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Hi, blogs!

Still on holiday season! Still meeting up with my family (of course), my friends, and my relatives. Such as a tight schedule! There are a lot of people that I need to meet up! Lol. So, yesterday I just met my college friends, Anindia and Angel (Yes, We had traveled together to Pahawang Island in my previous trip) at the new hits restaurant at Jakarta, Mr.Fox. Yasss!!! Before I came back to Jakarta, I've already planned to visit here with them. It's such a must! Just by sawing on Instagram, I already felt that the restaurant had a good ambiance in its interior. Once again, Instagram! Thank you! :))

Located at central business district Jakarta on Ground floor of The energy building SCBD, Mr.Fox is a new restaurant from Ismaya Group which never fail to mesmerize us with the concept of the interior (I came for this!) And... Yasss!! It wasn't disappointed me! Was great to spend our late Christmas dinner here! It's still seasonal! 

I'm Mr. Fox! Nice to meet you!

The happiness is when knowing Mr. Fox loves you!

The Setting Table

"I love the combination of the quartz top table and the plates, 
How about you?"

Need some liquors?

Okay, guys! In this post, I'll just post some photos and write a few words. Let the photography talks about its ambiance. The photos on above were on the first floor. Let's see what's on the second floor!

Mr. Fox's family?

I guess, Yes...

Enough with the luxury modern interior, guys? 2 days ago was the majestic interior at Kunstkring and yesterday was the luxury modern interior. Hmmm... Where's the new place that I'll go on my next visit? Lol. Honestly, every time I come back to Jakarta, it keeps changing. It always has a new place, new building, or new excitement that I must go when I come back. Am I right or it's just my excuse? Lol.

However... Let's see what's their menu... 

Before I met Anin and Angel, I had met with my others college friends too. I already had late lunch with them at Lewis and Caroll (Unfortunately, there were no many pics that I could share) so I was already full. Didn't order many foods, these were what we had...

Prawn Belacan Aglio E Alio Linguine - 125k

"This is so great! 
The fettucini is so right and soft and the meat is so juicy!"

Loukoumades - 65k
Black and white Greek doughnuts, 
tape fritters, peanut butter fitters, and coffee blossom honey.

"Tape is Tapai. Tape is a traditional fermented food and a rice wine
. For me, the Tape fritters have a special taste. The others are like the ordinary taste, sweet. Honestly, the price isn't affordable for this sweets." 

Churros - 65k

"I love the Nutella sauce. Nutella. Who doesn't love Nutella?
Do you think it's affordable?"

Iced Cappuccino - 45k

"Love this Cappuccino!"

Yup, that's it blogs! Unfortunately, because I was already full so I couldn't taste many dishes at Mr.Fox. But, I'm sure I'll come back next time to try the other dishes. I love the ambiance of this restaurant and the main course! After that, I'll add and share that in this post. Hihihi. 

So, how I rate Mr. Fox? 

I'll give 4.5/5 for the ambiance of its interior design

I'll give 4/5 for the foods

I'll give 4/5 for the affordable price 
(not for some sweets. It's for the quality of the main course)

I'll give 4.5/5 for the services. The waitresses were so polite and knowing their foods. I kept asking what's this or what's on it, they explained it one by one patiently and politely. The cook was fast too. The service is great here! 

That's my quick review and photography of Mr.Fox. I hope you'll visit here. Because you'll totally in love with this. And... Tomorrow I'll travel to Bali with my best friends and I'll post it too! Please kindly check it out too! 

See you in the next post!

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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