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Back to my post! In this post, I'm going to continue my fancy trip story by cruise ship. In this third section (last post), I'm going to share my exciting experiences at Penang, Malaysia. Yass.. On our day 4, we had disembarked to the port city, George Town, Penang. Have you been there before? A beautiful city which famous for its murals. The murals where has been decorated on the building's wall all over the city. The murals which have a different meaning and story behind of it. Heard it before? Interesting, isn't it? Actually, it's my second experience at George Town. But, in my first experience, I couldn't explore too many places due to a different intention. Last time, I was there for my mom's health issue. So, this trip was my chance to explore George Town!! Yuhuuu!!

Anyway... In my second experience, my friends with me had succeeded (i could call it) in traveling around this city within the short time. For Penang disembarked, we just only had a time from 8am - 2pm exclude disembark queue and check in regulation. Fortunately, the cruise has disembarked exactly right at the port. So, we could cut the time. Yess!! 
Talked about cut the time, let's cut this long prologue too... lol

And... Let's explore George Town in 5 hours!! 

Good morning from here!
- Sunshine means a bless, A joyful blessing -

Port City, Geoge Town
- A city that can see a big 'ship' in front of their eyes -

After saw this picturesque scene, I felt I saw it on one piece anime. Am I right? Looks like Water 7, Doesn't it? Or just my feeling? Anyway... Have a morning like this, just perfect... 

Port City, George Town

While I saw this scene, a thought came out to my mind. How if that big ship didn't disembark at here, how if a big amount of people didn't come here, how if that big ship didn't ever exist? How this city would be? Of course, the existence of this big ship has given a big affect and impacts which made this city like nowadays. However, I feel it good! :))

Famous for its art murals all over the city, we chose 'fast-walking- as our way to explore George Town.  We thought that if we walked fast, we would see all the murals and feel the artsy feeling... Crazy choice of course!! How could it be? Except if we wanted the cruise left us behind. Lol! After took an hour silly walked around, we decided to take a taxi as our new feet. Hahaha. And... Lebuh Armenian is our destination... 

Vintage Gift Shop

I was totally falling in love with this street. The street was fulfilled by the art murals, vintage gift shops, artsy feeling, vintage smells, ahhh It's so Penang!! Even the gifts were totally vintage, cute, and unique!! Love Love Love...

Mural (1)

Mural (2)
- Kah Lu Kong Hokkien -

Cozy in The Rocket
- "Where are you going miss? Bekasi? 
I'm sorry I couldn't take you there. It's uncommon rocket." -

So, That's a unique vehicle that George Town has. A passenger's sitting in front, while a rider pedals the pedal. The seat was decorated with paint that made this vehicle looked vintage, classy, and beautiful. Actually, in Jakarta we have it too. We called it 'Becak'. But, the function has turned from taking a passenger into delivering a goods. I rare to see Jakarta's people take becak as their transportation. Everything has changed #np Taylor Swift. lol

Longlast Memory at Short Time
- After went through a long time journey, there were only a few memories that I remembered. 
Thanks, the happiness one which has remained. -

A pic above is the most famous mural in George Town. Siblings who ride a bicycle together. People said you didn't go to Penang if you didn't take a picture with it. So, it's a must to do it here!! Lol. The mural was painted by London-trained artist Ernest Zacharevic. It depicts a little girl taking her younger brother on a bicycle ride. The joy in their faces echoes down the street, providing a ray of cheer and adding character to Armenian Street. What a beauty!

BTS Photoshoot

This pic describes behind of the scene of the photoshoot. Lol. Everyone throngs to take a pic of this mural. The queue was so long. We've waited for a long time though. It took about 30 minutes to get a 'special' shot. #ifuknowwhatimean

Tropical Colonial Architecture

Known that this city was civilized by British before, so the culture and architecture was a result of assimilation by its native and British. A tropical colonial architecture embellished all the city's corner. It rare to saw a modern building, local people would prefer to preserve and occupy the heritage buildings to dwell and attract the tourist. Yasss!!

Walking on The Street
- Walking, Sight-Seeing, and get lost are the best part while travelling. -

So, that's it! My journey to George Town, Penang in a short time, too short! But thought we had pleased enough explore this city. Actually, i still have many pictures of the murals around this city on my gallery. But, i think it's better to save it up, to save a blogspot world. (it's fulled with my narcism #ifuknowwhatimean) Lol. 

And now. . Let's get back to the cruise!! :) 

The Result of Craving

Aaaaa. Thought it's still not enough for 3 ladies at the cruise. Yaaa!! It's not enugh. That snacks and foods had gone in a week. We need more, we need more, we need more luggage and money. Lol. (ps. unpacked food or snacks was disallow, make sure not bring a rujak, fried, or sushi, if you don't want to like me. My sushi was threw away. hiks)

Sky Full of Stars (?)

You think you can see a star while be at cruise on the midnight? You think you can lay your back on the lounge chairs while starin on the star? You think you can relax and have a little drink while staring on the star? Totally wrong mind. This is what i got! A HANGING LAMP. Lol But, it's still beautiful! #positiveinmind

Midnight Catwalk

After didn't succeed to have a star scenery like what on the movie or drama, i determined to see the sunrise. Yass. At least i must see a sunrise! So, what time i should wake up? A cabin crew wrote it would be 6am for sunrise. Thought it would be overlap due the appeal of current time and cruise's speed (science consideration), i decided to woke up at 5am. Lol. It's okay, i could bear the wind's craziness while take a sip of coffee!! Wohooo. .  

Sunrise at The Middleofnowhere

Take a sip of coffee, Was teased by the morning breeze, Look at the beautiful sunrise. .
What a beautiful life!

Yass!! So, that's beautiful sunrise had opened my day 5 in this trip. It meant we would disembarked at Singapore and flew back to Jakarta. Such as memorable experience! Because it's the first time experience. If you asked me will i take a cruise trip again, i'm going to say yes, but no for a same track. I wil, if it's an Antartica trip like at Titanic movie. Lol. I'm not a typical traveler who like to be stayed for a long time and do nothing. No no no, absolutely no. But for the first experience, yes sure it's memorable and fun! Twice? It'll be boring, right? :)

How would i rate this cruise trip? Hmm. The cruise ship was quiet nice, the service was great too, even the room was kept clean, the entertainment was fun, the food was tasteless (at gala dinner was good, but only at dinner), the mineral water was undrinkable for me. Oh yaa! Talked about drink on cruise, I couldn't have a proper drink while on cruise. I couldn't drink a mineral water because it was a processed result from the sea. I kept thirsty and my throat felt not good, so i decided to not drink a mineral water. But, could you imagine it's impossible if i kept drink orange juice or apple juice right, so i decided to wait and buy mineral water from the city.

I won't blame the cruise. They don't have any option to provide big amount of water whether not processed from the sea. But i thought, they should revise their regulation about disallowance to bring mineral water from city to the cruise ship. If it was me, i still could bear it. I'm still young. But, how about the elders?  I don't know how the could revised it, but they should fix it. This comments and advice were already written by me before i left the cruise. I hope their system and service will improve in the future. :) 

So, how would i rate it? Jeng-jeng. . . . I'd gave 3,3/5 Yass!! Never been on cruise before? You should try this experience, blogs! So, that's the end of this journey. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it. I'd be back to Jakarta and share the other excitement of our city, Jakarta. . Ciao!

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