by - May 27, 2017

Hi blogs! Back to beauty corner!

So, in this post i'd like to share my review for COSRX Serum. Entering 24 years old (i'm still 23, still young. lol ), i feel my skin's structure has changed. I feel every moments i see my face on mirror, feel my skin is aging. Hiks. . No no no, say no to aging! That's why, now i'm trying to restrain the aging by using serum. I've never used serum before, thought that a cause for this old and gloomy skin face. Hiks!

Considering my face skin is an acne skin, i'd like to choose a brand which expert on the acne field. Based on my research, COSRX is one of the Asia brand which has good reputation on this field. A reviews and comments from the other users also give a good responses, that's why i decided to try this! Before i writhe this review, i already used this for about 2 months. . And now, here we are. . The review and the comment. .

Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence by COSRX

So, this is a snail power essence. This Advanced Snail Gel Lotions is protects skin from moisture loss and keep skin smooth, and healthy without the use of heavy oils. - The black border said. 

Yasss! That's exactly same as words as the result which i got and felt. This serum keep my skin smooth. Not only smooth, but also improving the smoothness and the freshness. And. . It's totally good for my acne skin (I'm Indonesian who lived on tropical climate), because it's indeed not using a heavy oils to solve this aging problem. My oils is still on control. Moreover, it also prevent my acne to appear on the surface. I don't know how. but, that's how the serum working. . You know, it's like a new smart way for oil issue. It's not forever A to A for a problem solving. I really love this serum!! 

Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence by COSRX

Yes, this serum is Korean skincare product. Thought this brand still match with Indonesian skin face. This serum has a gel structure which is same as snail's mucus. Tender, springy, but not sticky. Moreover, this serum isn't smell bad. And. .  Since it's a snail gel, one pump is enough to cover a whole face. That's what i like! So saving! Lol. Considering the price is around 200k Rupiahs and i just used a half of it after around 2 months, it's so worthy. 

Snail Gel

After all of this, now i'm considering to try all of their skincare product. Can't wait to see my skin face become better and better. And, i hope there's no acne, even one or a pimple dare to appear on the surface. Yass!! Hmm. . So, how should i rate this product? I'll give this serum 4.5/5 for its power to regain and improve my skin face. I really love this serum and i think i'll continue to continue using this without trying the others (betray is not my thing. lol) . 

So, that's it. . My review and comment for Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence by COSRX. Thanks for reading this post. Hope you have enjoyed this intermezzo corner. And. . See you on the next beauty post. . :))

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