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Hopping the islands in Lampung was never enough if only was spent on one day. Day 2 was a must! Not less adventurous than day 1, day 2 was more thrilling. Everything began when I woke up at 6 in the morning and opened the doors. Breathed the fresh air, heard the wave's sound, and saw the children were playing and laughing on the beach were great moments that I got on my first schedule. The moments that I couldn't enjoy when I was in the city. Thought, I need something just like this once in 4 months. :)) 

Too early to take a shower and too good to skip the snorkeling time, but it's not too cold and fresh to feel the deep sea. Our first snorkeling's spot on day 2 was near at our homestay, Pahawang. Good for tasting the water in the morning, but in this our first spot is not too good for snorkeling. There were so many people who snorkeled at that time. I felt like I was at the swimming pool. Honestly, the spot is not too good too. There were just a few of fishes and just name sculptures of Pahawang. I don't recommend this spot to snorkel. That's why there's no photo on this spot. I'm sorry :)) So, let's move to the next spot!

1. Cukuh Bedil

Needed more excitement than yesterday, we asked the best spot to snorkel. Then, the guide took us to this spot, Cukul Bedil. I admit this spot is the best spot ever for snorkeling in this trip! The sea was so clear and deep. Even we could saw the coral reefs and many fishes clearly from the ship. We could see everything from above. At that time, I just wanted to dive in immediately. So impatience! Until... We could spot the local was on a kayak! We were getting more excited. Felt it's just not enough with 'only' snorkeling, we wanted the kayak too! Lol. So we lent it. Yasss!!

Just for two, in the middle of nowhere!

Two seats, one paddle. Weird? Yas, that's why we only used it only for having fun and took some photos. Some? Of course a lot! This kayak was so cute and it's getting more thrilling when it moved. We must keep our balance if we didn't want to fall, remembered it just had one paddle. Lol.

Kayak, Kayak, Kayak!

Really love this photo in the first time, but it's kinda annoying if I zoom in this photo. Spot anyone? Spot Anin? Her face was like envy while I was on the kayak. "Waited your turn nin!" Lol.

Under The Sea

Yass.. This is what I'm talking about! There were so many fishes. Coincidentally, this fish's type was a lot at that time. So, mostly the captured photo had shown a lot of this fish. Even actually, there were many types of fish under the deep blue sea. From the blue one, the white one, and the red one. Even I found the dory!

The fishes were looking for me!

The fishes were looking for me! I don't know why. When I went into the sea, this kind of fishes was like 'kiss' or 'eat' my arms and legs. It was like they really loved and missed me or thought I was their food. It's between I was a mermaid or fish's food. Lol. Whatever their thoughts, I really loved them. It felt like I united with the sea nature and universe. Lol.  Aren't they cute? :)

Were we on the sea or at the fish massage therapy? Lol. They ate our feets!

Anin and Her friends.

Anin and her friends. Anin and her habitat. Anin and her comfort zone. Anin looked so happy. Anin felt happy under the beneath of sun. Anin was happy. And I felt so happy while I looked on this photo. Because Anin looked so happy! :)) Let's travel again!

Under The Deep Blue Sea

There's a story behind the photo. There's something behind the story. I'd love to share that something behind of this photo with you, blogs. It's not easy to take this photo. It needed a courage. 

In this photo, we couldn't spot the life jacket right? Why? Because, until that moment I just have realized that actually, I could swim! What a fool am I for this long time! On day 1, I was so afraid to dive in and kept having the life jacket on me. I played safely, rather than took a risk. On day 1, I couldn't take a few of photos under the sea because I couldn't take off the jacket. So sad! On our last day of snorkeling, the guide asked 4 of us to take some videos under the sea. Didn't want to make my friends disappointed, I collected my courage to take off the jacket to save this memorable moment. What a fool of me! After I took of it, I was floating! I just knew at that time! I could swim! Lol! What a shame! Then, we laugh together! Such as memorable! Now I'm not afraid anymore with the sea. I'm ready to explore the underwater more and more!

I've heard this quote before, " You will never know that you are a bird or a chicken if you never try to fly. So who are you? " This is so true! This quote is quite influencing me while I'm going to take a decision. If you are not brave enough to take a step, you won't know what road will take you. That will make you stuck in your place right now, or I could call it as 'comfort zone'?  Know that, it's not easy to collect the courage and make the decision that will change a whole life. That's why you need a right person who will always beside you and make you brave enough. Why need a person? It's like there's no trigger if you're alone, right? Everything that around you less or more has influenced your life. Why a right person? Because when it's the wrong person, he or she wouldn't be able to accompany you. Depends on that person? Of course not. She just the one who 'gives', and you're the only one who decides to take. It's like me. I believe I couldn't swim and I don't want to take a risk. Until my swimmer friends said that they would hold me and I thought this was the last time. That's it... I'm a bird no a chicken! :)) So who are you? I hope you will find your identity and the right person. 

2. Big Kelagian Island // Pulau Kelagian Besar

Had snorkeled for 4 hours on that 2 spots was our last snorkeling time. Last snorkeling but not the last schedule. There were still 2 islands that we would explore. One of both was Big Kelagian Island. It's different from Kelagian Lunik, this was the bigger island around that. 

Pulau Kelagian Besar

It's crowded at that time. Bigger and crowder. Kelagian besar was good, but just good no more or less. It's just ordinary island. But, there was one attraction where we could get a good picture on there. The attraction was a swing. Have known the famous swing at Gili? Never go there? This swing was no bad laa. Looked alike! Lol.

3. Mahitam Island // Pulau Mahitam

Didn't want to skip our last island, Mahitam island. We moved to the next spot immediately after took some photos at Kelagian. Lol. If you know what I mean... I don't like the crowd. Nay! Here we go, Mahitam Island! My favorite island in this trip! Wuhu...

Mahitam Island from Far

So excited when looked this island from far. So tropical! Don't you agree? Coincidentally, when we went to the island, there were not many people. It's like a desert island in the movie or the game 'sims castaway'. Clearwater, white sand, and coconut trees. Wuhuuu... The uniqueness of this spot is the sand connector between the islands. I felt we crossed the sea which divides into two. Mahitam island is connected to the other unknown island. We can access the path only at low tide time. The path will be disappeared when it's an up tide time. Unfortunately or fortunately, the half of the path already filled by the sea water when we were there. We arrived at 2.30 p.m.,. , so it made sense. They said, the path would be filled and disappeared at 4p.m. The depth of the sea was not jokes. We only could play at the shore, not the sea. Because we couldn't know the exact depth of each spot. Except, you could swim! Ahh I forgot, I can swim! Hihihi.

Tropical Island in Indonesia
I'm proud to be Indonesian

There's No Ending
- There's no ending, even we die -

Go to the somewhere that you loved, every road will bring you.

Last Wefie on our last island's schedule

Testimony from us, this trip was so exciting and thrilling! Spoil our eyes, freshen our breath, please our ears, thrilling our hearts, and give the memorable moment. This trip is suitable for someone who needs a sweet escape. Short in time but it's worthed! 

Last but not least... Back to ship... Let's get some culinary before my friends go back to Jakarta on day 3! See you on the day 3 post! Ready to droll! 

Since when I loved traveling?
Since I was amazed by God's creature

How about you?

Love from The Author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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