Nacha Temple Ang Sila Chinese Temple, Chonburi Thailand

by - June 12, 2016

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In this post, I want to share one of my experiences in Thailand. What's your first thought of Thailand? Tom Yum? Mango? Culture? Beach? Horror movie? Religion? or what? Yeah when we are talking about Thailand, there are many topics that we can share of. A unique country which has many stories. :) Related to architecture, as a religious country with Buddhism as the majority, there are many temples in Thailand. Wherever you go, you can find it easily. The temple is not only functional as a worship place but has a beautiful architecture and space too. Sacred and beautiful at the same time.  And... Today, I want to share those 4 beautiful temples at Thailand that can make u mesmerize, like I do.

Ang Sila Chinese Temple has known as Nha Ja Sa Tai Jue Shrine to worshippers of Chinese origin or Wihan Thep Sathit Phra Kiti Chaloem to the speakers of Thai. Located on Chonburi Province, this one of the most beautiful buildings was built in 1937. This temple has many details on the buildings that symbolize the greatness of the Gods. The details could be found in the exterior and interior of the buildings. Unfortunately, it's forbidden to take photos inside the building due keep the sacred and tranquillity of the place. The interior details are not kidding, two thumbs up for it! :) To enter here, the outfit must be proper and respectful. Remember! It's a worship place. After entering the gate, there's a giant heaven-earth pole which is encompassed by the dragons. The pole soars into the sky, symbolically connecting our world with the Gods. It's hard to get a pic from the bottom to the top. It's very high and beautiful :))

The Heaven - Earth Pole
The pole soars into the sky,
Hope our pray (Ground) could be delivered (by Pole) to Gods (Sky)

The Complex - Main Worship Building

The Octagonal Shrine
There's the other shrine to worship and pray to God at the courtyard. The shrine has octagonal space, octagonal platform, the octagonal roof that was decorated by the ornaments, and eight dragon pillars. 'Eight' for Chinese's belief means to prosper and fortune. Hope a human can have prospered and fortune for their lifetime. I believe positive thoughts can bring and give positive response and behavior too, Doesn't it? :)

The Seven Dragons on the Top

Nacha Temple

Lotus Pond
Throw your coin and make a wish here. May the Gods hear and make your wish come true.

Gold Dragons Details

Nacha Gate to The Main Hall
- Today's difficulity is for today, don't bring them to tomorrow. Because tomorrow has its own difficulity -

The Balcony
When The Red Meets The Gold in The Aisle
- The building was embraced by the Sun -

The Corridor - 2nd floor

The Bell
There's a bell outside of the main hall on 2nd floor. In ancient times, the bell was used to tell the time and call the faithful to worship, but as we now all have several devices to tell the time and the temple doesn’t lack any worshippers, it is mainly used by believers in relation to their prayers. Thus, the sounds of the bell accompany the worshipper’s prayers to heaven. Apparently, the silence following the tolling of the bell stands for the “eternity” of the gods. (source :
-  The sound is beautiful -

The Ornaments and The Golds

Nacha Ornament
Do you love it? Curious how's the inside? Mark it into your next destination at Thailand then! Your eyes deserved to see this amazing place. :) Ang Sila Chinese Temple is located between the AngSila Old Market and Khao Sam Muk monkey hill in Bang Saen. It's about 5km from downtown Chonburi City.

Nacha Maps

Open Time :
Mon-Fri at 8 a. m. - 5 p. m.
Saturday at 8 a. m. - 6 p. m.
Sunday at 8 a. m. - 8 p. m.
Entry Fee : FREE

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  1. I came to this temple a few years ago, my thai friend Nakeya brought me here, amazing temple. I will be posting the video on my YouTube channel ZinsWorld - ZinTravels