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Having a nice weekend?  

It seems like there's no an end to the attractive space and places in my beloved country, Indonesia. And... It's nice for me to write the new experience about the other attractive places in Bali. Continue my previous post in Nusa Penida Island, I'm going to continue my writing about my journey too on this trip. Hmm... What's next? 

After explored Nusa Penida Island and stayed for a night, we packed out our belongings, checked out from the hotel, went to the pier, and got ready to our next destination which is Nusa Lembongan Island, where we must take the boat to get there.

Nusa Lembongan Island is located nearby Nusa Penida Island, I could say it as the neighbor island which is undefeatable too for its attractiveness. To get there from Nusa Penida Pier, We took about 15-20 minutes by boat. That's not a long trip because I was enjoying the landscape, ocean, and sky in the middle of nowhere. 

In this Nusa Lembongan trip, we were not just by us. The married couple who we met accidentally when we had our breakfast at the hotel would join us too! First of all, Bli Agung asked us if we didn't mind to let them join us because of some reasons that made our trip must be merged. Of course, we didn't mind. Why not? The more it is the more pleased that we would get. Isn't it??? And... Meet the strangers while traveling is always on my bucket list! I love the facts that We can share our experiences, share our same interests, and be a friend. So exciting!

On Boat

In the heat of the morning sun, 
The married couple who sat in the back seat is Fera and her husband.
Nice to meet them!


The Yellow Bridge

What's that? The first question that came up to my mind. 

That is a famous Yellow Bridge which connects Nusa Lembongan Island and Nusa Ceningan Island. Was given name Yellow Bridge because of the span of the bridge's truss were colored with a yellow paint. That length span yellow bridge which has a long enough distance becomes eye-catching spot while we sail through the ocean. As if The Yellow Bridge is welcoming us to the Nusa Lembongan Island (right) or to the Nusa Ceningan (left).  

Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you...
And everything you do, yeah they were all yellow...

Spot something interesting in this photo?

Yeah, besides of my beautiful friend, Vindry...

Yes! A clear emerald green water. It's so so so clear! 

As I know before I visited here, there are still not many tourists know and visit Nusa Lembongan Island, neither Nusa Ceningan. I thought that is one of the reasons that I could see this clear water and beautiful landscape. Couldn't be denied if the human's presence can affect the nature. At least the rush of human activities more or less can give the effect to nature. So, let's protect this beautiful island as best as we can. At least, please don't throw away the trash or waste in the ocean! Or... We couldn't enjoy this view anymore. Let's enjoy this view together! That's a wise advice and warning from my heart as the Indonesian citizen, blogs!

Thank you before! 

After took some pics at the Yellow Bridge, the real adventure trip in Nusa Lembongan Island just began...

Was entering island with the unknown mind... Never been here before and didn't know where this new local guide would bring us. Bli Agung just accompanied us in Nusa Penida Island, in Nusa Lembongan Island we had the new local guide who I didn't know his name. I just called him "Bli, Bli, Bli... " Lol. I'm so sorry, Bli! 

Anyway... A pickup car which had a cover in the back seat would take us anywhere we go in Nusa Lembongan Island. I called this car "Bemo" in Jakarta and "Songthaew" in Thailand. I didn't know what they called it in Bali. Anyone? And... Of course, the rough road was welcoming us and shook our bodies once more. Lol. 

The first place that we visited, Gua Gala Gala!


Gua Gala Gala

Heard the story from Bli, Gua Gala Gala is an underground house which was built and dwelled by the local in 1961. I was afraid and curious too at the first time that then I took the courage to go down to there which had around 2 meters height. Like the usual house, this underground house had rooms which were formed by digging the limestone. It had the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc. Hmm... But, I couldn't find and expect the bathroom. I just couldn't imagine how he took a bath with that space and the water waste. Maybe he took a bath in the river? Maybe... 

The space and how he formed the rooms were so interesting. And the way he managed and let in the sunlight to the rooms was unique. The underground space was like surrounded by the natural spotlight. It's like I got or I would have some enlightenment from the above. Lol. 

 Height Comparison

If we saw the height comparison, yes I must crawl or half-standing to explore this house. It's not easy and stuffy enough for 5 persons in this space. Thought that the oxygen was only enough for 1 person to be here for a long time stay.

Got The Enlightenment

The experience in Gua Gala Gala is a unique and unusual experience. Historical, Cultural, and Human Habit experiences were felt at here. I could felt how he wanted to get the enlightenment, was inspired, tried to find himself also identity, and temporarily unconnected with the outside world. Think, I'll get "something" too if I stay there. Lol. 

Ah! I remembered! Bli said there were foreigners who had rented this house before. Maybe they had the same thoughts and purposes as me. The enlightenment or the silence? Yasss! The house was furnished back then. There were stove, bed, chair and the other important little things. Bli said It seemed like the underground hotel. Interesting, isn't it?

Yes... Gua Gala Gala has the natural lighting and fresh air what we need the most. But, what I didn't get is... How to waste the water waste? Let's say, we bring the food and drink from the outside or fasting so we don't need to cook and use a water. Let's say, we don't need to take a bath. But, how about the rain? Remembered when I visited there, I saw some puddle in some areas. I couldn't find any pipes. So, would it flood? 

The answer that I will only know if I stay there. Lol.

Have you interested to stay there, blogs? Who knows you'll get "something" that you need too!

Exit Way

I've got unforgettable experience at down there and a lot of the unique pics. Mind you visit here? 

Okay then! Let's move to the next destination... Dream Beach! Wohooo!


Beach Awareness

- Guest swim in the sea at them own risk.
There is no lifeguard on duty.
Ask information in reception. -

Big Hard Wave

So, this is a dream beach, blogs! Yes, this is a dream! "Beige sand, Green blue ocean, and Sunny day!" When I wrote that words, suddenly I remember those memories and miss them again. Maybe, that was called a dream by them.

No wonder that had a warning plank before we went down to the beach (the other stairs, blogs.), the wave was so big and hit the rock hard. Hmmm... Not recommended for swimming but recommended for sunbathing and play the drone. Yasss!!

That dream beach will close today's post, blogs! There are still the next destinations in Nusa Lembongan Island which I will publish in the next post, blogs! Hope you enjoy my photography!  That's how I see the world, how about yours?

Love from the big dreamer,

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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