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by - May 10, 2016

Hello blogs! continue the earlier post, i'm going to share my trip to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Do you know it? Yes, the beautiful largest gardens in the city. Have you been there? Share your thoughts :)) Gardens by the Bay is one of the largest garden projects of its kind in the world. The total large of projects is 101 hectares, comprising three distinct gardens such as Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Following an international design competition, a team led by landscape architecture firm Grant Associates was appointed in 2006 by the National Parks Board of Singapore to masterplan Bay South Garden, the first and largest of the three planned gardens at Gardens by the Bay. (source : archdaily)  Read more on.. .
Gardens by the Bay is located on reclaimed land in Singapore's new downtown at Marina Bay. There are a few alternatives to go there. You can follow my guide path on previous post (look the images) by walk and enjoy the view, get off at Bay Front MRT - Marina Bay Sands and take a shuttle service, or you can take a public bus. It's easy to reach there.
Gardens by the Bay Map Location
Gardens by the Bay Map (source :
Gardens by the Bay Area (courtesy by Grant Associates)
Can you see clearly the area of GBTB? Because the area is too large, hope this 3d image will help you to wondering GBTB :) There are 2 buildings in there,those are the Flower Dome (1,2 ha) and the Cloud Forest (0,8 ha) (prepare your legs guys). Both was designed by Wilkinsen Eyre Architects. The buildings display plants and flowers from the Mediterranean-type climatic regions and Tropical Montane environments. All weather were displayed in here. 'Wow' is my word that i said for countless times. And it deserved !! I remembered how this project made me amazed and gave big inspiration while i was in college. So excited that i could go, see, and enjoy the real of GBTB! So here i am to share what i saw through my eyes and felt through my heart by the pics :)
Welcome by the Flowers
Curvalinier Steel Wide Span
Curvalinier Steel Grid
The Dancing Steel
Beautiful White Flowers. Is it Daisy??
Purple Chrysanthemums
Pink Roses
Believe whatever took on your path, it'll lead you to the beautiful path. 'Cause there's a way you can live and smile for one more day
When i went to GBTB, the flowers season is all of chrysanthemums. Beautiful isn't it? For a such time i just knew the chrsyanthemums is just for a tea and it was my favorite, but then i know they could become as beautiful decorative flowers. Unique of them! Don't you agree with me? :)
Different with the other conservatories, flower dome has cool temperature. So it called as a Cooled Conservatory. There are process to create the temperature as same as the flowers's growing up area. So, even it wasn't at its own country, it could grow up well. The concept of GBTB is sustainability. The concept are use nature as the main energy of the building and wasteless. Here's the process of sustainability.
Sustainability Concept (courtesy by Grant Associates)


Next building was Cloud Forest. The adventourous building for me, big experiences got in here. Cloud forest consists of 5 areas, Lost World, Gallery, Sound Mound, Forest Floor, and Ravine that you can access by walk on mountain walk, canopy walk, and ravine walk. The concept is the forest, see, feel, and enjoy beautiful, amazing, and the thrill of forest. Fear of height? Better you find something to hold on. LOL.
Cloud Forest Section (courtesy by Grant Associates)
Welcome to the Cloud Forest
Was welcomed by the Mist. I was freezing !!
Look up! Lost World, Get Lost !

Get lost on 35 metres above !
Expanded Metal Path
Mountain Walk
Mountain Walk
See a sunset in here will be awesome, missed it !
The Waterfall
The Gallery, felt like cave.
Beautiful Forest and Thrilling Canopy Walk
Ravine Area


Step by step we went down and out of the building. Awesome experiences that i wouldn't forget. Last but not least, the outdoor vertical garden, The Supertrees. It famous by its skywalk. So, we braced up to walk on 50 metres in height skywalk like in Skyfall movie!! woohooo!! Enjoy the walk, view, and thrill !!
The Supertrees
The Vertical Garden
Human Scale
Skywalk, Dare you?
Wind messed up my hair, it's surely HIGH.
Enjoy the thrill, enjoy the view ! We're on same level
gardens-by-the bay-banner
Due the limit time, we missed this view. AHH regret! (credit :
There are the other small gardens that you can visit such as, Chinese Garden, Indian Garden, Colonial Garden, Malay Garden, kid's playground, and so on. So many attractions! For the exit way, there are a few of exit gate from GBTB. One of them is exit bridge to the Marina Bay Sands (my next journey) ! Easy reach, easy to go out, but hard to forget right? :) Share your thoughts about my or your story on the comments box below. Thank you for reading.

Coming up my last post of 'Contented Trip to Singapore (3)..

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