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Hello, blogs!

Love from Lampung! 

My lovely country is never failing to make me mesmerized by its beauty, Indonesia. For this time, I  had a chance to explore more its beauty because of the unexpected coming of my friends. Wuhuuu. Actually, I already knew about their coming. But every thing was planned so fast, that's why I called it unexpected coming. Yayy. Due the national holiday, they decided to spend their holiday by hopping Lampung islands. Why Lampung? The first ideas were simple. Snorkeling, underwater activities, and me. So, the result was Lampung islands. Easy! Lol. Thanks friends, just by your decision I could manage to explore the other islands of Indonesia. Yayy.. In this post, I'd love to share the excitement and the nonmainstream beauty to you... From Lampung! 

Beauty seekers, let's move closer! Here we go, our  Day 1. 

Dermaga Ketapang 4, Our Meeting Point

We decided to use local travel service on this trip because of the busy schedule that we wanted and planned. We wanted to hop the islands and snorkeling in many spots which didn't waste the time. We. That's why we thought 2D1N trip was the best choice for our trip that saved our time by staying on their homestay. This trip was a private trip that I could call it as 'lux-private trip' because of the lack of persons who came along :') It's like we booked a ship with capacity 15 persons just for us. If only... If only there are more persons, it would be cheaper though :') Cheaper... Cheaper.. Cheaper... Forget that money though! *Slap. Lol. Forget it blogs, I'm just kidding.

The meeting point was at Dermaga Ketapang 4, Lampung. It was located in the south shore area, but near by the city. It just took about 30 minutes from Teluk Betung (city) to there. Near-Far. There's no public transportation such as public bus or taxi to get there. So, it's better if you already plan what will you get on to there. 

Before I continue my story, let me introduce you my friends. From the left, Ricky (Angel's boyfriend), Angel, and Anin. They are my college-friends who turn into one of the best my life-friends. :)) Okay! Now, Let's sailing!

We-fie is never going wrong!
When our skin was still fair. The burning one is coming soon!

Our Ship

This is our ship. Yass... It's big enough for 4 persons.Our first schedule is snorkeling at Pahawang and its nemo's park. Before that, we checked in at our homestay which base in Pahawang island first, then had a lunch. Our homestay is a quite traditional style home. Made from wood, natural ventilation, and of course, It's Lampung-style. I satisfied enough with the homestay. There were just a few mosquitoes and insects. That's not like what I heard and read on media social which said they were on the squad and annoyed a lot. Hmm.. No... Or... Maybe, my mosquito lotion worked so well that there's no one had bit me. I used Sofell-orange flavor anyway. Lol.

Our Homestay

Feed Up


This was me before I gave up to be drowned.

It's hard to get this photo position because I couldn't dive in fact. They (the local guides) gave a big effort to me just to get this shot. Lol. I really love the beach and underwater activities. I always want to learn diving, but it's hard for me to find the right time. :') Plus, the hecticness as the city-person already has killed my time recently. Hope in my next trip, I already could dive! That's my next goal though! Yassss!

Pahawang, Our first spot

They called it Nemo's Park. Where is Dory's Park? I want to find Dory.
How poor is she right? :')

I really really envy with this girl. She is like an aquatic girl? Underwater girl? Mermaid girl? She just needs her swimming glasses and a deep breath, done! There she got! She got the nemos! Envy! I saw them too, but I couldn't have a chance to take a photo with the nemos! :') That's why I decided to find out Dory. See ya, Nemo! However...

The water is so clear. What the camera took was same as what we saw. Clear! We could play with the fishes too! Even, there's a time that the fishes thought maybe I was their food. They swarmed me and 'poke' me? Lol. Of course, I got very very little scars! But, they're so cute!! So, I don't mind! Lol


Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul. Pasir in Indonesian means sands. Timbul in Indonesian means surface or float to the surface. As mean as its name, some part of the islands has the sands which float to the surface. When we saw the butt end of the sand, it's endlessly the sea. It made us as if walk in between the sea. So beautiful! 

