by - October 22, 2017

Wondering and philosophizing while looking at the blue sky are my favorite things to do. Maybe because of the good me time that I've had recently. Not the recent of wondering, but the recent of the time. Since I was a child, I kept wondering how the world would like and philosophize it to myself. It's like I have the double voice in my head and do some Q&A on my mind. Lol. Sometimes I've got the answer, in the other time I couldn't find it at that time, but find it now. That curiosity which makes me interested and keeps doing it. This is the part of me that I'd love to share on my blog.

The Philosophy is not easy to be accepted by everyone. Everyone has their own mind that could be different or be influenced by their environment and the ages. That's why... This subject is developing time by time, even be replaced by the times. And... I believe the philosophy which has remained and been spoken up is the world's major voice. The major voice which are I, You, or They even know the exact reality and the true-false. Isn't it?

This afternoon after looking up to the sky, this word comes to my mind. The word which led me to take the courage to write in this post. IDEAL

Ideal. Idealism.

What's ideal? 

The Ideal is 1. a conception of something in its perfection 2. A standard of perfection or excellence. (dictionary)

What's idealism?

The idealism is 1. the cherishing or pursuit of high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc. 2. Something idealized; an ideal representation. In philosophy, The idealism is 1. Any system or theory that maintains that the real is of the nature of thought or that the object of external perception consists of ideas. 2. The tendency to represent things in an ideal form, or as they might or should be rather than as they are with emphasis on values. (dictionary)

If we look up there, the meaning of the ideal contains 2 things that unmeasurable. Perfection and excellence. What's the perfection? What's the excellence? How much/ many it must be accomplished to be called as the perfection or excellence? If you are the one who settles the standard that means it's your ideal. If the major voice who settles the standard that means the world's ideal. The next question is, how high the standard to be called as the perfection? High for me, not high for the other or the otherwise. 

Sometimes, I confuse with those 2 things and ask myself which one I should follow. Until that confusion brings me to the point that I ask myself. I ask myself that if I know the world's ideal. What's the world's ideal? Or what's the standard? Not because I didn't know it, but there are too many standards. The standard that sometimes not suit my idealism or hurt me physically. What made me kept believing their idealism a while ago is because I didn't know the one which did that. So, that's why... From now on, I just want to believe my idealism. If mine is in the major voice, it means we on the same boat. If not, it doesn't bother me as well. Because everyone has their own thought which is so different. If there are DNA or genetic same precisely in 2 different persons, please tell me. 

Back to the topic. What's my 'ideal'? Okay... I already knew my standard and I could write how I would get it and I knew I would get it, that's a plan, not ideal. If "That's how supposed to be, What supposed to be" words come to mind, that's the ideal!

My idealism is living peacefully by the equality of gender and status and no crimes. Living with the kindness and there's no the situation that I blame the evil. Living like... Open the windows in the morning, enjoy the hot chocolate, and sharing the laughter with people that I loved.

This my idealism, What's yours? 

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