Everyday Temple in Pattaya - Wat Phra Yai

by - June 22, 2016

Hi blog! 
Continue the previous post, this temple is the other one that i wanna share. Located on Pattaya Province, Wat Phra Yai  is a beautiful temple that you must visit! Wat Phra Yai in english means Big Buddha Temple. Yes, they have 18 metres tall Big Buddha Statue on the top of Pratumnak Hill which is between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. The details of the statues and concept that leads on to the top made me decided this temple as one of the beautiful ones. Let's take a look of this Wat Phra Yai !

I had a trip with my family relations, thought this pic has a good propotion, so i added this one. Hahaha. There are a famous 7 'Naga's heads at bottom of the temple which has coated by gold. Naga in english means a dragon (chinese). Those statues be an entrance to pray which is accompanied by small step stairs to the top.  I've been told by someone that small step stairs in temple has a meaning. That stairs make you keep looking down which means you must be humble and reflect what have you did in the past. If you don't look down, you'll stumble. Be careful blogs! :))

She is my mom. She's a model in this pic. LOL.
As you see, the dragon's body  heads longwise to the Big Buddha.

Big Buddha Statue
- Empty is Fill, Fill is Empty -

After went up, got this breathtaking view. I was peaceful ath there. The statue on left is one of the Day's God statue. Yeah they have everyday's Gods, monday to sunday. I couldn't took all of Gods pic because the statues has encircle the Big Buddha.  So, just got this view ! :)

View from The Top
-Hello Pattaya-

Down from the Wat Phra Yai (still at its complex), there's the other temple that is not less beautiful than Big Buddha. I don't know what its name, but it's precisely located on down of Wat Phra Yai. This temple has a different belief, Kwan Im Goddess as a main obeisance. It also has a big complex that can make you have a breathtaking with its view. Take a look ! :)

Entrance Signage
-Three Script Mountain-

Open Gate

Story Wall
The wall has a story images which was mounted along way to down

Memorial Park
Remembered this park was made to recall the founder of this temple. 
Beautiful isn't it? :)

-You always have a choices to choose your own path, bad is not an excuse-

Gold Temple
-Prosperity and Wealth, what's those for?-

Along side the temple, there are an unique statues that portray an old chinese story. Felt like nostalgia with the chinese movies. I love Sun Go Kong, Red Cliff, Chinese Vampires, Chinese Ghost Story, Forbidden Kingdom, and etc. I prefer an empire movie to daily life movie. The strategy of war is quiet cool ! And how is their culture, civilization, and confucious was describe in movie. WOW ! Love it. How about you? Do you love Chinese movie too? If you love it, maybe you know what's those statues. :)

This scene shows when Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei come to ask Zhuge Liang's help
-There is no greater weapon than a prepared mind-

This scene shows when Chao Woo Wang's raising an army to defeat Yin Dynasty's Emperor, Sang Chao. Chao Dynasty ruled Ancient China from 1121 BC to 247 which is the longest in the China History.

Click for look this location !



I'm sorry for took a long time to write a new post. Latetly, i've traveled to many places that i couldn't resist to share with you too. Of course, the places can make you have a breathtaking too. I try to keep on the track too! Please support me! :D :D

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