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They said a family was started and formed at the dining table. The family by the heart. The family which starts with a little daily conversation at the dining table.

Hi, blogs!

In this post, I want to share a short review about a cafe where I went last time. A new western cafe which was located in Engal area, Bandar Lampung. If you look for the western menus, you should go here. The taste of menus is so delicious which makes the pricey price turns out worthed. The interior design of the cafe is ordinary as the other cafe. So, I thought if this cafe was in the crowd, that must be because of the menus! :) Yummy... That's why this post is a short review because I'll just share about the menus and the place. Sure, I'll make it quick and clear!

Classic Interior

Outdoor Area

Hot Macchiato

It seemed weird for me if I went to the cafe but not taste their coffee. It's like something off! So, I ordered a hot macchiato, my favorite one! Yasss my favorite coffee, but sorry to say this coffee is not my favorite. Good, but not too good. It's so-so for me. :))

Earl Grey Milk Tea

This Earl Grey Milk Tea is one of the specialties in The Corner. Yasss! I admit that! The milk tea is so tasty and not too sweet, just right! The earl grey tea was made into the ice cube, then we pour the cold milk into it. Wuuuu... So refreshing in the hot sunny day!

Taro Frappe

The Taro Frappe is so damn good too! The taro is so taro, but not too sweet or left the taro's remains on the tongue. Really love it!

Tiramisu Frappe

Thought, Tiramisu Frappe would be so damn good too, but not too good as Taro Frappe. I'd prefer Taro to Tiramisu Frappe. This is good. But, my expectation was higher than the reality :') Still okay though

Aglio Olio Pasta

I'd like to say "Eureuka", while I ate this! After went around some cafe or restaurant, I couldn't find the one which had the right taste that I wanted for the pasta. It's so delicious and the 'western taste' was on it! I'll come back to The Corner again just for their pasta! :)) 

Smore's Waffle

Was opened by Hot Macchiato, A cold dessert should be perfect to close my eating time. That's why we ordered Smore's Waffle. The waffle is delicious, the sugar was on the right taste too! I'd love to recommend this waffle to you if you go here, blogs! 


Okay, blogs! That's it my short review for The Corner.

 Will I eat at here again? Yaaa... I'd love to. I'll absolutely come here again to try the other interesting menus, even the price is a bit pricey.

How's pricey? Hmmm... The Smore's Waffle is about 40k Rupiahs, excluding tax and service. What do you think?

How should I rateThe Corner? 3,5/5

Thanks for reading this short review! See yaaa on the next culinary series post, blogs!

Love from The Author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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