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Back again on my post! :)) In this post, i want to share a cafe which is trending now at Jakarta. Jakarta has many cafes, so which one? Where is it? Yaa. . As you know, a cafes are growing rapidly and sporadic at Jakarta. There are so many that i still couldn't reach until now. So, i just hopping to a recommended cafe which has suggested by people in instagram. It's quiet helpful to find a great new place. The cafe which is trending now is Lucky Cat. Even it's crowd enough due the trend, Lucky Cat still has good vibes to chill and hang out with friends.

Located on Plaza Festival at Kuningan, Lucky Cat open for 24 hours. Providing beverages, main course, and dessert, Lucky Cat ready to serve you anytime. The location is very strategic to be access, even Transjakarta is near by the cafe. So, it's easy to be reached by any people. And. . Now. .  It will be a quick review and interior pics from me. Let's check it out how the cafe is. .

Lucky Cat
The interesting one for me is. . Why the name is Lucky Cat? Where's the cat? Hahaha.

24 Hours
- "Come in for the best coffee, pastry, cooking, and CONVERSATION." Indeed -

Classic Nuance
It has simple classic warm design at the interior. Classic in here means an Indonesian classic design which was dominated by strong wood nuance and vintage elements.

Feel like HOME

Keep Alive The Life One
The interior design has preserved the big tree which i thought it was a good decision. It's hard to find a green at Jakarta nowadays. Besides of that, the standout tree gives a good point. The tree gives a strong statement for the space and it also has merged with the classic nuance and the people.

Wood Staircase
Am i the only one who feel this space like a tree house?

Chit Chat Space
" Hey, do u know? Don't u know? What do you think? "

Sip of Coffee
- Take a sip! It'll give warm feeling at this cold weather -
captured by : Janice Hertania

Avocado Latte
It looks interesting, but it's absolutely not my favorite!

Good Spot
Besides of coffee, nuance, chit chat vibes, you'll also find a good spot to take some potraits at here

The Other Good Spot
Or.. Wefie with your besties :D :D

The Comment

I love this place, except the avocado latte. Worthed to spend a good time with your lover, besties, or whoever. Good lighting absolutely affect a great photo. And. .  it's also a good place for a wandering soul. lol - Cindy -

Location Map, click the image for direct direction by google map.

So, that's all guys for my quick review of Lucky Cat
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