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Hello, blogs!

Continuing my previous post " The excitement of unknown part 1 ", in this post I'm going to share the next destinations that you should visit because of theirs undefeatable excitement. 

After visited the latest destination in the previous post which is Angel's Billabong, we rushed to our car and caught up the next destination. It was 15.00 p.m., we should move fast so we could visit the others place where the tour already planned. " Ah, this tight schedule killed me down, I should come back again next time. This is really ain't my travel type." Yes, rushing is not my kinda travel type. Not the tour guide fault, not our flight fault, not our holiday time fault, just thought it would be better if we had more spare time. Just wondering, blogs! Lol

Unbearable rough road, was shaking all-time in the car, and unbearable drowsiness was paid by the beautiful green landscape that we could see and enjoy through the car windows. Hmmm... It was not a bright day anymore, the sun came down to the middle of the earth and clouds came to cover its shine. That situation what we got along with us to the next destination, Klingking Beach!


Cloudy Afternoon in Kelingking Beach

Before we entered Kelingking Beach, we found an interesting tree trunk. If we wanted to take a photo on it, we should climb up the tree by wood stairs. The height? It's high enough, blogs! Lol. What makes it's thrilling is the wood stairs. The wood stairs looked rotten. Has experienced (climb up the wood stair made by workers) in the building construction, has motivated me to climb up this tree! Lol! Thank you experiences! And... This is what you got if you put your brave together! No regrets, blogs!

Isn't it fun? Yes, It is!

Sounds familiar if you hear about Kelingking Beach? Yes, the spot that is famous because of the T-Rex shape. Hmmm... I agree with that. If I saw the island from above, I would say the same, T-Rex! In this time, I just could be in the cliff. We didn't have time to track down to the beach near the T-Rex's neck. Bli Agung said It would take about 1 hours to track down and climb up again (without playing at the beach) and remembered there's no lighting besides of the sunlight we should postpone our desire to go. Hiks! :'( Just could saw the white sand and emerald blue ocean from above at that time made me regret and want to visit Kelingking Beach again!

To track down to the beach, Bli Agung says we must fully prepare when we visit again. The track is rough, The soil is laterite, and moreover, the fence is broken and still not be repaired yet. So, the sports shoes is a must to prevent anything that we don't even want to imagine. The last time when I was there, after the tracking, to reach down to the beach we must climb down by the rope. Wuuuu. Isn't it exciting? I was so exciting, but the situation and time just were not supporting me at that time. :( That really makes me want to visit Nusa Penida once more! 

Talking about the track... I remembered while I got some pictures in this spot, there was a man who just arrived after from there. He looked so exhausted and I remembered his gestures, was shaking his head and waving his hand (not bye or hello, I thought it means no).I was wondering how it could be. Lol. It must be tough but two thumbs up for him! Wuhuuuu...  

Me on The Edge of the Cliff

After uploaded that photo above to my facebook, my mom scolded me a lot. My mom has facebook account anyway. Lol. She scolded me because of I sat on the edge of the cliff (this is really a cliff, not fake). According to her, she said it was a dangerous action. Remembered there are a lot of cases which the people died because of taking photos or selfie to get the best pics. I admit my action was dangerous but somehow it made me exciting! I couldn't resist something that makes my blood effervesces! Rather than regret, blogs (If I'm in a regret situation, I can't sleep well for a long time. Lol)! Indeed, we should calculate the situation and adjust to our best condition. Do the excitement but stay safe and always pray!

Photography of The Day, The Other Side of Kelingking Beach

- Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, 
It's about learning to dance in the rain. - Chicken Soup 


It was 17.00 p.m. We should rush to the last destination of the trip, Crystal Bay Beach. That was our last destination to enjoy the sunset. Could we see the sunset in this cloudy weather? We were worried that we couldn't...

And... What we were worried about and predicted came true... :') Sometimes, the reality is hurt, blogs! :') But... If I looked in the positive ways at that time, there were so many reasons to make me come back. I didn't know. I just felt there's something missed on this trip. But, I was so grateful that I still could be here! In this time, I always have tomorrow.

 Crystal Bay Beach

- We missed the sunset, 
but we didn't miss the grateful feeling to have this holiday trip. - Me.

The last destination meant time to check in to our hotel, Ring Sameton Hotel. The hotel was provided by the tour, so we could just check in without any worry. Yes, there's no worry, but we couldn't go anywhere besides of hotel area. The environment of Nusa Penida was not kidding at night. I think our beautiful island should be more developed in this situation. When the sun has set, there are just a few street lamps in the street. Rare to find the lights even in the Hotel area. We just depended on the car light. Remembered the road is rough and narrow, it could be dangerous. Moreover, there's the mist in the afternoon due to the rainy season. I hope our beloved government will develop more so our beautiful island could be better :))

Good night...

Good morning from here!


Breakfast before heading to the next beautiful destination,
Nusa Lembongan Island

Had enough time and nice sleep and also a nice breakfast made us exciting to the next trip in Nusa Lembongan!

Time to packing and check out... Here we go... Nusa Lembongan...

See you in the next post, blogs! Don't mind to ask and comment, It will be my pleasure. Terima kasih!

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahajdi

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