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Hmm...  Where should I start to write...

Okay! A month ago I had a holiday trip with my office's colleagues and my boss. We could say it as an annual trip which was held by the company almost every year. And. . For this year's trip, we had a cruise trip from Singapore - Phuket - and Penang by Costa Victoria for 5 days 4 night. I would disembark at Phuket on day 3 and Penang on day 4, so stay tuned and read this full trip on the next post, Costa Victoria is a small cruise ship that sailing around Asia. I never have any cruise trip before, so this post is my honest impression, story, and experience about this cruise trip.

And... The story begins...

I'm Indonesian and I live in Jakarta. So, we must take a flight from Jakarta to SG to embark. I called it Fly - Cruise. Hahaha. I hope for the next time, Jakarta will have a new proper cruise terminal too. So, we must not take a flight just to have a cruise trip. Don't you agree? Maybe it can become a new track for Asia's cruise trip. Why not? :))

I got the morning flight. And It was clear sky to begin the trip. Wohooo. . .

What I See
- A sky is beautiful, so as the land -

We would embark from Harbour Front Cruise Terminal, Singapore at 10 pm. We arrived earlier at sg on purpose to put our luggage 5 hours before the embarkation. It was a part of the embarkation procedures, so we must follow it. For the spare time, we had chilled out and got some dinner in Vivo City. Yes... Fortunately, the cruise terminal is beside of the terminal building. So, we could save our 5 hours time. Hahaha. Actually, I've been vlogging a whole of the trip, but i still don't have a good time to edit and publish it. Hahaha. I promise to publish it fast to made this trip more informative! :))

Let's Embark Now !!

Welcome to the cruise . .

Main Hall
So, this main hall is a space that links and
integrates all spaces at this cruise.

Colorful Corridor
This corridor leads a path to the cabin. Yeay! So excited!
"What will my cabin looks like?" - A first thought

Sorry for the messy room. 3 girls slept at here. Lol

Actually, this room is for 2 guests. But, my friend (Risca) didn't want to sleep alone. So, she joined our room (Me and Evelyn). She's too scared to be alone. Hahaha. For that case, we could put the bed down so this room was available for 3 guests. It's fun too to sleep at the upstairs. Don't like to be alone? Don't worry!
It's dark. . It's 10 pm. . Long journey. .

"Let's sleep and start exploring the cruise tommorow. ." - Me
Good morning!
So, it's day 2 of cruise trip. . A looks that i saw first time when i woke up. .

A Middle of Nowhere
- Where am i now? I'm faded and lost in this beautifulness. -

Blue Sky Ocean
- Above the blue sky and under the ocean, i put all of my blue thoughts -

I thought this cruise has 12 floors, remembered it has 11 buttons in the elevator. lol. But, it has the other level on the top of deck to observe the ocean from the cruise. It's quiet big to explore a whole of this cruise. So, what's the inside? What they have besides of a cabin? Let's explore blogs! :D
So, i gonna start from the top deck (11th floor) and above this deck. . Let's take a look!

The Deck
At level 11, they have a deck, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and free buffet restaurant.
I'd love to have my lunch here. I got the food, view, and of course a big wind. lol

Deck (2)
Obviously, i'd love to have my breakfast too at here. Quiet in the morning.

Sail to the Storm
For me, this cruise is trustable. Even it's shaking due to big wave at that time.
Shaking when i was eating, sleeping, and the epic one is when i was taking a shower. Hahaha

Mezannine Lounge
What a beautiful view! Right? Am i right?
So, i called it as a mezannine because this is not the top. It still has the other top.

The Observatory
This space is the top that i could reach.
I'd love to see a sunrise (next post) and take a sip of my coffee at here. It's healing, blogs! Even that grandpa was excersising at this morning. Hahaha

Best Spot for The Sailor
This space is my best spot to see a sunrise. I felt i was a sailor too.
Yes! Sailing. . Sailing. .

Headed to Where I Should Be
- For something that called a dream, it's not supposed to be easy.
but, it's not supposed to be unhappy too. -

Flattering Frame
This frame has flattered me for a moment. I was so inspired just by this phenomenome.
Even it's a storm, God never forgets to put a patch of light within it.
"I called it a Hope" - Me

After strolling around the outdoor space of the cruise. Let's get inside! Let's see what they have inside. .

The Restaurant (The Mezannine)
I used to eat free pizza and coffee at the night here.
Nom nom nom ~

Internet Cafe and Library

The cruise didn't provide a free wifi, so they provide a prepaid internet cafe here that could be access by public. And. . for the on board wifi that didn't mean impossible. To get that wifi, we should deposit to costa card to do some purchase. I heard it was about 20 euro/10 minutes. It's quiet expensive. So, for what?? Just enjoy the holiday. .

After exploring 11, 11 mezannine, and 12. . Let's move to the others interesting levels. What they got. . Let's see. .
Hmm. . At the 3rd-4th and 8th-10th floors are filled by the cabins . .
So. . Let's move to the 7th floor!! :))
We found arcade machine here!! Papoyyyy. . Minions. . So cute!! Yeah, this was game station and casino. But' so sorry i couldn't take some photos how it looks alike because it was prohibited by the management. Was equipped by lounge area too, this place was perfect to kill the time. . Yess!!

Arcade Machine Was Fulfilled by Minions

Concorade Plaza
I love this place!! I could relax and gossip with my friends. lol
It's empty because it was 3pm. It used to be entertainment space at here. :))

A 'Flying' Lounge

The Chapel
What i confused here was. . The position of this chapel. . It's so secluded if i compared to the casino.
Even i know that if you really want to pray, you will search this chapel at anywhere it is. . But. . #justsaying

After strolling and exploring this cruise until 4 pm, it's a time to prepared for the dinner. The dinner was a quiet formal that made we dressed up. Ala Carte Restaurant. . But, i could order and eat as much as i want. . Nomnomnom

The Squad before go in the restaurant

The Formal Restaurant
Seems i have seen this scene on Titanic movie? Is it? Or just my feeling? lol
So, the menu would be different at the next and next day. . And those were what i ordered for day-2

Chili Crab
I love the taste. But, somehow i regretted. . It's difficult to eat this dish. Hahaha

Lemon Cakes
The taste was good. Sweettooth!

Still NomNomNom! :))
Dinner done. . Should we watch a show? Let's go!

Bella Vista, The Theather
The theather is a place for an entertainment show at this cruise. They present different shows everyday.
Because i disembarked at Phuket (day 3) and Penang (day 4), unfortunately i only could watch the day 2 show.
' Michael Jackson Show'

Michael Jackson Show

The show was so good. He sang (no lip-sync) and danced well, also supporting by a great lighting too. Everything was great and entertaing me well. I love the show. He looked like Michael Jackson pretty much. :)) I have some interesting story here. Before i disembarked from the ship, the administrator introduced almost all of the crews ship. I totally shocked, when he revealed the 'real' one michael jackson. In the fact, the entertainer has a black skin while michael jackson has a white skin. Just how?? How?? How he covered his skin and face perfectly like michael jackson?? I was so amazed. That's a big effort! Thanks for the effort to entertain us 'michael' :') You're doing great!
So, that story would be a close part of this post. Hope you enjoy it! Hmm. . I gonna write and publish the day-3 (Phuket), day-4 (Penang), and day-5 (Singapore) as soon as possible, so stay tuned guys :)) And. . Feel free to ask, comment, share, or put some thoughts about this post. I'll be so happy and appreciate. :D

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