Hike Mountain Prau, Dieng - Unexpected Storm

by - June 30, 2016

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In this post, i want to share a story about 4 girls. There are 4 girls which has known each others since 7 years ago. They are a senior high school mates who become a buddies. They usually hang out together and fyi it's so nice too to travel with them. Less complains and always enjoy the moment in whatever trip. 2 weeks ago, these girls  were bored with the routinity. So, they thought to have a sweet escape trip. Then, they decided to hike a Mount Prau at Dieng. That was their first experience. So, it would gonna be so interesting! But, they didn't know what would happend in this trip. The sweet escape had changed into a survival trip like 2days 1 night variety show (K-Variety Show) Hahaha. By the way, this story is based on a true story. Yes, the story of my friends and me.  Let me introduce the main actress here, me as Cindy, Heliani (Heli), Janice (Jen), and Alvivin (Vivin). :)) LOL.

Me (left) and Heli (right)'s puffy eyes and face in the train.

Vivin (left) and Janice (right)'s puffy eyes and face in the train.

We're from Jakarta, so we took a train from Pasar Senen Station to Purwokerto Station, Central Java. Because the first title was sweet escape, that's why we chose weekend (friday-sunday) as our date trip. We also caught up a night train at 10 p.m. ,so we could hike in the morning. It took 5 hours to reach at Purwokerto. It was my first experience to take a train for a trip to the other province. I was so excited! More excited, when i knew that the seat could face each other with your friends! We're gossiping over the night!! Hahaha.

Purwokerto Station
- Time goes fast. Do nothing means waiting for the death time -

To reach Dieng we had to take this way, from Purwokerto Station - Bus Terminal (public transportation) - Wonosobo (Bus) - Dieng (public transportation). We arrived in Purwokerto at 3 a.m. . While we're waiting for public transportation operation time, we had a breakfast here.  It took 5 hours too to reach Dieng. :)) The operation time is at 5 a.m. - 6 p.m. It's quiet safety for the girls at this time in this area. No worry to be here. :)) Let's have adventure girls!

We're at public transport. The faces after took a long time journey. LOL
- Friend is someone who always watch and support your back, not stab your back -

After took a long journey, finally we arrived at Dieng a 10 a.m. !! Yeayy!! Before we hike to Mount Prau, we rested awhile at Bu Djono's place. This place is famous among the backpackers who want to travel Dieng or hike to Mount Prau. Bu Djono and family were so friendly. They could speak a few languages too, of course english include it! Their foods were tasty and affordable too. Banana pancake was our favorite!! Perfect combination with hot sweet tea~~ After full our stomach, we're ready to hike!!

Happy faces before a storm. LOL
- With you, i always be happy -

Happy faces part 2 before got the storm. LOL
- No worries if i'm with you -

We took Dieng path #JalurDieng as our path to the top of Mount Prau. Due to fasting days, we were just the only group who hiked on this path. Before we hiked, we met with several hikers who just back down from the mount. Then, they shared their experiences on the top of mount and warned us to be careful and prepared well. Thanks and nice to meet them! :)) Yeah, nowadays we couldn't predict the weather and how it could be. Thought it's already summer now, but it wasn't! They said it was raining hard up there. Strange, isn't it? Because we're already at Dieng, so nothing could stop us. In the name of God and trusting each others, we kept going up. It's fun and excited! :D Yeah, That was my first hiked experience to the mountain!! Actually, It was the first time too for Vivin and Heli. Janice is the experienced one. Wooooo.. Armed with the knowledge and informations that we knew, we went up!

- Unexpected thing always attacks the unprepared-

First Step, First View
- Back to nature, remind me as a human being -

To reach the top, we had to go through three rest points (Cemekan - Semendung - Nganjir), Watu Khayangan, Bukit Teletubbies, Camping Ground, and Sunrise Top. We planned to camp up there and stayed over the night to see a sky full of the stars and sunrise!! Mount Prau was categorized as wet forest which has wet soil. Wet forest means GREEN VIEW! Don't forget to watch out the steps, it's so slippery. To reach the top, it will take about 4 hours for the girls who want to take this journey slowly.  Enjoy the view, let me be, and back to nature. :)

Love Roots
- Love the one who appreciates you, because it's hard to find them -

Surrounded You
- Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower -
Hans Christian Andersen

