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by - August 24, 2016

Hello blogs! 

It took me almost 2 weeks to get here! Hahaha. Actually i wanted to write and update this post a few days ago, but a couple things made me to hold. Related to my birthday 2 days ago, yes on August 24th! I want to share 23 facts about me. I want to share it, thought maybe we have some interests, thoughts, or similarity that we can be closer. Can i? :)) And . . Why 23? That's my age, yes i'm 23 years old! :D For me, 23 years old is a transition age. When i was 22, i was an adult who was still on my study. For me, 22 means an adult who still was kept by parent and the name of university. And . . 23 years old means i'm not young anymore (even my soul is always young. LOL), a beginning of an adult and be a part of society, life-demands come one by one, and the time to take all responsibilities by myself.

Let's talk about it short while, about 23 years old.
23 years old is a transition from 22 years old adult to a 'real' adult.
First, 23 in office. 23 years old means i must be get ready to compete a fresh graduate (22 years) by my skill. I admit it, i can't be called as a senior if i was on below their skill. 23 means i must always develop my skills. Even they called it passion or the age must be not compared, it's a real life demand. The burden of 'Senior'. In 23, i will always be compared with the fresh graduate for the internship. Won't it? I know compared with other is not good. But, how the other 23 years old already travel around the world, and i still not give a significant move?? Why can't i be like that??? *start singing secret love song-little mix. Hahaha. I'm sorry, i just envy. lol. But thank you 22, it made me want to work harder and harder. .

Second, 23 in daily life. 23 years old means i'm not any longer a student who was on my parent and alma mater. I have my own responsibilities now that i can't give a burden to them. In 23, i have a plan of my own future. Future that only on my vision. How will i be . . How will i be . . A future that i know the direction, but i don't know the end of it. But thank you 22, it made me composed a plans and a determinate pathways for me.

Third, 23 in relationship. 23 years old in my family means the age that they worry because i still don't have a boyfriend. LOL. They saw me as an ambious and workaholic woman who doesn't want to get marry. Oh come on! As a woman, i still want have a boyfriend and marry. LOL. I just haven't found a right man yet. Relationship is a really high demands nowadays. Really! In Jakarta! Everytime i met my relatives, they always asked me that where is my boyfriend. Ahh. .  in 23, it's such as an annoying question. LOL. I know 23 for woman means a hurry time. I know it will take a long time to meet, know each other, dated, and decide to marry. 23 means a right step to meet a right man. I don't want have a wanton relationship, such waste a time. Hahaha

Forth, 23 in friendship. 23 years old means the others have their own life too, world's demands. Work, married, have a kids, be a super mom/dad, be richer, and etc. They work for it too. Time to get in touch has decreased, not like when i was still on school or college. People come and go. People who stay are going to stay. That's life, so i  will always understand my friend's life. Wherever and whenever, you'll always be my friend that i won't forget. Thanks for fulfill my days! :))
Fifth, 23 in looks. 23 years old means i'm not young anymore. Hahaha. My skin is starting aging. Hahaha. I just realized it on my photos recently. It wasn't like my old photo before. Hiks :'( But it's okay i just need put a mosturizer. Hahahaha

Okay! Now, i want to share my 23 facts. Sorry, for the loooooong prologue. Hahaha. Sometimes, 23 years old made me so sensitive. So. . That's why. . However.. Let's start it.
  1. I'm the youngest on my family. I have one brother and one sister. As a youngest i admit that i receive much love from the. Thought that i deserved for it, because i'm a loveable sister. Hahaha
  2. I have my best friend since my childhood which have a same birthdate with me, Jil is her name. From kindergarten to Senior high school we were always together and in almost classes we sat together. I would do everthing just to sat and laugh in the class together. (After that i have Vindry and Amelia)
  3. My looks maybe not like a smart person, but til' senior high school i still got my trophies from academic and non-academic. Hahaha. I'm not trying to be arrogant. Hahaha. But the motive is a prize. I'm not from a wealthy family, so i need the prize. So, here i am now!
  4. For me architecture is a breath. I live on it. I have high hope on it. We have a hope.
  5. I'm an ambitious and competitive person. Sometimes, they called me stubborn. Who knows?
  6. I'm ENFJ // Melancholic Choleric // Virgo // U know that combination? Lol
  7. I'm lucky enough, 6/10. My life is fill with 80% luck. The best luck that i got was a free tix big bang concert! Wohooo!
  8. Until now, i still can't do roll-on.
  9. I love korean drama since i was 14 years old. I was still watching until know. I had so many korean drama dvd, i the old one too. I had it full on my 2 big wardrobes. Even now i prefer to streaming than buy it, i'm still collecting them too :))
  10. My first fandom is 2pm! Junho oppa! :D
  11. Korean is my third language, after indonesian and english. jeo hangukeo jal halsuisseo. Lol
  12. I don't like watch horror movie, even i'd love to hear the story. I prever animation, fantasy, and cartoon which has great graphics on it.
  13. Since i was born, i has slept with the light on at my bedroom. If it out, i like have some paranoid and kinda trauma.
  14. I'm a person who will sleep in 2 minutes if you give me a pillow. I can sleep everywhere. I had slept at shopping mall while my friends were eating. Hahaha. (after submit my assignment project)
  15. I could sleep for 24 hours within eat and drink only for 20 minutes. lol. And.. I could stay awake for 50 hours within slept only for 2 hours. Haha
  16. I'm a random person. Not wishy washy, just random.
  17. My body can't resist the cold water at night. It means no bath after 9pm.
  18. I love something which made me nostalgia. I love a history and i love to write and read it. I have my own historic book too, because sometimes i forgot many things. I'm easy to forget! Hahaha
  19. I have so many group chats on my phone, that is 'ayam labil' , 'gossip girl', 'vacation to lembang', 'group pangsit', 'group hore', 'dieng', 'family', and 'stupa 8'. The most chats are from 'ayam labil' which talks about nonsense and love-life everyday and 'gossip girl' which gossips someone's someone's someone's someone's everyday. Hahaha. Seems like i have many intelligence agents here to get some information. LOL
  20. Once on my life, i just had one ex-boyfriend that i loved on that time. I admit it and it made me move on. Hahaha
  21. I have 4 kids, my laptop (1st son), motorbike (2ndson), handphone (3rdson), and camera (a daughter). I love them so much. They are part of my life. Lol
  22. I hate to be a hypocrite person and i just couldn't be. My body refuses to talk or react to someone that i hate. I'm sorry
  23. I belive in words, "Do whatever you won't regret. Responsible for your happiness, sadness, and anger. Don't ever regret. You grow up from there. What doesn't kill you make you stronger."

Yeay!! That's all my 23 facts!  Thanks my 22 and welcome my 23! I will make you amaze, 24!
Thank you for reading!
Hope this post will make we closer!
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And. .

See You on The Next Post, Blogs!

The photos was taken by my lovely best friend,

Amelia Pranata

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