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Hello, blogs!

Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018!

Am I late to say this? Late is better than nothing, right? Lol. 

Anyway, this is my first post in 2018! Wuhuuu ... 

It had been 2 weeks since my last vacation trip to spend new year's eve with my beloved best friends. Back to the reality and the busy life held me for 2 weeks to write this post. Busy life! However, I can't wait any longer to write and share this excitement of unknown at Nusa Penida Island, Bali. Wuhuuu... Because of the busy life and the distance issue that we have, It's hard for my friends and me to meet up and chill out. So, we decided to spare our end-year holiday time (we only have this time) and have a trip together. Why Bali? The first idea is the euphoria of new year's eve. Where's the place that will be exciting while new year's countdown? Bali is one of the best, blogs! I swear it is! Imagine seeing a lot of fireworks along the beach and celebrate it with the crowds, Bali is the answer. Yasss!!

We had this vacation trip from December 28, 2017, to January 3, 2018. Yeah, such a long vacation but would never enough to explore. Recently, Nusa Penida Island in Bali becomes a new famous spot for the tourist to enjoy its beauty. Saw its beauty, being famous on Instagram (Thanks, Instagram.), and have good ratings by the tourists made us curious and decided to travel there. Felt the neighbor island, Nusa Lembongan would be great as Nusa Penida Island too, we decided to travel both. Yasss!! So excited! 


In this trip, I introduce you my childhood friends, my best friends, my life-friends since I was 6 years old. From the left, Vindry, Jil, and Me. Got a morning flight at 6.00 a.m., that were faces that we got and the freeze because of the morning shower. Lol. Put it aside, I love the morning flight!

Due to the tight schedule in Nusa Penida Island, we were rush to Sanur Harbour after the plane landed at Ngurah Rai Airport. Even there's no time to take some photos at the airport! And... After all of our efforts to get the first boat at Sanur, we were still late. Lol. So, there are 3 fast boat's schedule times which embark on Sanur Harbour to Nusa Penida Island. There are at 9.00 a.m., 11 a.m., and 2 p.m... We missed the first one so we embarked at 11 a.m... Suh a wasted time! :( For your information, there's a heavy traffic from Ngurah Rai Airport to Sanur Harbour due to road construction near the airport. So, it took us 70 minutes to get there. Talked to the driver, the normal time is 40 minutes. I don't know when the construction will end, but heard that's the new one. So, prepare yourself, blogs!

Us Before Embark

There are 2 boats that you can choose as your transportation to Nusa Penida Island. Because we took local travel tour by Budi Nusa Penida Tours in this trip, they already provided us the fast boat to take us there. Heard that besides of the fast boat, there was the normal boat (based on speed) too which was cheaper. The fast boat took us for 40 minutes. Sight-seeing was what we did in the first 10 minutes, in the remaining time we already were in our dreams. Lol.

Disembarked at Nusa Penida Island Port, we met Bli Agung who would lead us to the beautiful destinations around Nusa Penida Island. Heard "Bli" words at Bali frequently? Bli is what we call for "mister" at Bali. And... "Gek" is what we call for "miss" at Bali. I don't know... While I was saying Bli to Bli Agung, I felt It was a polite impression and made us closer to the first time meeting with the stranger. It's nice somehow. Just was saying "Bli", I felt that I did a good thing. And... Of course, It boosted my mood up. And... Let's go the first next destination! Atuh Cliff! Wuhuuu... 


Atuh Cliff

Blogs, there is a proverb. It says It is a rough road that leads to the height of greatness. That's true, blogs! To see this beauty, there is a rough road to get here. :') The road wasn't kidding! As we got into the car until we arrived, our bodies were shaking. Salute for the others who took a motorbike to get here! But... You know what, the beauty is never disappointed you. It's so worthy! Emerald blue ocean, White sand, Cool breeze, and Green environment has taken my last problems away. 

Atuh Cliff, The height of greatness is really something!

Atuh Cliff - Atuh Beach

Saw the beautiful emerald blue ocean from this height, made me wanted to go down. Just saw from above and missed the beach? That's totally not my type. Then, I asked Bli Agung if there was a way to went there. He replied, "Yes, of course. But, there were a hundred stairs. Did you want it? If you wanted it, I would accompany you." Then I said, "Yeah, I wanted it! There's no problem." When I saw the beach at the first time, I thought It's near... I thought It's easy...  But, that's just in my thought. Honestly... It's not easy but it's worthy to try and get there!  

The Stairs

The stairs were not dangerous, The steps were made by concrete so it's easy to take the step. What makes it's dangerous is your stamina. If you're not in your best condition, you should consider it once again. I'm afraid that you can go down, but you can't go up. Lol. "There were 128 steps! Oh my!", what the stranger said while he went up. "Then it must 256 steps if I calculated the steps while we went down and up. Lol. Heard that when I was already on my way so I couldn't give up and went up. Hahaha. You must on the best condition because the height of the steps was not kidding. The height is about 40-50 cm or 1,5 feets. Sure, It will rush your heart. Moreover, there's no fence or railing on both sides. So, I should grab the grass or hold on the cliff rock. Thrilling and exciting!

