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Hi Blogs!

Back to my post! Nice to blog a new post on this weekend. Yass! The other weekend is coming, happy weekend blogs! Recent days, i'd love to listen "Winter" album song by Akdong Musician. The songs is kinda cheerful and fun and has made my day for almost everyday. Yayy!! Talking about winter, actually i already miss spring! It's almost at the end of March, but it's still a rainy day at Jakarta. Moreover, i saw on my friends's instastory which has showed that NYC and Japan were still snowing. It's weird, isn't it?  

Missing a spring day! Spring day for me is morelike, drink a cup of tea while read a book in the glass house that was fulled by flowers. What a beautiful imagination! Lol. Attracted by instagram acc named 'Living with LOF' which looks same as my spring imagination, i decided to spend my weekend on there. Located on Cipete, South Jakarta, LOF is an unique classy plant shop that i've ever went. Collaborate with Galla Coffee, the plant shop's space is not just a common plant shop. I could enjoy the plants, coffee, sandwich, chit-chatted with beloved friend, and even bought the plant where was surrounded by the beautfiul plants. Bored with an urban activities and routinities? You should visit here, blogs! This is my recommendation place, blogs! Absolutely it'll remove your brain's pollution and messy heart. Lol

My Happy Place
Even i couldn't plant and keep a flower well, 
I thought a cactus would work on me. lol

My Resemblance

I could choose any cactus, any pot, any rocks as my wish. Even, i could decorate my pot by my own way. They provide a decorative things and tools that i need ( purchase) 

She Did it!

Yaa. She did it! Beautiful owner who is on my mom's age. What she does is so a 'living goal'!  Really! Be happy on what she does and does what she loves :)) How could i know? I could saw it on her face :)) 

The Succulents

After i saw the succulents, i got a good lesson. Lol. Not everyone loves a flower, not everyone loves succulent, not everyone loves cactus, and not everyone loves the other plant. They have their own preference and favorite that must not same with the others. There's someone says that cactus is not beautiful, but not in my eyes. Vice versa. It depends by own perspective, blogs. :)

And. . The conclusion is. . For a single who is droughtly like a cactus, don't worry! There's someone will find you, love you as you are, and shower you with his love. Lol #wisewordsontonight

I Think You Are Magic
- Sometimes what we need is just a little of magic in our life, 
called as miracle. -

Magic Corner Spot
Totally was falling in love with this corner 

Hello, I'm Cactus!
- I'm thorny for some reason, i want to protect myself for some reason,
but as a long time goes on, i'll blossom beautifully. -

Not completed if i couldn't took a sip of coffee at here. It wouldn't make my spring imagination complete. Lol. 30k Rupiahs for that tasty cappucino. It's worthed for the sensation at there! :) And. . After strolled around for a 'little' long time (all of them were beautiful til' made me so confused to decide it), finally i decided to buy that baby cactus. Yass!! I bought it for 25k Rupiahs and 15k rupiahas for a tosca pot. Actually, it had an original pot on it. But, i wanted some fresh color on my workdesk at home therefore i bought the extra tosca pot. Love it!   

Simple Sandwich with Cheese, 15k Rupiahs

Yass!! So, that's my little sharing about this happy place. It's so worthed to spend my weekend. I absolutely will be back to LOF soon. I plan to come back here everymonth or 2months once, for buy the other succulent or cactus. I intend to take care and collect them until my room is fulfilled by the greens. Wohooo. . I can't wait!! Hmm. . Why would i buy it one by one? I'm still a newbie at this field. I thought i should learn and know them slowly, to avoid plant death. Learn by doings. I hope, i'll be a good planter. :))

First Photo

That was my first photo with my first cactus. Hope i'll have many of them on the next photo! Yass!!
Happy planting!

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The buildiing is full of white

That's the end of this post. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for reading!
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Love from the author,
Cindy Tjahjadi

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