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There's a famous phrase recently... "To be happy is your decision."
So, Today I decided to be happy and for now on...

There are many ways to be happy and there are so many ways to make your happy blogs! Aren't there?

Today is Sunday... The little happiness comes to me. It started from I woke up this morning. I know today is Sunday, It makes me happy. I woke up later than yesterday, It makes me happy. It's drizzling outside, It makes me happy. The rain's smell comes into my room, It makes me happy. Enjoying a cup of coffee while listening to jazz ballad song, It makes me happy. Writing a new post while the breeze blowing my hair, It makes me happy. Sharing what makes me happy, It makes me happy. Maybe for you or somebody, It means nothing. But I decide I'm happy because of all that things. I decide to be happy Today...  Happy Sunday, blogs!

There's the other thing that could make me happy. A delicious meal and great coffee. Therefore in this post, I want to share one of my favorite coffee house in Lampung. El's coffee... I could say that El's coffee is the most famous coffee shop in Bandar Lampung. They have 5 branches in this town. I admit the coffee and food are so tasty. Yasss!! 

It took me a long time to write about this coffee house because I was collecting my review of all their menus. I kept coming back to try all of it one by one. Just for you, blogs! Lol. Besides of that, El's Coffee's menus are unique enough that made me curious to try it. First meal, delicious. Second meal, delicious. Third meal, delicious. Hmm... Then this thought's coming... "Should I try it all after that I'll write my review". Okay... Lol. The uniqueness of the menus is even the menus are Western or Asian, It was adjusted with Indonesian taste. And that taste suits well with my tongue. Perfecto! I admit I keep coming back to there until now. Even the price is above on average, but It's really affordable! Satisfied with the taste, portion, and place. 
*Just for your information, I'd prefer El's Coffee House branch... Lol

For you, the local tourist or foreigner who doesn't have many times to try all menus or eat it up here. I'd love to list the most recommended menu that you should try it here. Okay... I'm going to write accordingly with the most I loved. Yasss!!!

1. Mochatella

Mochatella is the one which made me keep coming back. I really love this! The espresso ice cube which will be melted by the milk has a strong taste. More It melts, more It's strong. With a little of chocolate taste, It makes me love this. Thanks for making mochatella, El's Coffee! It suits me well. Must try blogs!

Mochatella (45k)

2.  Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken is the second menus that I'm looking for here. Yaaa... Recently, Salted Egg Yolk is the new trends. I could find many salted egg yolk menus all over the restaurant that I visited. And in here, the taste is unique. How they fried the chicken and the salted egg yolk is a Western way, but the addition of spices and chillis made I couldn't say It's western. It's Indonesian taste which has combined with the Western menu. It's really good! It really suits my tongue well. You should try this too, blogs!

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken (59k Rupiahs)

3. Two Ways Chicken

Hungry? Starving? This big portion will fill your stomach up. Two ways chicken is the third menu that I'm looking for if I'm starving. Lol. The first chicken's taste is same as the salted egg yolk one but there's no salted egg yolk on the chicken. It's fried chicken with the additional spices and chilis on above. The second chicken is the fried chicken with the special sauce on above. Two ways Chicken means two different taste. Never bored with the chickens! 

Two Ways Chicken (59k Rupiahs)

4. Crispy Chicken Cornflake

Here we go... The other big portion blogs. The taste of crispy chicken cornflake is same as the first chicken's taste of Two ways chicken. The difference is in its rice. In this menu, the rice was steamed with garlic. That's why the rice flavor is so rich in the mouth. Savoury!

Crispy Chicken Cornflake (59k)

5. Bakwan Special (25k)

Bakwan? Yes, Bakwan. Bakwan is a common food which Indonesian people usually eat as a snack in their snack time. It could be found in many places or common areas such as in market, school, or even in the street. What makes this Bakwan special is the taste and its serving. If 3 foods on above were cooked in a Western way and have an Indonesian taste, this is the opposite. The Bakwan was cooked in Indonesian way and have an Indonesian-Western taste. The Bakwan is so crispy and is served with the sauces, sesame seeds, and leek slices on above. This is so recommended blogs! Especially as the appetizer before we eat. 

Bakwan Special (25k)

6. Gyudon 

Gyudon? Yesss... As you may know, it's Japanese food. Japanese food which has combined with Indonesian taste. Not like usual original beef rice bowl, this Gyudon is sweeter and dewier. I thought the black soybeans ketchup which made it sweeter. It suits me well :) 

Gyudon (59k)

7. Red Velvet Cake

It's hard to find pastry in Bandar Lampung blogs! Or rather than say that, I'd like to say it's hard to find pastry which has a delicious taste and has many variants like in Jakarta. Hard doesn't mean there is no. Fortunately, if I was craving for the cake or pastry, I'd eat this Red Velvet Cake. The taste is not bad, it's good enough. The cheese is not too salty or sweet and didn't cause nauseated feels. This is the best cake I've ever eaten in Bandar Lampung (for now). 

Red Velvet

8. Matcha Green Tea Frappe

Matcha Green Tea Frappe! This is what I'll look for if I can't drink coffee at that time. This is my second choice drink that I'll drink after Mochatella. The taste is good, not too sweet neither flat. This is so good blogs!

Matcha Green Tea Frappe (35k)

9. Affogato Vanilla

Feel bitter today? Thought the bitter sense of coffee is not right at this time? Ice cream, please! Yasss.. Affogato Vanilla will make your day better with its ice cream. The vanilla ice cream and espresso make a perfect combination in the mouth. Yasss!! I don't know if my idea is good or not, but I wish the affogato vanilla had a bigger size. I don't know if it's still in good composition or not. But I wish I had more! 

Affogato Vanilla (30k)

10. Green Tea Parfait

Green Tea! Yasss.. For green tea lover like me, you should try this green tea parfait at here blogs! The green tea ice cream is so damn so good! This is so delicious! But sorry to say, I think this parfait is quite expensive for me. I just gonna eat this if I crave, not a first menu that I'll order when I come here. But still, this is recommended! You should try :))

Green Tea Parfait (39k)

Okay... So, that's it blogs! My 10 things to eat if I go to El's Coffee House. Those are my favorite and my reviews about them!

So, what's your favorite? What will you try? And...

I curious, what will make you happy today! :))

Have a nice day blogs! And... See you in the next post!

Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi  

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