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So! Hello guys. . And. . Hello October. . !!

Wow, time goes fast and now it's already October 1st :)) After i ended my 22 and start my new age at 23, here we go my new post. On the first day at this month, i'd like to share my experience when i was touring the old town of Jakarta (Kota Tua)! Kota Tua is a must place to visit at Jakarta! A heritage area which has a beautiful old historical buildings. There has museums, galleries, plaza, and cafes. I love this area's vibe. You know, kind of old, historic, and different from the other side of modern Jakarta. Even i thought that i could smell that. Nice feeling! It's rare to find some place like this. And. .  I'm glad that activists, architects, and art connoisseurs "work" in here. That means they always inject an attractive programs, exhibitions, and something creative to revitalize this area. That's why i always find a reason to get back here. Thanks! :) So it's just not a "dead" old hitorical buildings that could be enjoyed by curious tourist, but also me as a citizen.

Considering that i never wrote a post about a "must place" at my city, so decided to touring Kota Tua and share with you in this post. I hope my post can help and be enjoyed. Oh yeah coincidentally, last week they had art exhibition at Historia Cafe and Bar which is located at the area too. So, it made me more excited to go there. Oh yeah, another one. Besides of my blog, now i have youtube channel too as a sharing media !! :) I created the channel in purpose to give more details about my traveling via video that you can watch too!! Hihihi. I will tell my vlog link at the end of this post. :D I love travelling so much. I got inspired by Christian Leblanc who is a travel vlogger that i adore so much ( i already mention his name to my friends, everybody who i met, and everywhere. LOL). It's not in the freaking way, but i admit the vlog is really great, infromative, and eye-candy. Superb! You should check it out too on youtube @Leblanc. #IamTeamGetLost. After i watched his vlog, it gives me courage to make the other travel vlog too especially at the Eastern area. Wohooo just talking about it, i'm already exciting! Make sure you will keep read my blog, because i have a willing to continue. :))  LOL
However. .

Here we go. . The old town of Jakarta. . Kota Tua . .

Kota Tua Plaza
- A past which lives in the present -

The last time i've visited here was on 2 years ago, for my project assignment. And . . This is it. . A new face of Kota Tua, no street vendors anymore at its surrounding. Clean! I don't know since when the government policy has been applied. No more food or drink, except a bicycle rental. Now, The street vendors are selling outside of this area. I agree and support this policy as a tourist or citizen. I could enjoy the 'real' of Kota Tua. 2 years ago, it was very crowd by the street vendors. Even it's crowded and hard to find a path, how i would enjoy?? So now, i'm relieved that the policy was applied. And. .  If i think about that, no party has been disadvantaged right? You can still buy the food or drink, but at the outside. :))

Now, we move to the digital art exhibition that i visited. Let's see! This exhibition was organized by Australian Embassy Jakarta and Ruang Rupa at Historia cafe and bar.  The purposes are give a people new inspiration, discuss space, share some new knowledge from the expert, and be a revitalization program for Kota Tua. Those are what i loved, sharing a great and inspirative knowledge to the youth generation for FREE. Thought it can become a good point for the youth to improve and make Indonesia step forward in positive ways. :)) For the other creative space and program, you can follow @creativeroomhistoria at instagram guys!

The Exhibition
- I'm old, but i'm attractive -

Enlightment behind Imagination
- . It called different perspective. Only an imagination that can bring you to something fantastic -

( Ps : The titled was given by me, related what i felt at that moment. )

Too Much Turning
- How the eyes meet while you're not turning? -
( Ps : The titled was given by me, related what i felt at that moment. )

Overall the digital art exhibitions was simple, but it's quiet attractive and meaningful. Such a rare to find an exhibition like this. Glad to was here! :) After saw the exhibition, i moved to Fatahillah Museum. Actually, i've already visited there before for a few times. Yeah, it was a must if you are a Jakarta's students. A teachers will set up a study tour at here to know more about Jakarta. Doubtless! However. . Because i really really want to share how this museum is to you, i visited there again to get some pics. LOL. Remembered, it was about 6 or 7 years ago when the last time i visited Fatahillah Museum. So, Let's go! :)

Fatahillah Museum
The facade of Fatahillah museum was still renovated. Yeah, for the better looks and withstand in modern time.

Inside of Fatahillah Museum

When i went in, i felt strange. I confused, have i forgotten how this museum is or the interior has changed? Someone please help me, i totally forgot. I'm not sure if this looks ( the pics) was same like 6 years ago. Wasn't it?

The Other Room, Tropical Colonial

The Other Room, Tropical Colonial (2)

Mysterious Space
That was i felt when i went inside, mysterious. .

The Courtyard

I remembered something when i saw this sculpture. I have read some articles that wrote about this sculpture. It said that this sculpture was a symbol of Illuminati. Wasn't it? What do you think? Do you agree? I forgot where i read that, but maybe you can find that article if you type The Illuminati's sign at Fatahillah Museum. However . .  The courtyard was so nice and calm.

The Courtyard (2)

After took a museum tour, i was hungry. When i was at Kota Tua, Historia cafe and bar is always my favorite place to have a meal. I love the space, vibes, and of course the food! Historia used to be my hang out place at Kota Tua when i was in my senior high school. Favorite!! :)) You should try this cafe when you go here! Even the price is quiet priceyyyy, but the food won't disappointed. Delicious!!

The Entrance

The Vibes

The Bar

The Bar (2)

Nasi Bakar Cumi Cabe Ijo and Lychee Tea

Nasi Bakar Cumi Cabe Ijo is a new menu in here (maybe because it's such a long time that i catch up), so i tried it. And. . It's so deliciousssssssssss. . So. . So. . Delicious! The price is IDR 40K. Due the taste, thought it was affordable.

. . .

Yeah, I fulled! Let's go to the other place! If you visit Kota Tua, Beos Station is my recommend must visit place at this area. It located on the opposite of Fatahillah Museum. It's near, so it will be missed if you don't visit here. You can take a pics, enjoy a coffee, chit chat at cafe, or even you can plan your next destination by train. You can go to the other city by this train such as Bandung, Bogor, Karawang, etc. Isn't that great? :))

Jakarta Nowadays
- Looked in and out with different perspective -

Beos Station
- Busy. . Crowded. .  -

Coffee for Boost My Energy

I know and realize that my visit places at Kota Tua isn't complete. There are museums, cafes, galleries, and the other area that i still don't write yet in this post. The area of Kota Tua is so big. My energy was already drained out after visited the places above. LOL. And . . The sun already set. Even i visited there at 11 a.m., i couldn't catch up all the places. No. . No. . Don't worry! The problem is on me. I'm a traveler who enjoy the moment as i can. I'm the type of that traveler. Rather than to RUSH a place that i must go, i prefer to enjoy every single place. So, i could satisfy and get what i want. I'd love to observe people and find an unexpectable 'event' . That's me. Sorry for the intermezzo. LOL.

Anyway. . I'd love to if i could visit Kota Tua again. .  There are still many place that i didn't caught up. .

So guys! If you like and enjoy this post, let me know! If i got 30 comments (like my post at Klapa Ijo) at this post, i promise that i will visit Kota Tua again and explore more the other area. Of course, i will share a great experiences and beautiful shots too. So. . Put your thoughts guys about this post and comment on the comment box below, if i should go there again or not. Or maybe the other place beside of Kota Tua?? :))

The End of Journey
- There's no end for the end. It just a beginning for something different. -



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