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by - July 15, 2016

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Nowadays coffee shop is a trend, especially in Jakarta. That trend has made them compete each other to open the business. The spreading is big and sporadic. Coffee shop become a promising business. Anyway, if you ask me which coffee that i love the most, i couldn't answer that. If the coffee is fragrant and has a good flavor, that's enough for me. The most important is where i enjoy that coffee and get my 'coffee time'. Maybe i'm not a coffe lover like the commons, but  i addicted enough! :)

As a 'uncommon' coffe lover, i want to recommend a place which is good to have a coffee time. Yeah like the title, the coffee shop is Kopi Manyar. Located on Bintaro, Kopi Manyar is famous among this area. It has an open shady simply space which was made me like to be here for a long time. Oh really, i had a great time with my friends!

Are you okay?
- A warm cup of coffee could save someone -

Out of The Box
- Like a bean sprouts plant in the box.
Cover it means let them grow wildly and die. Open the box means let them grow strongly. -

Open Discussion Space
- Sharing stories mean growing a knowledge -

Sharing Room

Different Space
- Different doesn't mean we are not fit in or we don't match.
It just you're an A and I'm a B. That's all. Just make it work together and become a perfect combination. -

Even in The Rock, I Could Grow.
- Even world is cruel, i could live lively -

Under The Shade
- Character is like a tree and Reputation like a shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. - Abraham Lincoln

Thought the concept of this coffee shop are open communal space and tropical. It has many discussion elements, as if it was designed for a sharing session. I really love how the architect creates the spaces purposively. It works! I heard many gossips, oops i mean a stories. Hahaha. Tropical concept is suitable too with the current climate. In my opinion, preserve the tree to make it shady is a great and smart act. The tree becomes a main actor. Find a green at Jakarta is like find an oasis at desert. If you ask me how is Kopi Manyar, it's shady in the space, shady in visual, shady on mind, and shady in the heart. Ah, but one thing that i little bit don't like, the organization. Yes, each spaces have their own ambiences, but the organization is like a maze. I don't know if it was the concept or not. I'm a little bit confused when i enter the coffee shop. But, it's still okay! :))

Me Before You
- Tomorrow You is the process's result of Me right now. Love who you are -

Stairway to Up

Open Lower Space
There's the other big open space below. Yes, there's no cover on the top. If it rain, bye. hahaha. But, that's the interesting one. It's perfect to have a coffee time in here after 3 p.m. ! It's so cool and shady. And . . Yes it's hot at noon. Hahaha. Commonly, this spot was used for take an instagramable pics. It's super famous! You can search at instagram with this hashtag #kopimanyar and mostly you will find this spot! LOL Yes, i couldn't avoid too if this spot is so gooooooood to take a great photo. Hahaha Take a look!

My Precious Girls
- We were in Brown - Black - Brown -

7 Years Class Photo
Yeah, this spot is big enough to have us in here. We looked same as 7 years ago at our class photo! LOL
Happy Face!

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