Cukul Tea Plantation - A Beautiful Landscape Lives in Silence

by - August 14, 2016

This morning, i wake up as usual and take a time to watch my favorite travel vlogs. It becomes my morning habit now. Then, i find an interesting vlog on youtube, Ekspedisi Indonesia Biru. The vlog is about how Indonesia is, a culture, people, beautiful greenscape, bluescape, cityscape, all about it. After i watched it, i realize that living in this world like living on many dimensions. I live in Jakarta now and it's totally different, Jakarta's situation and Ciptagelar (one of village area)'s situation. I see Ciptagelar is like Jakarta's old time. Then i think, maybe Jakarta is New York's old time. And.. Thought, maybe World is the other planet or galaxy's old time? Maybe? It's kinda interesting and amusing. How could we living in same world, but feel living in different time? Hahaha..

Hello blogs! Related what i realize today and what i promised to you, i want to share an amazing eye-candy scenery that i see at Pangalengan, Cukul Tea Plantation. This area is totally different too if i compare with Jakarta. It's not because Jakarta is urban and Pangalengan is village, but the time. U got what i mean? Hahaha. Don't get it? Just visit here then. Hmm.. I could say this plantation is a non-mainstream area to get a fresh nature view.  There are only a slight informations about this area on the sources. Thought that only a few people who know and visit this area due the lack of information. That's why, i'm writing on my blog. Hahaha. And.. Yes, that's true.! When i traveled to there, the green is totally different! The nature is so fresh and 'untouchable'. So eye-candy!

Located on Pangalengan, Cukul Tea Plantations doesn't have a particular stop-point to enjoy the view and take a pics. The plantations is along Pangalengan area. Based on my experience, it will be more convinient if you ride a bike. You can stop at some point and enjoy the view. Me and my friends had some trouble because we rode a car. We must searched a parking area to park where they didn't have it. Fortunately, we found a villa where we could park the car. We were luck! The landscape is no joking! I enjoyed it so much! I will be back to there again and ride the motorbike. That will be great!!

Black and White
- Here i will be, if i'm without you God.
Black and White, like the world doesn't give me another choices, Oppressed. -
So, Thank You!

Shines Brightly
- Because i know, sun always shines every seconds. -

We Live Well, in Silence . .
- When we are so beautiful and worth, why they want to crush us ? -
(I just want to roll on this giant green carpet! Really!!)

Germany Villa

They said its name is Germany Villa, a beautiful unoccupied villa. This place saved us from interminable street. I don't know, maybe if we continue the way, we will end up at the other province. Hahaha. So, thank you! And.. We're lucky that we were permitted to go into villa's area by the guard's house. As a result, we got the beautiful landscape view ! I'm swear it's so good to take ootd shot here!

Speechless in The Silence
- I keep amaze -

Speechless in The Silence (2)
- Compared to this universe, I'm nothing in everthing and trying to be something.
At least, i'm something with the name. -

Keep The Silence, Keep A Peace
- When the brain is on rages, watch the heart and keep a peace.
Save one word, save one life. -

In The Silence, I'm Trying  to Reflect
- Who am i? Who would i? -

Different Fate
- Grow in different way, situation, and fate. -

Silent Identity

 I'm Ready !
- Straighten the body, Up-right the head, Open the eyes widely, Strengthen the heart,
and Tide the belt. -

Keep Going !
- Take me out from the comfort zone.
You won't know that you are a bird or chicken, if you aren't be forced to fly. -

Yeah! That's my pics at Cukul Tea Plantation. It's so beautiful, isn't it? And.. I have prepared this trip video to show you more how the plantation's way is! Enjoy the video on the link below. Like if you like the video and don't forget to subscribe me on this blog. I really appreciate it! :)) Thank you for reading my blog. See you in the next post and keep positive. :D

Location Map
Click the image for the route
From the Pasteur toll- Kopo Toll - Soreang - Ciwidey - Pasir Jambu- Raya Pangalengan - Situ Caleunca - - -

Love from the author and her friends,
Cindy Tjahjadi
(Pardon my face and pose, i was holding the selfie stick :(  )

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