Soft Whispers from The Trees, Rain, and Mountain
- It's useless to share something to someone who won't listen you.
Appreciate and keep someone who always beside you to hear your story. -

I'm Unique!
- Try to fit in the social environment just make you faded. You're unique! -

The Struggles
- No matter how many struggles or it will be, I don't afraid! Because i have you, yes you!
The one who i called FRIEND! -

The Ends
- Where's the end? The first stop is the first end.
Where, when, how the end will end is depends on your choice. -

The last photo above was taken while we were reaching rest point no. 3, Nganjir rest point. There were many struggles that we had gone through cause by rain. Oh please! It's summer!!  It's little - medium raining while we went up there. The soil was wet, so the path was so slippery. Steep paths, fog surrounded us, a path which was like a 'waterfall' came to us caused by rain. HAHAHAHA! Fog, rain, weighs, steep, tiredness, and starve were the things that we had to gone through. Might be, it felt hard because we were alone. We didn't have any direction or guidance here. We just had a simple map that we only could trust. We were so fast when we reached the rest point no. 1. But it took a long time to reach the rest point no 2. We were wondering if we're lost or not. Actually, there were a few paths that had intersection. So, we couldn't know where were we..

Where, when, and how the end will end is depends on your choice. Even we couldn't see the end of this path, we still kept going. We couldn't give up. Even we had a little struggles, those meant nothing to us. Hahaha. Someone said that the most important in journey was not where would you be and had fun, but with whom. :) Along a journey we kept laughing, til now i couldn't remembered what we laughed about. LOL. We just laughed and enjoyed the journey and the view. Laughed til' we reached the rest point no. 3. The struggles was just the seasoning on this trip. :) Actually, i loved that little rain (not the heavy one), so refreshing!

The View before The Storm
- Human has a plan, God has a masterplan -

- May fog blurring our eyes and mind, but not our heart -

The photo above was my last photo of that day. From here, the survival story began. Hahaha. When we arrived at Bukit Teletubbies and searched for the camping site, suddenly the fog surrounded us. We couldn't see the path clearly. Wondering where were we . . . Until we found a Cemara Trees and ground that flat enough, we decided to rest a while and looked around where the camping site was. It's miracle that i had signal to called a guard at the basecamp. I told him where was our location. He told us we at the wrong area and had to went down about 300 m. HAHAHAHA! It's 5 p.m. here!! And suddenly, it was raining!! The heavy one! Then, we decided to build tent here. We thought we had to be safe first from the wet. It's end to us, if all of us and stuffs were wet. Had to build this tent fast. I didn't know where we get this power, we built the tent just in the first trial. They called it the power of urgent. Hahaha.

Heavy rain here. After came into the tent, we thought we were already safe and relaxed. Due the heavy rain, storm, and strong wind, our tent was unstable. We had to keep 4 sides steady from inside, so the tent wouldn't collapse. Hahahaha. Then, that's not the end til the big lighting came! In this situation, we tried to call the guard and asked what we had to do. Actually that was risk situation, the signal on mobilephone vs. the lightning. It could conducted! I told him our location, he startled! He said that we was on the top of mountain. LOL He asked us to remove the tent, because it's too dangerous at there. No wonder the wind was strong. You know, i found it's funny. Suddenly at tent, i remembered what i had done before, remembered God, and asked His forgiveness. Thought, only in this situation human felt close with God. Hahahah. We prayed together too! Until the wind and rain were calmer, we decided to move quickly. The dangerous one were the Cemara trees.

Then, we moved the tent far from the trees by the superwoman powers. After we came into the tent, we found the tent was leek. Hahahahaha. We and half of our stuffs are wet. We just could change the outfit partially, we was half- wet! And the rain didn't want to lose too. It kept raining hard and made our tent totally leek. We were freezing! We were alone! We didn't have anything beside each other and God. We were starving! Fortunately, we brought rice, dendeng, seaweeds, and biscuits that we could eat. We did anything to made us survive. Tried to sleep, but couldn't sleep. We were shivering! Heavy rain and strong wind didn't let us sleep until morning. I prayed to God, please let us survived and woke up in the morning. I prayed to God, to not took one of my friends. I prayed to God, if only we could open our eyes tomorrow morning and saw the sunrise together. I didn't want to lose my precious friends. That's my prays. I was afraid right then, but i couldn't show up this feeling. In this situation, had to have positive thoughts!! Hahahaha.

