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by - December 16, 2016

Hello, blogs! 

Continue a previous post about how I enjoy my Jakarta in my previous article. Today I'm going to share the others attractive places that u can visit while you are at Kota Tua!! Kota Tua is different now!... Hmm... I can say that the revitalization makes a great improvement and attracts people through a creative space. Creative space for creative people. :) Of course, it will bring a positiveness for every activity there. For me, the government and the creative people's effort to make Kota Tua alive has succeeded. I proud of it. :))

And... Coincidentally, a few times ago the governor just inaugurated "Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik" (Art and Ceramics Museum) at that heritage site. So, I decided to visit there after I visited the dialogue with the sense exhibition (in my previous post). This museum is not a new museum or contemporary museum, but it was renovated by the governor through a new injection program to make it better. Yeah, it's totally better! Look at my shot pics. I am satisfied enough. lol. The injection programs are such as a gallery, amphitheater, creative space, and etc. But, it's too bad that the amphitheater isn't accomplished. So, I need to wait for a little bit. And... For the inaugurate, there's the art exhibition which lifts an "Identity" issue as a theme. It's very interesting because the artworks which have displayed were from a famous artist in the 1900s. BIG WOW! 5k rupiahs for the great exhibition! Yes! Let's take a look a new look of Museum Seni dan Keramik Jakarta, blogs!  :)

- At least as a human being!, Well said by Sir Affandi -

One of The Great Artworks, Chinese Temple
Do you love this? I love every scratch :)

Enthusiastic People
Nowadays, I feel people have put more attention on the art... Yes!

Determine to be Classic
- Classic as the old-time inspired for a long time. -
So, that is one of the exhibition space which located near the main entrance... Let's move to the other one!

Vocal Point
I'm sorry that I said this go-round stair was the focal point. Because my eyes interest at this room were pointed to this stair.
Too beautiful, right? :)

Focus on The Beauty
- It doesn't mean the others are not beautiful, just you are more beautiful. -

The Art Exhibition Space

Open Space?
It's green, but it's hot and humid. Poor for the people at that 'cafe' area?

So... After I visited Galeria Fatahillah and Museum Seni dan Keramik, I relaxed for a while to charge my energy. Yaa...  It was a hot day and a 'long-term' exhibition trip. Hahaha. But I was satisfied enough to fulfill my Instagram gallery by the epic shot. Cafe Batavia was a place that I've chosen to charge my energy up and get a little chit-chat with my friend. So... Ya... Actually, after 23 years I was living in Jakarta, I have never been once going inside or take a look in this cafe. It's so pitiful while the place was filled by tourists and I've never been there. :(  Hmm... The price is a matter. It's quite expensive for the citizen and a student (me at the old time). But not now, me as a full-time employee. Hahaha. Never been there too? Let's take a look then! :D

Old, But Never Old
- 200 years old building, 71 years independent witness, and live right now. -

This is Cafe Batavia
- Can you hear the old sound and voice? -
It felt strange when I entered this area, it looked like a different scene from the outside. Can you feel this too?

Like in A Old Movie
Have you watched behind the scenes of old movie settings in the 1900 era? I felt that way.

I Was Not at Jakarta
It was felt nice and different vibes while I had some coffee with the foreigners. I was sure, I wasn't in Jakarta.

Good Afternoon, Guten Tag, Selamat Siang.
Want to feel a different vibe as if you travel to the other country? Try this then!

A Macchiato and A Affogato

After got a pretty cup of coffee, I still had another grudge. I always want to go to Sarasvati Art Office at Gedung Olveh, but I never get a chance. :( But for this time... Finally... I got this chance! Sarasvati had opened their office for a bazaar to support 'Jalan-Jalan Rempah' program. Yes!! Nice big Catch, right? Thought in this trip, I got so many experienced and a fortunate coincidence that I always want it. Thanks for this opportunity and for the beautiful shot that I got. :)


Sarasvati Art Office

I love these natural materials. 
Without finishing, but looks classy and nice.

Rough, Strong Impact

Dungeon? I felt that way

High Tea in Golden Time and View

I was so happy to be here. The feeling was 'Jakarta Feeling'. Perfect view to see Jakarta nowadays. Feeling great to be there. Actually, this space was rented by Pantjoran Tea House at this Jalan-Jalan Rempah event as a refreshing point. For me, this space and view are so great. It such a waste if this space can't be enjoyed by people. I hope there's someone can open and develop business such as restaurant, cafe, or lounge at here. As if it, I definitely will come back again. Hello there... Please hear this citizen's voice. LOL, I hope you could enjoy this too, blogs! Next time... :))

So. .  That's the end of my trip at Kota Tua... It was closed by a Chinese high tea. lol
And... That's how I enjoy my Jakarta. How about you? :))
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Some photo at cafebatavia was taken by Janice Hertania; Edited by me

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