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Hello, blogs!

Nice to write something that full of joy in this season! And... Before I start it, let me say this, blogs! 

Merry Christmas! 

May you have a holly jolly Christmas!

May your day is blessed with the bundle of joy! 

God bless you and your family, guys! *lovelovefulloflove

This is my kind of pleasure to share my holiday with you! I'm so happy that I can go back to Jakarta, meet my family, my friends, my relatives. It's so nice that I can spend the quality time and share the happiness together! Of course, before my friends and I travel to Bali. Yuhuuuu! I really really love Christmas season and vibes. Besides of celebrating Jesus Christ's birth, sharing the moments and vibes like... "Where are we going to spend our dinner with the beautiful Christmas decoration?" Or like... "Where are we going to have some cakes and a laughter?" I don't know why... Christmas is the best holiday ever for me! Maybe because of the vibes and the decoration is everywhere? I'm happy for every month but December is when I'm happy the most! And you know what... The classic music is so suitable for this month! Lol.

Because of my busy activities in Bandar Lampung, I couldn't plan anything or know the hits place at Jakarta so I give over all the plans to my friends. I'm going to play as a tourist now! Lol. So... Finally, my friend has recommended and appointed Kunstkring as our place to have a Christmas together. Have you heard that? This is my first time too! Located at Menteng, Kunstkring is a historical heritage building which is housed the fine arts of Dutch East Indies originally. Wow! Was opened for the first time in 1914 as a housed of the fine arts and also a cafe, now Kunstkring is a fine restaurant which has a majestic interior without changing the architecture. Hmm... How it looks? How it would be? Let's get inside, guys!

Kunstkring in Dutch means The Art Circle. Oh! Those words are a romance for me. Do you feel the same? The Art Circle... Please, understand this art student. Lol. Anyway... For me, the main entrance is so humble for "The Majestic Architecture". 

Or... Maybe not... Hahahaha. 

That's how the phrase "Don't judge the book by its cover." works. 

Okay... From now on, I'll just share the art of this building by the photos that I took in my perspective.

Bataviasche Kunstkring - The photo on above

The time goes by but the memories remain. 

Have you taken any photos today? 
Take it now or maybe you'll miss something in the future.

P. s. Pardon, don't shock! That's me who is in the mirror. Lol

The more steps I went in is the more I was admiring this place. The antiqueness... The majestic... It's like I came into 1914 and was in the Dutch party? It felt like that! And...  Moreover, it's Christmas! Yeay!

There's a big painting in the center which take our attention, right? If I see that painting, I think it describes the colonial civilization when Indonesian was civilized and still not in freedom. I'm Indonesian. I was born in 1993 so I didn't experience anything related to the civilization. I just learn it from our historical book. That's it! 

Seeing this painting, I remember I've watched a good movie, The Imitation Game. You should watch it, guys! It's so good! I'll share briefly the story. In that movie, the UK has tried to free from Germany's attack. It was in Nazi period in 1941. So, the main character, Alan Turing who is the mathematician joined a team to solve the enigma. And... Finally, he and his team succeed and the UK won the war. Wow! So, it was in 1941... Indonesia was free in 1945... I was born in 1993... So, the difference is around 50 years. It just 2 generations which one of that generation maybe is still alive! So close but the world has already totally changed in 60 years, right? 

The Special

"Dung... Durudungdung... Dungdurudundung... Jreng... Jreng..." 

"What's that sound?" 

"The special one!" Shouted from the other side.

So, there's a unique thing and activity here! If you order the special menu ( I don't know what it is, you should ask the waitress ), then they will sing a Betawi song such as Jali-Jali or etc., dance and serve the dishes at the same time. Interesting, isn't it? I just knew it when I was going home and was fulled. So, I missed the chance to experience it! Hiks! Maybe, next time! Just by watching it, it was so fun! 

Celebrate it with wine!

Because they said their wines were good!

Glass of Friendship

Praying for the others. Healthy, Prosperity, Luck, Happiness, and Fortune!

Pardon us! Hahahaa. My friends and I are a rookie for wine. We rarely drink a wine. Hmm... Rare or maybe it's our first time to have it together. Didn't know the manner to have a glass of wine or how to drink it, we were just happy while was drinking it because we were together and doing the exciting thing that we had never tried before. Also in Christmas...!

The one who chose the wine was me! Yasss! They said the village girl should choose something unusual in the big city. Sh****t! Hahaha. So, after comparing the budget and a little of analyzing from the words in the menu, I choose the wine from Italy, Torresella Veneto Merlot IGT! Yasss!! I didn't even know what is the wine that we would get, I just felt the name was so romantic (suits with the vibes) and so gentleman at the same time. Lol! Is it? Hahaha. Forget that, let's cheers and see what we got on the table!

Nasi Lemak Kunstkring - 88k

"This is good, but is it worth? Worth for Christmas season!"

Tjwiemie Malang - 68k

Kway Teow Seafood Balacan - 88 k

"This is so good! You should try it!"

Whiskey Flambe Crepes Zoesete Orange Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream - 78k

"This is so delicious. A delicate combination! 
Totally in love with the whiskey's taste and the orange sauce!"

Meik Wei Meik Wei - 45k

"I order it because of its unique name and the curiosity. 
This is good but It will be better if I order something else. Too sour for me."

Virgin Mojito - 45k

"Suits my taste!"

Ah! I would like to say this... All of the waitresses were so kind and polite. They kept asking us if we needed something and were willing to take a "good" photos of us. How they spoke and how they served us was so great and polite. I like it! I was so satisfied with their services. Thank you!  


Tik... Tok... Tik... Tok... And... The clock pointed at 10 p. m... We were already been here at 7 p. m. We didn't expect that we would spend such for a long time at here. The place's so comfortable and made you want to stay for a long or maybe until the restaurant close? Lol. 

Then... How will I rate Kunstkring?

I'll give 4/5 for their foods and drinks. 

4/5 for the affordable prices (the interior is so great!). 

5/5 for the services

Okay, guys! I'd love to close this article too! Hope you enjoy and see you in the next post!!

P.s. I'm going to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan in the next 2 days guys! See ya for the adventure!

Warm Regards from Us

"What's the dress code for Christmas?"


Merry Christmas, blogs!

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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