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Another cafe, another cafe, yes the other cafe, please! 

Established since 2014, it means Liep's Cafe has opened since 3 years ago. But, I just have this chance right now. Lol. Even 3 years apart, this cafe is still so far so good to hang out and chit-chat with a friend. Love this place! And... I'd like to share 3 reasons why you must go to Liep's!

1. Spacious Space and Its Ambiance

Liep's cafe has spacious rooms that can provide about up 50 persons but doesn't have given any crowded or narrow impression. It's so spacious! And... What makes the space's so interesting is the split-level eating area. I could see the different things in each spot, so my eyes wouldn't bored. The materials were played and explored so we could see the exploration of space.

The dialogue between Woods, Metals, and Natural Lighting

Cozy Outdoor

2. Natural Lighting 

I couldn't deny it. If I hang out to the cafe, besides of the coffee or foods I will always find a good spot to take some photos. And... Natural lighting is the most I want and need. It's very helpful in photography. And... This cafe has it! The spaces are surrounded by the natural lighting which emerges through the glass doors. So, it's so good to take more profile picture. Lol.

3. The Food and Drink

Okay... Why its food and drink is at number 3, not number 1? I wouldn't say the foods or drinks are not delicious or tasty. But, I would say some of the drinks are good and some are so-so. I'd love to say it honestly, so you could try the other menu or taste the same taste as me. Lol. And... Why the food and drink are on the list? Because of the variety!! Same as it said on its logo. The menus are western and eastern foods. From Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, America, etc. Liep's has it! And.. It comes out many variations too. From the appetizer, main course, and dessert! The price is not pricey too. So affordable! You should come to here, blogs!

In here... I'd love to order this...

Coffee Jelly, Chocolate Frappe, and Matcha Frappe

Okay... Before I start, I'd love to say all of this reviews are based on my own experiences and taste. It could be different or same with yours (i love it). But, I'm still going to write my review honestly. Hmmm.. For me, Chocolate and Matcha Frappe are tasty. The sweet is suit me well and it suits me well. Was not going well with the coffee jelly. Taste of the coffee jelly is like sweet watery-coffee for me. Not recommend this one! I wouldn't say it was so bad, but it's not worthy. It would be better if you try something else, right?

Tuna Jalapeno Pizza for Snack Time

This pizza was so damn so good! Tuna suited well with Jalapeno and Mozzarella made it perfect! I would recommend this for snack time with your friends. Lol. The price is not expensive too. It's 50k rupiahs for the large portion (8 slices). So affordable! Yasss!!

Okay blogs, that delicious pizza is going to close my writing for this post. In this post, I'd love to not write many words or review it. Let the photography does. It's quite satisfying. Isn't it? 

Liep's Cafe Location

Oops! Before I really end it, I just remember something when I upload my photo! Look on my outfit! I wore a casual outfit and the sandals, simple. What I don't get it. Most of the people at this cafe wore a formal outfit, even a long dress! Then I thought, Was I wearing the wrong costume?

But you know what, Fashion never mention it...

Love from The Author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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