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It's been a while, Jakarta!

Yes, it's been a while. . to see the other face of Jakarta. 

As a citizen who's living in this metropolis, I proudly present the other face of Jakarta through my lens. RPTRA Kalijodo is one of the acupuncture points which has planned to restore the green area at Jakarta. Kalijodo used to be a red line district before and now the government has conjured from the red one to the green one. Yass!! :)
Don't you know, Kalijodo had its own tale? My mom has told me because she was from that era. Lol. Kalijodo is a combined words from 'Kali' (Canal) and Jodo (Fate). It sounds like "Meet me at the canal." Of course, it's only for lovebirds who are falling in love at the first sight. Lol. You know, it's kinda a nostalgic relationship way that I've watched on TV. Hahaha. And. . What i imagined after heard that story was. . Wow, there would have a big amount of people who waited there and just how they looked for each others at this long canal area?? Only God and them who knew that. Lol. If only I didn't use my phone, sure it was hard enough for me to looked for my friend. It's unfortunately a nostalgic sweet tale turned into a red line district, AND. . It's fortunately the red line now has turned into the green line! Yass!!

Let's see the changing. .!

The Green Line 

A New Face 

Of course, 'The Changing Color' brings out some critics and perspectives which is not everyone has agreed with this changing. A big changing always has pro and contra. That's how democratic works, right? And. . This green line is the final result. How's your opinion? Me? I thought this decision will make Jakarta becomes more livable for us, the citizen. :)

Kinda Weekend 
- When the sky is blue. When the sunlight is not too bright. When the weather is good enough to take a walk. . is a kinda weekend. . -

Grid Architecture
- When the people are the subject, that's when the architecture works. -

Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak (RPTRA) Kalijodo 
Child-friendly Integrated Public Space

- Who's the biggest role to change the world? A Children. -
- If your plan is for a year, plant rice. If your plan is for a decade, plant trees. If your plan is for a hundred years, educate children.- Confucius -

At this public area, there are so many activities that you could do. From sports activities, artsy activities, to playful activities. Just do what you loved or hobby at here. It has a bicycle rental, small 'becak' rental, even a cycle for 4 people! Even I'd love to bring out my narcissism to take pics at the beautiful murals. To been here, it has brought a positive energy. Positive energy which I got by saw a big smile from the children, healthy activities, and friendly communal space. It's so live!! 

The People

Murals by Bomber Artist

Kalijodo's Mural
- One touch, Big Effect -

(ps. this spot is good to take a profile pic. Trust me! Lol)

Spotted the Author at Kalijodo's Mural

After has been there and experienced by my own, here is it my perspective and words for Jakarta. 

"Mau digusur atau digeser, tidak perlu khawatir. Yang namanya jodoh pasti akan bertemu. Ini semua hanya masalah timing saja kok. . Yang terpenting adalah masyarakat Jakarta sendiri. Ya kan? :)) .
Kali kali juga aja, nemu jodoh halal nya di ruang publik ini juga kan yaaa. . Didoakan! "

Yass! That words are going to close my sharing-experience, story, and how I perceived this area on this post. Have you been here? How's your opinion? Share your thoughts here! And.. 

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See you in the next experience on the next post!

See ya!
Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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