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Back to my blog! I'm so happy that I can write the continuation of my previous cruise trip on this post. In this post, I would like to share the excitement of the embarkation from the cruise ship to Phuket, Thailand. Yeah, on this cruise trip we had options if we'd like to embark and go to the destination place or stay on the ship. Because we've never been to Phuket before, absolutely we'd chose to disembark to the most beautiful island in Thailand. Yass!!

There are some regulation system that we must follow if we want to disembark. We must follow the time schedule which already is determined by the cruise team. We only had a time from 8am - 6pm exclude disembark queue, a transfer from the cruise - beach (by boat), and check-in regulation. So, actually we only had about 8 hours at Phuket. What a narrow time to explore! So, if you are in a group, be prepared blogs! It's better if you already booked a local city tour before, so everything has already be prepared and you just bring your body. Lol  

Here we explore, Phuket's beautiful islands!!

The Pier that We Disembarked 
- When the sun shone so bright, 
a tender wave was given by the coconut trees to the breeze which was coming. 
As if they missed each other. Is it summer? :) -

After we arrived at the pier, we were rushing to go to the famous James Bond island, Phi-Phi island and its surrounding by the local tour. I always wonder how the phi-phi island is... How beautiful it is... People usually bring Phi-Phi island as a topic when I talk about Phuket. And now... Let's go fulfill the curiosity!! :)) 

From Cruise - Boat - Car - Boat, Boat, and Boat. Lol
- Never ending see the blue blue sea -

Maya Beach
This photo was taken with no filter. What this photo looks like is same what i see in real.
Green island, Blue water, White Sand, Happy People : Beautiful combination

Suddenly, I remembered something when I was there! When I was there, I kept talking "OH, this is an absolutely beautiful destination, yass this is must the meant of beautiful destination, and yeah it must be a beautiful destination!!"  Hmm.. Do you know beautiful destination? Yes, a famous Instagram account that sharing all of the beautiful places in the world!! I always wonder and wish to be there, when they post someplace on Instagram. And now, I know how it feels to be at one of the beautiful places. Feel wonderful!! It's really beautiful! 
(ps: I always wish that I could be a member of beautiful destination. lol) 

- Calm as if nothing happened outside there -

Steep a Feet on White Sand
- I forgot when did the last time I walked on white sand -
"Bring me back!! lol "

Instagrammable Beach

I felt as if I was taking a photo for a commercial. Lol. Look at the 2 beautiful sexy ladies on the right. It's so commercial for me. Thanks for appeared on my frame and made it completely perfect :')

The Triplets
Somehow we made it too! Wore the same outfit for this trip, like a beach uniform. lol
Flowers in black. lol

After played around and had a short walk on the white sand, we moved to Phi-Phi island to have a snorkeling. Woohoo.. Actually, I can't swim. But it's okay they had a buoy. lol. Yah, at least, let me see a fishes, corals, or seaweeds for this time. Lol

- Where's the edge of the rainbow? -
Did you ever hear that words or story? 
A rainbow is on everywhere, A rainbow doesn't have a particular edge.

Clear Deep Sea
- When the sun shines not too bright, the sea's still so clear. 
Like it reflects and shines from the under. -

Snorkeling Time

It looks like snorkeling but not snorkeling. lol. There's nothing under there. Just a water. hiks :'(
I don't know if there has a corals, fishes, or anything under, but i couldn't see anything. Even my boss had a deep dive, but couldn't see anything too!  I don't know if it's not a right time or season, I don't know. But, people used to be snorkeling in this area. What unfortunately! :(
And the most unfortunately was... A time to back to cruise... It was 3pm here!

The Blues
- Blue Sky, Blue Ocean, Blue Sight, But not a Blue Life -

Afternoon in The Middle of Nowhere

While i saw this scenery in my eyes, i felt i was so small in this universe. I was nothing to something, but on the other side was everything to the other thing. *ignoreme lol. 

Anyway.. While i was on boat, i had this thought. Have you watched Thailand's horror movie? Especially a ghost movie? My sister love to watch that genre movie, especially the Thai one. Opposite from me, i really hate and couldn't watch that. But, i don't have any option :(( I still could hear the conversation and saw the scary scenes of that movie, because my sister watched it at my room!! AND!! Because of that, i always remembered a highlight scene of that ghost movie, yass! when a ghost pullover a ladies feet at Phuket Island, then died. Sigh. Thanks sistaaaaa thanks
I kept wondering that scene when i was snorkeling,m oreover the scenery was exactly same as the movie that i watched. Sigh, I was so alert at that time. lol lol lol. Thanks God, til now I'm at home safely and nothing happened. hahaha. Make sure u already pray before go to here, blogs! I can't guarantee the other scenes. lol. Just kidding!

Anyway.. That story will close this "Cruise to Phuket" post. I'll share the other exciting experience that I had on D-4 of this cruise trip. We went to the next destination, yass that was Penang, Malaysia!! 

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