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- You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee. That's pretty close! -

Back to the coffee journey, after took a long wondering time! There is a time that I always miss... How I enjoyed a cup of coffee while the breeze blew my hair tenderly. Week by week pass by the hectic activities, finally I can visit the other new coffee shop in Lampung. That is Jamo coffee and kitchen. Located on Diponegoro street, this coffee shop has a tropical design which using natural lighting and air as the design concept. That's what the exact thing that I was looking for this week.  Yass!!!

Actually, the coffee shop has opened since a year ago, but they re-open again with the new interior design, menus, and system. All of the old menus have been replaced by the new one. So if you already have been here, you should try it once more. This coffee shop is good enough to be a hangout place and chill out blogs! 

- My Joy is Coffee -

Jamo coffee and kitchen has a tropical concept in its interior design. All of the space using the sun and fresh air as its natural lighting and ventilation. Even it still has the fans to support the freshness. Playing with the wood as the main material, make space feels warm, friendly, and cozy inside. Honestly, I admit this coffee shop really has a nice space to chill out with friends. So cozy! I spent almost 4 hours just for chit chat with my cousins. And... Because of the natural lighting, space is brighter and good for Instagram-able pics! Yasss!!

I love how they put and organize the plants to make it green and merge with the roof's room. The look feels friendly and cozy! And... For your information, this spot is nice to take some profile pics blogs! Lol!

For me, this coffee shop is so damn so good to hang out and chill out! Recommended! How about the menus? Here we go... My review of the foods and drinks.

Hot Cafe Latte
- I couldn't say this is the best cafe latte, not bad and not too good -

Green Tea Latte
- This green latte is sweet enough. The taste is so-so for the green tea latte. 
#youknowwhatimean -

Ice Lemon Tea
- This ice lemon tea is the best drink so far from what we order. 
This is good! -

Cafe Mocha
- Cafe Mocha is a coffee which has combined with a chocolate powder and a cinnamon. For me, this is good but not the best drink. -

Onion Ring
- The onion ring has a good taste and affordable price. It's about 15k rupiahs if I'm not wrong. Unfortunately, the serving is not hot or warm enough as it should be. 

Spaghetti Chicken Schnitzer
- Same as the onion rings, the serving is not warm enough. The sauce is so-so. The chicken is good but same as the other, it's not warm enough. Rather cold.

Black Burger
- We order this as a birthday symbolic, replaced the birthday cake. Lol. This is not bad, but not too good too. The sauce dominated the whole of burger taste. The mayonnaise one.

Overall, Jamo coffee and kitchen is a place that good to have a chit-chat with friends. Even the taste of the foods and drinks is not bad either good, but the price is affordable and suits its taste. So, I could say... Okay, it's not bad. :)) Rather than that, The space is comfy and friendly so I'd like to recommend this place for the one who is looking for a new coffee shop to relax on. 

Once again, I want to remind... All of this review is based on my taste and experience. Maybe we have different taste so this review will have a different result too. Before that, thanks for reading this post. Hope Lampung citizen or the tourist will be helpful by the information and the photography. See you in the next post!

- Thanks for the other coffee on today -

Love from the author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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