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Having a holiday at Lampung won't complete without doing culinary things. Even Lampung doesn't have any specific food, but Lampung has a taste that you won't find it on anywhere else. You just can taste this at Lampung! Yaaa... Should I call it Lampung taste? Lol.

Had accompanied my friends on their last day trip ( day 3 ) at Lampung, They asked me for the best recommendation food to eat at here. Even I only have been here for 5 months, I convinced with this 5 foods by its taste that I've never found it at Jakarta. Thought, my friends agree with this. Right my friends? Lol. 

Here we are, 
5 things that you must eat or drink if you only have 8 hours at Lampung!!

1. Padang Foods at Begadang Restaurant

It seems a common if we talked about Padang foods. We can find Padang foods anywhere easily. But not the taste! In Begadang restaurant, we can have their specialty menu. Those are ' Ayam Pop ' and ' Ayam Telur ' which I recommend as one of 5 you must eat at Lampung. How should I describe it? It's difficult to describe the taste, but I'm totally into it! You just should try! Lol. 

What is Ayam Pop? Ayam Pop is a chicken which was smeared by coconut milk and was fried dry. Yummy...  Then, what is Ayam Telur? Ayam Telur is a chicken was smeared by eggs and was fried. Yummy... Which one you'd prefer? Yummy...

Padang is always a good companion for me

Begadang Restaurant's Location

2. Pempek 88

Pempek... Pempek is a food which has known well as Palembang's specialty food. So, why must Lampung not Palembang? The first reason is I'm at Lampung now. Lol. The second reason is... Sorry to say, I'd prefer Lampung's Pempek to Palembang. And... Sorry to say, it depends on taste and preference. And I'll recommend Pempek 88 as the best Pempek for me at Lampung. I've already been at Palembang before, but Pempek 88 is still the one which suits me well. 

Pempek 88 is known as ' Pempek Ikan Belida '. They wouldn't sell Pempek if Ikan Belida sold out or not in the market. They keep the consistency of the taste. That consistency what made the price is quite high. But, won't make you disappointed you by its taste. :)) So, will you try?

Pempek 88

Pempek 88's Location

3. Bakmi Asang

As we can see on foodie apps rate, Bakmi Asang has 4,5/5 stars for its taste. After saw that, we decided to taste this place. They have Bakmi, Bihun, Kwetiau, Locupan, and Pangsit. For me, Bakmi Asang is a good place to have a breakfast. The portion is not too big, so it suits the breakfast well. Honestly, the taste is so-so. I couldn't say wow neither bad. But, I'll recommend this because while I said so-so, my friends said tasty. So, it's still okay to try this restaurant and recommend it! Maybe our tastebud is different? Lol.

Bakmi Asang

Bakmi Asang's Location


El's Coffee is a well-known cafe at Lampung. El's coffee has many branches. But, I'll recommend you to go to El's Coffee House at Teluk Betung, remembered it's their base. It means the menu is complete and you can try everything from the main course, coffee, and dessert. Nyummy... 

Every place always has their specialty. And... El's coffee has that. There's coffee which made me fall in love and keep coming back.  That is Mochatella. What is Mochatella? Mochatella is a coffee which has a unique serving. The coffee is formed into an ice cube and serves with the milk and chocolate.  The taste is so unique! And... The strength of coffee will be taste more along with the melting. So... So... Good! I really love this recipe! Lol.


El's Coffee House's Location


As may you know, Nasi Bakar is a common food too in Indonesia. We can find it anywhere easily. So, what is Nasi Bakar? Nasi means rice in English. Bakar means grilled in English. Grilled rice? Yaaa.. But we grilled it on the fire charcoal. So, what's the difference LG's Nasi Bakar with the others? It's on their seasoning and the vegetable which make a good flavor. The price is quite high for me, but it's worthed because the portion is big enough. 

Nasi Bakar Empal

Nasi Bakar LG's Location

So, that is it... My recommendation for what you must eat at Lampung if you only have 8 hours to do culinary things. Rather than confuse to choose what to eat, it's better to eat on this 5 place! Like my friends. Lol. They really love it! That's why I write this post, to make you feel and taste the same as like them. :)) Yuhuu... 

See you on the next post blogs! 

Love from The Author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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