 No a sky full of stars tonight! Hahaha. Thought by sleep we could through that night, we couldn't. We were shivering and freezing. As time gone by, there was flood at our tent. Our sleeping bag and mattress were wet too. I just could laugh on that time. Hahahaa. Stayed over the night, gossiping, ate a snacks, til there's time the rain stopped suddenly. We removed the flood at our tent, settled the raincoat to the tent, peed together, and hugged warm each other while we tried to sleep. Such as memorable moments! While i closed my eyes, i just wish that i could see the light again. I'm not making drama here, that people thought about. It's real! Even my friends said my lip turned to black. It's survival fight against the death time for me. Against an afraid feeling that would lost my precious friends. Thought, if i came back from here, i just wanted to share this happiness. But it's not applied for some 'people'. You know how it felt, when you're really at the edge of death, but the others thought it was a bullshit?? Please, i don't need that person in my life. Through this experience, i learnt a lot of things. When i was there and when i came back and when i'm here now. :)) I felt reborn and i always wanna be me! :). Based on what i read on Hypotermia Article when i reached home, i was on moderate hyportemia level. LOL. I didn't know how was my friends feel, but one of my friends on that condition too. Coincidentally, we did all what we had to do when we got hypotermia on that article. It's miracle for me! :)) Thanks God, I'm alive and can write this blog. Hahahaa. Happy to the max!

Morning View
- Face the world-

After The Storm
- If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm - Frank Lane

Top View
- After saw this view, i felt reborn! -

Happy Birthday Alvivin!

Happy Birthday Alvivin! We love you from 2590 msal

Why 2590 msal? Everyone keep asking me. It was 2590 msal because we tented on the top of mountain (Cemara Trees) not at the camping site which has 2565 msal. The guard told that to us. :D Yeah, by the way we had been ' 'rescued' by the local guard here. He helped us to brought some our stuffs down. We superb exhausted! Thought we couldn't went down with the same amount stuffs. So, we asked a help. :)) Thank you mr.!

Thanks to the other our saviour too!! Dendeng! Hahaha
By the way, it's so delicious. Check this Dendeng here!

Thanks Mount Prau!
- If a book is the window of the world, then i already stepped out the book -
- If you can do something, why just look on the window? -

Top of The Sky
- There's always sky above the clouds-
This photo was taken when we're at basecamp ground. The trees where stand on central mountain was our tent location. Far away...

Thanks God, We're back! :)
- No caption need-

It's fun trip! I enjoyed it! Like someone said that no matter where will you go, the most important is who you'll be with. It's always fun if you go with the right person. The place always gonna be great. :D Mount Prau is beautiful and made me mesmerized. The air is so refreshing! The trees, flowers, mountain give me a comfort. I gonna hike this mountain again if i have a chance. The track is clear and not dangerous too. It's hikeable for a girl. And thought, it will be more fun if hike together with the others. My occassion is different. Fasting days ans can't predict the weather. I'll just take this as my life lessons. But i win a lot!!

For the closing part i want to share 2 things that i conclude from this experience, the technical preparation and life. Start from technical preparation first. First, you have someone who can build a tent. Check the weather before decide to hike! If it's raining, it's better for you to cancel the journey. You can't predict and how the track will be. Fortunately, the Dieng path of mount prau isn't extreme. So, that's fine. :) Even you hike on summer, must bring the raincoat too! Clothes and coat are the most important things before foods. LOL. Running shoes are not recommended. Bring beanie or hat to cover your important head and for selfie!

There are many life lessons i learnt from here as a human being! One thing that i know, God has His plan for us through everything. If God doesn't allow me to die, i won't die. So i'm not afraid anything rightnow beside of Him. The second one is keep the one who appreciates you. Don't waste your time and lose the one who appreciate you because of the wrong person. You know who they are. Third, no matter how many the obstacles don't ever give up! Give up means die! Forth, Do what you love and it'll love you back. Love the one you love to the fullest, so you won't regret! The last, don't care and listen how people talk about you. Me is Me. I'm unique! Just gonna enjoy my life! I'm blessed! :))


Thank you for reading my post. That's the end of our story not our friendship. We gonna explore the other places together again.
I'll gonna tell you the other story of us.
You can ask a question or put a comment on comment's box below!
For the real experience, i gonna upload the vlog soon. Need your support!

See you in the next post . . .

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