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What is your creative thought today?
What do you want to do creatively today?
What will you produce today?
And... What will you do for people and Indonesia, blogs?

Hello, blogs! Back to my post!

Today, I want to share some excitement, especially for Lampung people! Yayyy! And coincidentally, this post will be related to my previous post "El's Coffee House" that I shared before on my blog. I've never thought and planned this, who knows this post will support the previous post or the otherwise. So co-working! Lol!

Today, I'm so excited because this is my first time in my life I attend a blogging competition. There's no thought if the writing would have competed too. I know about writing competition, but not blogging competition. This is new! The blogging competition was held by El's Coffee's owner, Elky Riswan at El's Coffee House. The blogging's material is about El's Creative Hub, a new community space which launches and open at the second floor of El's Coffee House. This post will also be interesting because El's Creative Hub is the first community co-working space that Lampung has. And... Luckily, The 34 bloggers and I are the first who are trying this new space! So, I'll share my exclusive experience and review Why you must be here and do your works at here!

What is El's Creative Hub? El's Creative Hub is a place that provides a space for the small or large community to do their works. Why should El's Creative Hub? Honestly, as a blogger sometimes I was stuck and no idea to write something at home, sometimes I need new friend or meet new people to get some inspiration, or sometimes I'd love to discuss with a friend to find the solution. I need the space beside of home. So, actually, El's Creative Hub has answered my wondering uncoincidentally. Lol. Moreover, the location of this creative space is on the second floor above the coffee shop. The coffee shop where I'm falling in love with their Mochatella. Sweet Mochatella and Sweet Red Velvet Cake which will bring more ideas to my works. Lol.

- It always a good idea, when coffee meets blogging time. -

Honestly, In Jakarta I could find many co-working spaces that I could use. But, not in here! It's rare to find the community space at Lampung, except the parks. So, I think El's Creative Hub is the first step to improve Lampung's development and maybe could be the place to solve national economic issues. Who knows?  Trying is better than do nothing, right? :) And now... In Lampung we can use the space for discussion, gathering, and co-working which doesn't lose with the others. 

Orange and Blue, Launching Event

El's Creative Hub
- From people, To people, For people -

As what the owner said in Launching event, He said that local people should think creatively to ahead the next Indonesian economic issues. The economic issue is not an easy problem that the common people can solve easily. If we talk about production in big mass or the small one, that's related to the competitive markets which are not easy to earn, even in Indonesia. Am I right? That's why we should think outside of the box, think creatively and find the creative solution which will make us unique. 

If I talk about the uniqueness, We as Indonesian people has it! We have nature, culture, and people which will support us to do more. But... The problem is, we don't have the space. The space that will support us, locals. Jakarta has it. The big city has it. And now, it's time to Lampung has it. That's why I think it's a good presence of El's Creative Hub. The hope is, Lampung people can compete for the International market too. That's why I'm really happy when I know the owner of El's Coffee help us to solve this problem! Thank you, Sir Elkana Riswan! :))

So... How is the place? Is it worthy to spend our precious time to be here? What're their facilities? Curious? Let's see blogs!

Welcome to the creative space!

Maybe this is your first step to be success blogs! 
You yes you! Or maybe Me?

Community Co-Working Space
Oh, You can bring your friends here and let's discuss!

Discussion Space
- What's your creative solution today? -

Cubicle Space
If you want to be alone and don't want to be disturbed, this space suits you!
I love how they provide 2 electric sockets. Free charge! Lol

Semi-private Meeting Room

If discussion will take a long time, this meeting room suits your community! The comfort space which is facilitated by the cool air conditioner and TV will make the discussion meets the point. Hmm...

Me Time-Space

Feeling stress or can't find the creative solution? Maybe this space that you need, blogs! You can take leisure, read a book, drink a cup of coffee while seeing how beautiful today through the window. :)

Shower Me with Your Inspiration

Even when you are stuck and need some refreshment, 
they provide shower to clean your cloudy mind. 
You can put your belongings in the locker. It's safe!

Here is my working space for today blogging competition. 
So comfy and cozy! 

Because of the rush, I couldn't order some coffee to accompany me in this post. 
Something feels incomplete! 


So, that's it blogs for my experience in this creative community space today! You should try it! You should be here! Be creative people that Indonesia could be proud of. Remember, we are more than that! We are creative local people! And... Hope this media could be a bridge that you are looking for.

And for this holiday season, I hope you have a joy that you always dream of! 
See you on the next post blogs!!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Love from the authors,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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