Walk to the sea as if we don't fear anything

Besides of the sands, the sea water was so amazing too! The water is so clear so I could see the sea creatures in the near shore. And... This spot gave us the island's vibes that made us so energetic and excited on this trip. Wuhuu. Thanks to Mas Mamat (our guide, our guardian, our photographer), the photos were so great. Hihihi. 

Enough with the photos, let's get the water sport!

What's your water sport? Me? Besides of snorkeling, diving, and banana boats, I had never tried some. So, this is my first time. . The donut! What is it? It's kinda a balloon-boat which has the same look as a donut. It can take 4 persons on it. How to play? In the front of this donut, there's speed boat which will pull it at full speed to the ocean. Full speed! Better strengthen your grip or you'll be thrown away so far-far away. Lol. 

The craziest thing ever in this scene was when Mas Mamat used my camera (Sony alpha 6000 which is mirrorless and not seawater proof, even waterproof!) to take photos on us. You know what? At that time I wasn't afraid if I had thrown away from the boat, I was just praying for the safety of my camera :') Oh Mas Mamat! Please don't do that again! But, thank you for this shot. Love this!


After snorkeled and played around more than 5 hours (12 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.), It was time to chase the sunset. Therefore, Mas Mamat took us to the other island which had the best view to look the sunset (we should consider the west). It wouldn't be a perfect beach holiday if we couldn't get the great sunset, right? Here we go, Kelagian Lunik Island!

Before The Sun Goes Down

Kelagian Lunik Island

The Sunset

Lucky enough that we arrived at the right time at this island. We still could chase the sunset before it was going down. The clear skies made a clear sunset's look. The sunlight made the shade of its light perfectly on the clear water. This is so island's vibes. You know what? There's nothing better in this moment. 

Be Grateful

I found this as a dramatic shot, that's why I want to post it. That was me in this photo. I don't know why I posed like that at that time, but somehow I love this photo. What do you think? This photo was taken by my friend, Anin. Yass, she used some setting to make it looked great. What setting did she use? Hmm... Just the white balance guys! Yaa, I admit that she's quite talented photographer. For me, she has a unique angle which has some emotions. She's into it! (Nin, you should give me treats after this. I made you good in this post. Lol. Just kidding, you're really good.) Almost all of the photos of me was taken by her. So, it's so fortunate to have a friend like here, especially when it's traveling. I could have some great photos of me which I could make it as my new profile picture or post it to Instagram. Lol.

And... Like this too...

Is it great? Do you envy? Contact her. Lol

Chased the sunset was our last schedule on this trip. Close the day and open the night with the beautiful sunset was a great moment ever. Sometimes, something just like this was priceless and unforgettable. That's how life should be... After chased the sunset, we sailed back to our homestay and had a barbeque dinner. Every thing was so far so great on day 1. Let's go sailing again in the next post! :)

I was burnt

Besides of the great memories and experiences, that was what you would get after played for 6 hours. Burnt! You know what? Actually, my skin (fair skin) was as white as that sand's color before. Lol. I'm just kidding. But, I was totally burnt. Sunblock didn't kill it. :') Honestly, until now I'm still burnt and I just don't know how to make my actual skin back. Just FYI, I'm not good if I'm tanned. Not good! That's not really good! Aaaaaaaaaaa..........

A beauty little beach trace, blogs!

That's it, blogs! My day 1 Hopping Lampung's Islands. Hope this post will some information or ideas for you who want to take some holiday or spend your weekend time. And... Hope you enjoy it! See you in the next post with more excitement on day 2. Let's go sailing in the next post, blogs! Thank you...

To express my feeling and gratitude here is it my shot which is not less good as Anin's shot! See ya!

Love from Lampung's Sunset


Love from The Author,

Cindy Tjahjadi

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