Batik Exhibition at National Museum, Jakarta

by - October 16, 2016

So.. Hello blogs!! 

Today i want to share my last week experience when i went to National Museum for Batik Exhibition. The Batik exhibition was rarely held at Jakarta, so that was my lucky chance that i could go there. I just knew it that it was held on October 2-9 2016 and coincidentally i went there on last day without knew anything of it. I just spent my weekend like usual and suddenly have a thought to go there. So lucky am i !! So, i want to share this special event that maybe you couldn't have a time to go there last week. This exhibition was so interesting. :)) I'm a art enthusiast. So for the events which was held at Jakarta, almost of them i follow it. That's why . . Rather than write on blog, my instagram is faster for my updates activities. lol. May you can follow my Instagram, so you can get the information from me too. :))

Anyway. . Let's check it out. . The Exhibition. .

Batik in Classic
- Survive, Longlast, Withstand along with The Classic -

What is Batik? Yeah, i know that it is one of Indonesian treasures. But what is it? Indonesian Treasure, yes. The Uniqueness of Indonesia, yes. A Hope and Culture of Indonesia, yes. What else? What i amazed is. . Nowadays batik is not only a piece that use only for an outfit (fabric), but thrive to the others inspiration elements.  Such as a panel of partition element, laptop sleeve, something that following modernity, and always give a new inspirations. Is it? :))

Flying Batik
- Like a sails, hope a Batik can sail around the world -

The Unique Sail

Guess what? After i stood up at this area, i got an inspiration directly. Thought this idea could be applied at roller blind system. Couldn't it? Maybe for the fabric of roller blind, now we can produce it with batik motif. In my thought, it will be beautiful, unique, and classic fancy at same time. What do you think? Even a floral motif has been applied, why not the Batik? Hello, roller blind supplier. . Can you hear my voice? LOL. Please think about it. :))

That area was just an opening area of the exhibition. Inside of the other room, they were more interesting. . So. . Let's move!

The Batik Exhibition
- There were so many batik enthusiast -

Batik Parang
- I have a name, a meaning, and a hope inside of my every single scratches -

In this room, there were so many Parang Batiks that displayed beautifully. Each of them has a name, meaning, and hope. So what they draw isn't an uncareless or unintended drawing, but a purpose of something. Aaaa. So beautiful and poetic. Love it! There are so many of them, so i'm sorry i couldn't mention it one by one. :)) Search it on google for further information guys!

Indonesia Treasure, Batik
- The Uniqueness of Civilization and Hope -

3 Diva
- Like a Diva, i stand confidently - Wooo

How I Adore Batik
Model : Janice Hertania

Blue Parang

I already mention Parang, Parang, and Parang for many times. So, what is parang actually? Parang are a batik motif which are from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Parang are referred to as the keris or sword pattern by outsiders. The Javanese call the Parang as a motif lidah api (bahasa) or tongue of fire. Parang are one of the most powerful of batik motifs with their strong parallel diagonal lines. There are hundreds of variations, from small 2cm in Parang Klithik to the largest at 8cm or more in Parang Barong. (source :
So. . That's it. . What Parang is. . Interesting right? An inspiration to inspiration and make the other inspirations. And. . There's not little a fake batiks. Like this!!

Fake Batik

The pic above shows that the batiks are fake. That's not a batik. Because of what? It doesn't have a name, meaning, and hope. Lol. It just a print from the other motif and be applied on fabric. After saw my pics above, could you see and feel the difference? They are different right? Totally! :))

So. . That's it. . The end of my batik exhibition at National Museum, but not for this post. :)) For you who is an art enthusiast and history lover, National Museum is my recommend to spend a weekend. National Museum is a museum where displays an Indonesian historical heritage things at antiquity time. So antique! Actually since i was born, that was my first time has been there. I never been at National Museum before. And. . I was quiet amazed that Jakarta has another side of museum, like this! It has 4th floors which each of them has a different classification. It has ceramics, ancient heritage, civilization, and etc. There are so many interesting things to see. . Thought, it will be more interesting if a new extention of this museum has been done. Waiting for it! :))

The Inscription
- "What i wrote is what i wanted to share. It depends on you if you trust it or not" -

Sometimes, i wonder. . What if this heritage witness didn't tell us the truth. Like some media social nowadays, fabrication of the facts. Even though, the words has a big power and effect to our life. So, please show the fact not a lie, please write a good words which will make our next generation has a 'big' thought. Not a bad one! Please media! I'm begging you!

Indonesian Old Time
- Old as a Tale -

Awas Kaca!!
I know it. LOL

Our Ancestorss
- Evolve to be a better person is what we hope for the next generation -

I was satisfied that i was here. Got more knowlede, got a new idea and inspiration, and got a great photos without spent a lot amount of money. The ticket price is rp. 5000 for adult. Quiet cheap right? So, how is it? Gonna try spend weekend at the museum? It's bored if a shopping mall is a destination choice. Enough for Jakarta, try something else. May inspiration will come to you guys!

So. . This is the end of my post about the event at National Museum,
Thanks for Reading! Hope you enjoy ! :))
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