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by - November 03, 2016

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As i promised on my previous post, i will share a collaboration of Indonesian and Korean art exhibition that i visited at Kota Tua Jakarta :)) The art exhibition is a kind of entertainment for me. Yaa. . As a Jakarta citizen, i'm too bored if i have to spend my time at shopping mall, shopping mall, and shopping mall again. Monotone! Maybe sometimes it will be a good idea, but not on everyweekend right? At the same time, Kota Tua always hold a event which can be became an inspiration and adding insight too. So, why not? meanwhile Kota Tua is crowded by the foreigners. So, why don't we? :))
This collaboration exhibition which called as "Dialogue with The Sense", was held on October 21 - November 3. That means. . Today is the last day to visit there. Hahaha. I'm sorry. So, if you want to catch up for the recent updates information about exhibition, art, or architecture, you can follow my instagram blogs! :)) It's free! Hahaha.

Anyway. . While i visited the exhibition, there was an event called as "Jalan-Jalan Rempah" which was held at the same time too. What is that? "Jalan-Jalan Rempah is a walking tour touring a trace of spice trading place as a Dutch civilization, about 100 years ago. The trace is very interesting, so i decided to visit that touring place too. Curious? Stay tuned blogs on this post, i'll share a great positive development of Kota Tua revitalization. And. . Now, let's begin the tour !! :))
It started from Galeria Fatahillah . .

Look Up
- It just the beginning, not even two steps -

Suck / Lick, It's candy guys! You can lick it!
- Try to evoke your joyful sweet tooth reminiscences of bygone days bedevilling humans - The Artist

- Your hidden gems will be found, if you dig down inside-

Beautiful Gems
- Hard as rock. But after you find the truth, it's sweet as candy. -

Three Angels
3 Charlie Angels in Indonesian version, they could sounded too.

Aquatics Bowl

This artworks is one of my favorite at this exhibition! I could interact with the artworks by spin round the water at each bowl. When i spin round the water, it sounded a Javanese music and song. Each bowl sounded a different music or song. And. . I could fused those into a music composition. Great experience! I I felt like i was a composer at there. Hahaha.  This artworks is unique!

Behind The Scene od Shadow and Light
Mosquito Installation (1)

So. . It's a mosquito installation which was formed by a light projection and soundlike a mosquito. Thanks for this great artworks, i could feel the sense, see a beautiful lighting, and of course got great photo. Lol. At the first time i saw this installation, i tried to figure out what;s that (it's a habit anyway). And. . First thing that appeared on my mind was a net lighting. Then, i checked out the description. And. . I was very shocked after saw that was a mosquito net. lol How the artist could have great idea?? I never imagine this! Great artworks! :))

Mosquito Installation (2), Model : Janice Hertania
I felt i had saw this photo at the scene of matrix movie. lol

Children's Role
- A Hope Generation. What's the important thing at country? Children! They are the one who will continue and determine the next country's fate. -

So. . That drawings were drew by the childrens and they post it on the wall. Besides of that, the drawings has put on the screen too and displayed as an interactive screen at underwater theme. The purpose of this activities was to develop children's imagination, goods, and interaction. What i loved is. . When i saw a child's face after the crew out her drawing into the screen. She was happy and cheerful. And. . She started to draw again. Shouldn't our smaller generation be like that?  Delight, Creative, Independent, and Positive.

SO. . THAT'S IT. . A short exhibition touring at Dialogue with The Sense exhibition. Hmm. . If you ask me what i got in this exhibition. . I would like to say, i got my sense back. lol. There are so many people who are brilliant at this world, that made me thought if only it can be distributed for a better world. Yaa. thanks for the brilliant artists, i got many inspiration from their artworks. I could feel the sense of space (mosquito installation), i could experience of optical illusion (i lost the photo), i could taste the sweet candy (suck/lick), i could be a composer and fuse the sound (aquatics bowl), and i could draw my imagination too! So. . Yaa. . I got my all senses. Hahaha. That's a good experiences and i always want to share with you blogs. I try to keep updates the information of the events on my instastory, so we can experience it together! It will be great if we can share a stories, right?


Guess, Where is it?

So, I will divide this article into two parts. I still have a lot stories and experiences on my next post
(Jalan-Jalan Rempah is coming soon).

Hope you enjoy my post, keep reading blogs! lol
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(note : the title of the pics are based on my own thoughts,
not the title of the artworks)

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