Atuh Beach

This is the reward that you'll get if you succeed. Interested? Trust me If I could do it, you could do too. Just the stamina and the willingness that you should prepare! How long it took me there? Hmmm... I guess It took me about 15 minutes to get here. Depends on the speed. 

After uploading some photos to the blog, I just realize that my photos have no a clear blue sky. That's the worst condition that I must accept if I go to the beach on the rainy season. :') Yes, December is the month which is the rainy season in Indonesia. I bet it will be more beautiful in the summer season. Hmmm...

Relaxing and playing the drone? So productive! 

This photo was taken by me while I took a break. I thought It was near... Really! Felt sorry for Vin and Jil. Lol. Yes... They hesitated for the first time but in the end, they followed my decision. Is it, what we should do while we do traveling? I mean the compromise. One goes all go, one doesn't go all don't too. So, we could experience all of the things together, right? Isn't my saying right? Lol.

After from Atuh Cliff and Atuh Beach, Let's go to the next destination... Teletubbies Hills!


Teletubbies Hills? I had been there before. Not in Nusa Penida Island but in Dieng, Central Java. I've heard that my friends traveled to Teletubbies Hills too. Not in Nusa Penida but in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. So, I guess there are a lot of Teletubbies Hills in Indonesia. And... Nusa Penida is one of them which has it. 

Teletubbies Hills are identical to the hilly green hills which be covered by the plants or tree. People called it Teletubbies Hills because it looked same as the hills in Teletubbies TV show. The hills where Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Po live. Ah... Talking about that, suddenly I remembered my childhood time. I love Teletubbies TV show and loved to act like them when I was a child. Even My father bought the scooter as same as Po used! Lol. And... I guess I'm already too old to ride that scooter in this Teletubbies Hills now. But honestly, in the depth of my heart, I wanted to do it here! Lol. *Youngblood Okay... Skip about that topic. This place is so beautiful and so worthy to play the drone!  

After was refreshing our eyes, we moved to the next destination... Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong. Wuhuuu!


What the adventure is...

I love adventure, as long as my heart is safe. Lol.

The Broken Beach is one of the famous places in Nusa Penida Island which I saw based on the photo that was taken on Instagram. Many tourists were admiring this place because of its beauty. Once again, to get something special thought we must take the others steps. 

The Broken Beach

- And she always had a way with her brokenness. She would take her pieces and make them beautiful. - R. M. Drake

The first thought that came after was reaching this place is... "Why it called The Broken Beach?" The second thought is... "Where's the broken one?" The next thought is... "Where's the beach? I couldn't see it." Couldn't find the answers at that moment and already distracted by its beauty and desired to take some photos, I was totally forgetting that questions. The desire is coming back while I'm writing this questions again so I'm searching the answers through the internet. And... I think I get the answers. I find the answers on this link, you can read the complete story in that link, blogs!

Let's resume it! It called The Broken Beach because of its imperfection shape if you see this place from above. It looks like this place has a hole inside. Local people say it has broken. And... The locals called it Pasir Uug (Its Balinese name). Interesting, isn't it? But, I still couldn't find where the beach is. Someone? Help me? Why beach? Please, comment on the below if you know the answer or give some speculations. Thanks before, blogs!

Bridge by Nature

When Human Meets Miss Green, Mister Blue, and Sir White

Spot something? Yesss!! I was lucky enough to see those manta rays were swimming. This is my first time saw the manta rays. I was so happy! Moreover, I heard It's rare and difficult to see the manta rays. Even, we should snorkel in manta rays point to see them. Knew that, made me happier! :)) And... Moreover, I got this special opportunity from the stranger. He shouted loud to me, shouted if there were manta rays that I must see. Thanks to him! Really! It made me more... happier! Besides of the manta rays, I was happier because of there's someone who still wanted to share caring for the others in out there. Even we didn't know each other. Even we couldn't speak our own languages (He just shouted "Hey", "Manta Rays", and Pointed gesture). Even we were different by the looks. I'd really appreciated that. After that... Of course, I was inspired by him to do more about caring. I was calling my friends and the other strangers out to see the manta rays together. Because together is sweeter and happier. Oh, My... I say something nice today! Lol.

Let's go! We moved to next destination... Angel's Billabong! Wuhuuu!


Angel's Billabong is so near to The Broken Beach. We just needed to back to the entrance way and there was Angel's Billabong! Anyway... What's Billabong? If I search it in the dictionary, Billabong is a branch of a river forming a backwater or stagnant pool, made by water flowing from the mainstream during a flood. Hmmm... Interesting, isn't it? Moreover, there's an angel? :))

Angel's Billabong

Unfortunately, due to the rain in rainy season, I couldn't see Angel's water in the Billabong. The Billabong should have a clear water if it didn't rain. And if it has clear water, the people or the tourists usually have a little splash and soak in down there. I've seen that on Instagram! I've seen that! :( Maybe, it's not the right time for me (remember manta rays, cin!), or maybe next time! :))

Okay, blogs! Angel's Billabong's story will close my writing in this post. This is my part 1 of Nusa Penida Island Trip. There will be part 2 of my journey. Yes, I think I should divide the story into 2 parts because of the long story of its part. Lol. Hope you enjoy the sharing of my excitement and may this post will inspire your next trip, blogs! See ya in the next post!

Thank you!

Love from the friendship

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi


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