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In this corner, i'd like to share a review about beauty skincare or makeup which i use currently. This corner's purpose is to share the result and comment after using up the products. I'm Asian and live in Indonesia which is tropical country. I have such an oily skin face. Remembered, i've had it since i was in my college. It was started by unhealthy habit that i did carelessly. Drank too much coffee, slept over time, skip the beauty sleep hour, faced-off the sunlight and pollution, and forgot to wash my face sometimes (they didn't have any micellar water before) have made my face has an acnes. Oh gosh, i hate it so much! Please forgive me, my skin! That's why, now i super consider the best thing for my healthy skin and makeup.

I think, it'll be good if i use the products which was made by the Asian brand or suitable for the Asian skin. Considering the different climate, seasons, and area where we live, right? Thought, the pros of this field already have considered about that issues. That's why, mostly i use the Asian brands. It doesn't seem i don't like the other brands, but i'll consider and choose them based on my face's texture. Yass!! Okay, now let's start with the micellar water which i've used up! :)

1. Loreal Micellar Water

So. . I've used up Loreal Micellar Water for sensitive skin. And. .My comments after used up are. . 
1. This micellar water is good enough for my skin, it's so refreshing.
2. The hole of the bottle is too big to spit out the water
3. Using it for my daily routine cleansing, it run out after around a month
4. If i was on my full make up, it needed 2 cotton pad to cleanse my face (app. amount)
5. The price is affordable, around 100k rupiahs.
6. Reduce my acnes and pores

My rate for this product is 3.3/5

2. Garnier Micellar Water

Here we are, the second product. . I've used up  Garnier Micellar Water for oily skin and pustulate. And. .My comments after used up are. .

1. The micellar water is good enough to my skin, it's so refreshing
2. Using it for my daily routine cleasing, it run out after a month
3. I used 1 cotton pad for cleansing my full make up
4. The price is so affordable, it's around 30k rupiahs
5. Easy to find out, mostly at convenience store. 
6. Reduce my acnes and pores

My rate for this product is 3.8/5

Comparing the micellar water by Loreal and Garnier, i'd prefer to Garnier than Loreal after used them up. Same functions and benefits, but Garnier is cheaper than Loreal. That's why i will keep using Garnier Micellar Water up. It really reduced my acnes and pores. It suit me well, so why i must choose the more expensive one. :)) Yasss!!

So, that's my review and comments about those micellar waters. The result is depend on the skin. If you have same skin's character which i've mentioned above, you should try it blogs! :)) Have the other great micellar water? Share yours! 

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