, we must cancel our plan. It was still in the warning status which the government didn't allow us to enter that area. So, we changed the plan and decided to visit Tirta Empul instead. Set off at 7 a.m., we visited Tirta Empul from our hotel at Kuta area by our rental car. 

Tirta Empul is a Hindu Balinese water temple which is located in the upper course of Pakerisan River, Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring Sub-District, Gianyar Regency. Tirta Empul is a bathing place with abundant water sources where Balinese Hindus go for ritual purification. The temple pond has a spring which gives out fresh water regularly, which they consider to be holy. And... Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese. 
(source: Wikipedia and Usana Bali )

Jaba Pura

Have you prayed today?

We didn't expect this. I didn't expect this. I didn't expect if it would be a lot of people on this day. I didn't know if they would do ritual purification and pray on this day. Remembered, I didn't expect if I would visit here too. So excited that I could learn and experience something new, the unique cultural activities that Indonesia has! And... Luckily, even there was the ritual purification and pray, they still allowed us too to enter the temple with some conditions. First, we should wear the polite dress or wear scarves or sarong. Second, Women in the state of menstruation is forbidden to enter the temple. Lastly, we should respect the others who were praying by kept the silence. Thank you! 

Jaba Tengah

The history of Tirta Empul can be found as written in the inscription kept in Sakenan Temple, Manukaya Village which using ancient Balinese letter dated to 960 AD where it is stated: "The King Indrajayasingha Warmadewa gave commandment to the people to repair or rebuild the existing water line in Tirta Empul Temple." (Soekarto Atmojo, 1977:14)

To the Holy Spring

The Holy Spring

They were queueing to get the holy water, bathing, and praying for the ritual purification. 

The water of Tirta Empul is closely related to Usana Bali where in ancient times It was told that the army troop of God Indra was poisoned by Maya Denawa. It was then the Gods/God Indra created Yeh Empul as an antidote so it was told that all the armies of God Indra could return to live and continue the battle against Maya Denawa. (source: Usana Bali)

The Koi Pool
There were a lot of big Koi fishes besides of the holy spring. 
The scene was just so fine!

Jaba Tengah


The temple was so peaceful. And... I felt this was something good to visit a temple on the first day of the year. I don't know why... I felt the positive energy went into my soul and reminded me too to do something good in this year for God, for the universe, and for the people. And... I think I should keep repeating this activity every year. I think It will become a good habit. Don't you agree?

Hindu is one of the religions that Indonesia embraced, besides of Islam, Christian, Catholic, and Buddhist. The diversity that makes Indonesia wonderful. Because of that diversity, now I'm learning one more of the beautiful culture. The beautiful culture how they prepare the ritual to pray for their Gods, how they pray together in unity, how they bowed the head to God, and how they respect each other. An unusual thing to see and experience. So interesting! 


As you see in the photos that I upload above, it has many different area and Puras in it. Yasss! Tirta Empul Temple has a big area which has many Puras that have their own zoning space. The temple is divided into three sections: Jaba Pura (front yard), Jaba Tengah ( central yard), and Jeroan (inner yard). Jaba Tengah contains 2 pools with 30 showers. And... The temple is dedicated to Vishnu. (source: Wikipedia)

The modern building which is behind of the Pura is one of the palaces for our president in Indonesia. They said this palace was built in 1954 for our first president, Soekarno. But now, the government palace is now used as a place for visiting dignitaries and important guests. 

Humanity. Sister-ity

Girl in Frame
"The magical feeling in the morning."

Okay, that's it guys the experiences that I had when I visit Tirta Empul Temple. Have you enjoyed Tirta Empul's article? Have you enjoyed my photography? Have you enjoyed my perspective? Let me know by giving a comment on the comment box below! :)) Thanks before! 

However... I enjoyed it too! I enjoyed when I shot the moments. The moments where there were the unique human activities and the architecture involved! So satisfied! Hope I can have this moment again in the other different experience! 

And... For you who will visit Bali, you should visit here! Recommended temple! The entrance fee is for 15k rupiahs, so worthy! Beautiful temple must have a good maintenance for us to coming back and enjoy. Am I right? :))

Thanks for reading, guys!

I hope you enjoy it!

And... Please kindly forgive me or us 
If I have any mistakes in this article by its writing, words, or photography.

Love from the author,


See you in the next post! I'll visit the other awesome temple in Bali!


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