KAMPUNG SAWAH RESTAURANT - Nostalgic Architecture at Soreang

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Wikipedia says, it means a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Yes, nowadays i'm sentimental for the past. I miss them, but that don't mean i regret and want to come back to the past. I just felt grateful and was happy if i recall the past moments!

So, if i meet my Past Time..
I just want to say, "Hello Past! Thanks for your moments and time! I'm so happy and grateful that you formed and made me like now. I was glad that i met you in the perfect timing of my life. I learnt a lot. Thank you, past!" :))

Hello blogs! Continue a previous trip that i wrote on MIE RAMPOK article, we moved to Pangalengan, Bandung. Yeay!! It's still at Bandung area where is not at the central town, but the other side of Bandung. Pangalengan is nice suburb to have a sweet escape from the busy and crowd city. Maybe i'm tired. Hahaha. My friends and me decided to had a trip at Pangalengan because we wanted to enjoy the view of magnificent tea plantation. The tea plantation is so eye-candy! I gonna share Cukul Tea Plantation's great experience with you on the next post. You'll love it! :)) Anyway.. I found a hidden gem while i was on my way back to home (Jakarta). The hidden gem also saved us from a starve! Thank you Kampung Sawah! Hahaha. Located on Ciwidey, Kampung Sawah is a restaurant that offer a great view and experience like i was eating at the rice field. A fancy rice field! LOL. Not fancy as the looks, the foods are so delicious and affordable! This place is so recommended! Don't trust me? Let's take a look!
A Warm Tea
- Break the ice in the heart with a glass of warm tea-

Kampung Sawah Restaurant

Java Ethnic Restaurant
- Tale as old time -

The Pavilions
- A time when moon drawn by the clouds -

Tik, Tik, Tik, The Sound of Raindrops
- Tik.. Tik.. Tik.. The time had frozen -

It was raining outside. I was so lucky that i could enjoy a beautiful moment, beautiful view, and beautiful place. :)) Heard the sounds of raindrops, i felt the time had frozen. Tik.. Tik.. Tik.. And.. I wish the time could freeze like a magic.

The Pavilions (2)
- I remembered how i was like before, as a 90's generation -

I felt like i entered a time machine. A time that brought me to my memory. I remembered that i saw those pavilions and the architecture on a channel TV while i was child. Yeah i'm a 90's generation. Thought when it was 90, that's how our architecture (Indoneisa) looks like. Time went so fast.. And.. It brought me to the modern time. So, that's how i felt nostalgia. When i was here, it was like i went back to the old time. I was so happy that i could still find this ethnic and tropical architecture at this time. Felt refresh! For this restaurant, they said it's their local architecture. I called it nostalgic architecture. Why?? Because it's difficult to find a space and same senses excatly like a past. It's sentimental! So, it's different for me! Hahaha The pavilions and main building has surrounded the lake. The lake is a center of this restaurant. It was built purposely, so everyone can enjoy all the beautiful views (lake, pavilions, and the green). And.. What i loved is, eating and sitting cross-legged at the same time. :)) So Indonesian!!

The Corridor
- Behind (past), My Spot (present), Out there (future).
As if i went out this place, it meant i face the future. It's like a time machine. Wuu -

The Main Building
- The combination of bamboo and calameae -

The Main Building (2)

The View

The Calameae
- Me against time -

The Calameae
- One is weak, Rife is stronger. Old time friendship -

We ordered that!!
The foods were so tastyyyyyyy!! Guess the price! How much?
Hint : It's so affordable! For 4 persons!  Check the price in the end of this post. LOL

Location Maps
Click the image to get the direction on google maps

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OH! Before i forgot, the price was 45.000/person include tax!

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