MIE RAMPOK - Prisoners Restaurant in Bandung

by - July 24, 2016

Did i commit a crime? Did i commit a sin?

Why am i here? A world prison. A world that deprives my liberty and will. A world that forces and dictates me to do world's thing systematically. Birth - Grow up - School - Graduate - Go to university - Go date - Marriage - Have a child - Be a fully mother - Grow old - Retired - Die. Why must i follow that order? Would i be discarded by the society if i wasn't do that? Is it a crime? Is it a sin? So why must i be at this 'world prison'? Why? Why? I don't know. I didn't commit a sin and harm anyone, so i'll call my lawyer to set me free. Let's be free as i breath! :))

Anyway after the prologue (lol), i found a real prisoners restaurant in Bandung!! Yeay!! Located on Siliwangi area, this restaurant has a jail concept for the architecture and interior design. The restaurant was designed purposefully to make us feel like a prisoners. A world prisoners HAHAHA. Yeah, mostly innocent people are curious how a prisoners eating area was like. Then , they can try eating at this prisoners restaurant, Mie Rampok. Mie in english means noodle and Rampok means rob. So, this restaurant's name is Rob Noodle? Hahaha

Bandung's Prison
 Steal someone's heart is a sin? Yes! I don't give a permission, so it's a sin. LOL
Steal is still steal

As A Prisoner
- There are 2 types prisoner, someone who is really commiting a crime and
someone who is stucking on unplanned situation.

My Bestie, My Talent, Amelia Pranata
Which prisoner's type she is? LOL

The Cell
- A place where freedom was imprisoned, a freedom to have a hope, a freedom to have a future. -

The Canteen
It's time to eat!!

The Foods
Somehow it's so delicious.. Even we enjoy it in the prison. LOL

A Man Behinds The Cells
- When someone is wondering how the other do their live,
the other one is wondering how that someone lives in the prison. - Family

A Man Behinds The Cells 2

A Cell Behinds A Cell And Behinds a Cell
- Black Pipe Steels as Interior Elements -

2nd Floor Cell
- Each thiefs has stolen their own happiness in the future. -  That back wall said.

I Could See Through The Cells

Police Line? Polusi Line?
I just realize it while i write this blog! The words is not a police line, but polusi line. LOL
Polusi Line means Pollution Line in english. LOL

Extortion Room
Yes! You extorted my curiousity!

Isolation Room
- An anger, an unfair feeling, a pressure.
You thought they will become a better person after they are out?
How will they defeate the time and this cruel world when they're out.? -
Talent, My Bestie, Viendry Bertha! Thank you girl!

The words above was my thought if i was a real prisoner. How their life was.. And the most important thing is how they defeat a time and world when they're out (mostly for the heavy punishment and have nothing in this world) ? It's already hard for me as a normal person. A world that you haven't known like before. Everything goes fast and won't wait for you. A time changing, an advanced technology, a trends, and people thought. Plus the worst thing is when the one who always beside you already gone. Finish! HAHAHA. By chance, yesterday i found an interesting video that related to this topic. A differents between USA prisoners and Norway prisoners's system. It's interesting, so i will share this video with you. Check it out ! :))

Except i got a delicate meals, i realized too that i musn't be a criminals (Yes, i am! Hahaha). I still have a bright hope and future that i must be fight to. And, i still have my precious people that are always trusting and waiting for me. So, i can't give uo. Yeayy!! Anyway.. Mie Rampok is interesting place to get more than a delicate meals. Unique space and also unique meals menu! Try this when you are at Bandung, blogs!! :)) Yohooo

Meals Menu
That level means a spicy level.  A price range is quite cheap. Affordable!

Drinks Menu

The Remission
Please, you must break up with your date at here! You'll get 25% discount! LOL
And.. Eat here with your mistress! You'll get 20% discount! Hahaha
Thought this restaurant is for a love prisoners. Hahahaha

Open Business : 3 p. m. - 10 p. m.

Okay, that's my quick review for Mie Rampok, Bandung!
Thanks for reading!
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See you in the next post . . .

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